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Racial Consciousness

Racial loyalty or racial consciousness is normal and healthy. All non-white groups instinctively pursue their own interests, and legitimately so. It is only whites who have been taught that it is immoral to take even the most basic steps to ensure their survival.

AR has published several key articles on the significance of racial consciousness as well as studies of how people of various races express that consciousness.

What is Racism?

This Thomas Jackson essay from 1991 that explains the fatal double standards of current racial thinking has become a classic.

Black Racial Consciousness, Parts I, II, and III

This is a relentlessly convincing demonstration by Jared Taylor of the racial attitudes taken for granted by blacks. Consciousness of race permeates every aspect of black life and often erupts into hostility to whites.

Hispanic Consciousness, Parts I and II

Hispanics have a clear loyalty both to their racial group and to the countries from which they have immigrated. This exhaustive analysis leaves no doubt about the risks of large-scale immigration from Mexico.

The Decline of White Racial Consciousness

Up until just a few decades ago whites had a racial consciousness that was just as strong as that of other groups. The “racist” quotes from many prominent Americans from the past will surprise you. Jared Taylor traces the fatal decline of white racial awareness.