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Immigration and the Demographic Transformation

The single greatest threat facing whites is mass immigration of non-whites into white homelands. If it continue, whites will become a minority in the United States before mid-century. Britain, Canada, and Australia will also lose their white majorities. The culture of the West will not survive the disappearance of the people who created it.

If We Do Nothing

Jared Taylor explains: “Our country has embarked on a course that will make ever larger parts of it inhospitable, even off-limits, to whites. Eventually the country as a whole could become one in which whites do not wish to live.”

Why are we doing this to our country?

Writing on the Wall

Stephen Webster analyzes Census data to show that whites are becoming a minority even more rapidly than had been predicted. This is a chilling dissection of an immigration policy he calls “insane.”

Waging War on America

Joseph E. Fallon explains how Congress has passed laws that are bringing about the dissolution of virtually every tie that holds the American people together: language, culture, race, and national consciousness.

Fade to Brown

How did we get an immigration policy that will reduce whites to a minority? Stephen Webster explains.

The Green Card Crap Shoot

Did you know the US operates a lottery that lets in 50,000 randomly selected foreigners every year? Find out how the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” undermines national security as it contributes to our dispossession.