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Race and the Law

The legal framework of the United States has changed almost unrecognizably with regard to race. School integration, “civil rights,” racial preferences, the franchise — all have evolved in ways that undermine the ability of whites to lead their lives as they wish. The record in this area is a triumph of ideology over common sense, justice, and the Constitution.

What the Supreme Court Did

In 2003, the US Supreme Court handed down its long-awaited decision on racial preferences. It decided that racial diversity is so important that it is legal to discriminate against whites in order to achieve it. At the same time, the court forbade straightforward, quantifiable methods of discrimination and instead required murky, behind-the-scenes discrimination. A miserable but important ruling that should be understood.

Good Reasons, Bad Reasons, or No Reason at All

Richard Epstein, Forbidden Grounds, Harvard University Press, 1992, 530 pp., $39.95.

The book reviewed in this article is the definitive treatment of anti-discrimination law. If you think that laws to protect blacks, women, the handicapped, or the elderly from job discrimination are good or necessary, this book will cure you. It is an intellectual tour de force.

Integration … Disintegration

Burden of Brown, Raymond Wolters, University of Tennessee Press, 1984 (paperback edition 1992), 346 pp., $14.95.

A distinguished scholar (who has spoken at an American Renaissance conference) shows how the false assumptions of the Brown decision led to the destruction of hundreds of American public schools. A scholarly but riveting account.

Legal Shackles For Whites

Paul Craig Roberts and Lawrence Stratton, The New Color Line: How Quotas and Privilege Destroy Democracy, Regnery Publishing 1995, 247 pp. $24.95.

This book describes the shameless way the Supreme Court and Congress have manipulated the law in ways that shackle whites. Although some of the most blatant anti-white practices have been ended by ballot initiatives, systematic discrimination against whites still has the force of law.