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Race Realism in a World Perspective

In every white nation it is only a minority that recognizes the crisis we face and fights for national preservation. A number of European countries, which are not hampered by slogans like “we are a nation of immigrants” and that do not have slavery to apologize for, are defending themselves better than we are.

The Island Race Debate

Derek Turner describes the cultural climate in Great Britain.

Banned in Halifax

Jared Taylor challenges Canadians defend their alleged love of “diversity.” This was the talk he was forcibly prevented from delivering by thugs who forced him out of a rented hall in Halifax, Canada.

Signs of Afrikaner Resistance?

An Afrikaner author, Dan Roodt, traces the greater significance of the “De la Rey song” that swept to popularity in South Africa. Is the white tribe waking up to the threats it faces?

Race in Scandinavia

The responses to dispossession have been very different in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. There are important lessons here for racially-conscious Americans.

Changed Overnight: Race in Finland

Finland is a white country that only recently began to face an influx of non-whites. It has reacted by doing just about everything wrong.

France at the Crossroads

In the fall of 2005, non-whites went on the rampage all across France, burning buildings and cars, fighting the police, and demonstrating in the most unambiguous way that they cannot assimilate. Will the French draw the right conclusions?

A detailed examination by Jared Taylor drawn largely from French sources.

In Praise of Homogeneity

Jared Taylor spent 16 years in Japan and knows the country well. In this article he describes a deep love of homogeneity that holds the country together and augers well for its future.