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The Reality of Race

It has become fashionable to argue that race is some kind of sociological illusion and not a valid biological classification. No one really believes this any more than he believes that the differences between Dachshunds and Saint Bernards are sociological rather than biological. Still, the reality of race is a basic point that must occasionally be made, and AR has published excellent articles to refute this silliness.

The Genetics of Race

Harold Stowe explains in detail that although it is true there is more genetic variation within than between races, race is a solid, important biological concept. The sidebars that accompany the article are very good, too.

Science Strikes Back

Vincent Sarich and Frank Miele, Race: The Reality of Human Differences, Westview Press, 2004, 287 pp., $27.50

Thomas Jackson reviews an excellent book that counters the silly view that race does not exist.

Race is an Illusion

Bruce Baum, The Rise and Fall of the Caucasian Race: A Political History of Racial Identity, New York University Press, 2006, 341 pp., $45.00.

This review by Thomas Jackson dissects the current foolishness written about race, and gives some history about how the concept of race has been refined over the centuries.