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For Activists

A lot of people want to know what they can do to help the cause of whites and spread the message of American Renaissance. We are grateful to such activists, who play an important role in publicizing our magazine and website. The main way to help is to talk to people you know about the issues and news discussed in AR and on this website. However, if you want to do more, we recommend the following.

See what others are doing in our archive of news stories on activism.

Meeting AR subscribers in your area:

We do not give out the contact information for AR subscribers but we can help you meet them. Send us notification by post or e-mail that you want to meet other AR subscribers in your area, along with a copy of an introductory letter with your contact information. If all the subscribers have e-mail addresses, we can forward your e-mail to them, and they will contact you if they wish. If some of the subscribers can be reached only by post, we will tell you how many there are, and you can send us the same number of stamped envelopes containing copies of your introductory letter, which we will address and mail. The introductory letter should not just tell people you want to get together. Rather, it should explain who you are, and why you want to meet.

We encourage you to make an effort to contact other subscribers. Not only do they make congenial company, but groups of AR subscribers can form a basis for local political activism.

Already established white activist clubs:

Help Jared Taylor get interviews and speaking engagements:

Mr. Taylor has extensive experience with radio interviews and public speaking, and these appearances are highly effective ways of publicizing American Renaissance and propagating its views. Local radio talk shows are often receptive to listeners’ suggestions, so you can urge them to interview Mr. Taylor. You can also bring Mr. Taylor to the attention of any group that sponsors speakers. This option is particularly recommended for students at universities, which have dozens of student groups that sponsor speakers.

Talk about the AR website and AR magazine on discussion lists and in chat rooms:

Discussion lists and chat rooms often have thousands of readers, so this is a highly effective form of promotion: we see our hit count surge whenever a link to our site is posted in a popular forum.


Another way you can help is to place the PDF-formatted flyers below in conspicuous public places. You can open these flyers in your browser and print them, or you can download them to your computer by right-clicking on the images below and then clicking on "Save Target As …" The color flyers print out well in black and white.

Once again, we thank you for any effort you make to publicize AR.

Download (PDF) Instructions
ad for American Renaissance This is an advertisement for AR. It can be printed in color or black-and-white as a double-sided flyer. If you use only the page with the return coupon, it can be printed as a single-sided flyer.
ad for American Renaissance This is an advertisement for AR. This flyer prints well in black and white as well as color.
flyer -- The Real American Dilemma This flyer is for The Real American Dilemma, published by AR, available here.
Philippe Rushton flyer This flyer is for Professor Philippe Rushton’s very important study, Race, Evolution, and Behavior, available here.