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An AmRen special series of four articles on Christianity
1994 Atlanta Conference a Great Success (From July, 1994, issue)
The first American Renaissance conference is described.
From the July, 1996, issue.
The job of a conductor on a New York City subway train is a voyage into the heart of darkness.
Braun, Gedahlia, "Forgotten Black Voices" (September-October, 1993)
American slaves had surprisingly positive things to say about slavery.
Notes from the Atlanta Olympics
Evans, Marian, Selma to Montgomery, 30 Years Later, (From May, 1995, issue)
Events that have entered the mythology of racial heroism were not as they are usually described.
McDaniel, George Madison Grant and the Racialist Movement (From the December, 1997, issue)
The author of Passing of the Great Race was one of the most prominent Americans of his day.
Masters, Michael W., The Morality of Survival (From the July, 1995, and August, 1995, issues)
Our current morality dooms the West to destruction. We must adopt a new morality of survival.
Prof. Rushton responds to the latest claims of the pseudo-scientists, that "race doesn't exist."
Jared Taylor on the church burnings.
________, "Crime ," National Review, May 16, 1994
Article from National Review, courtesy of Upstream
________, "The many deaths of Viola Liuzzo," National Review,July 10, 1995
Article from National Review, courtesy of Upstream
A eulogy for the young white man murdered by blacks for displaying the Confederate battle flag.
Seldom have so many pretended to believe something so absurd.
Twain, Mark, "The Noble Red Man," (From December, 1991, issue)
A rescued essay from one of America's greatest writers.
It is time to face the issue of IQ differences by race.
American Renaissance