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Race, Crime, and the Media

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, December 15, 2011

When are we allowed to call a spade a spade?

When the media report on crime they are notoriously reluctant to mention race. A Baltimore Sun article about a July 4th crime spree that occurred despite elaborate police preparations was typical: An “adult male” was stabbed after an argument with a “group of individuals.” “Several juveniles” were arrested for carrying knives, and police had to rescue two “individuals” who fell into Baltimore Harbor. For all we know, they could have been tourists from Denmark.

Initial reports about the black “flashmobs” that were common this year were so outrageously devoid of race they provoked indignation from the general public, not just race-realists.

Sometimes even the police can’t bring themselves to talk about race. One of my favorite raceless police reports is from a Washington Post story about a series of shootings in Washington over last Halloween. We learn that “two teens, 16 and 19,” “a 24-year-old man,” “an 18-year-old woman,” “30 to 40 teens,” and “a 44-year-old man,” were either victims or shooters. The Post went to the trouble of finding out everyone’s age — as if readers much care whether someone was 24 or 44 — but again, for all we know, the mayhem could have broken out among tourists from Denmark.

But the best line in the story is from an unidentified policeman who told the Post that since the shootings were scattered around town, “there was no pattern to the violence.” I wasn’t even there, but I bet there is a pattern, and I bet every Post reader thinks so too. I would bet my next six mortgage payments that all the shooters were black men. It is almost as good a bet that everyone the shooters were aiming at was black, too, but ghetto thugs are bad shots, so I wouldn’t make a bet on whom they actually hit.

The Brits are just as terrified of mentioning race as we are. In November, a minor celebrity named Jason Gardiner sent the following Twitter message to his 83,000 fans: “Tonight I was mugged by two hooded black youths in Stockwell who held a knife to my throat and threatened to kill me, all for an iPhone.” The poor guy was scared nearly out of his wits, but he is now taking a beating for saying the “youths” were black.

The theory seems to be that we mustn’t write, say, or think anything that might feed “negative stereotypes” about non-whites. But of course the reason there is such a fetish about not feeding the “negative stereotype” about violent blacks is that everyone knows blacks are particularly violent. We are supposed to pretend not to notice something we all know is true.

What do the police do when they want to describe a suspect in a way that might actually help the public find him? Naturally, they mention race. If you go to Google and type just the letters “suspect is d,” Google will offer the search string, “suspect is described as a black male.”

But sometimes, even the police can’t bring themselves to use the B-word. In November there was a series of home-invasion rapes in Raleigh, North Carolina, not far from the campus of North Carolina State University. How did Jon Barnwell, Deputy Chief of Campus Police, describe the suspect? “A dark complexion male, approximately 6 feet tall, stocky build with short ‘stubbly’ hair.” Dark complexion? Stubbly hair? Must be another Danish tourist.

About Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.


  • John Liu

    I’m very interested in this topic. However there is one type of crime or predilection in which it seems that whites are overrepresented, but Amren, in spite of its claims to race realism, rarely talks of. That is paedophilia, or sex crimes against children.

    Most of the paedophiles, in fact I’d say well over 90 percent of those one reads about in the newspapers are white. Rarely black, and I don’t think I have ever heard of an East Asian involved in these types of ‘activities’.

    Is this true?

    Are there statistics on this, that statistics, that is statistics which separate out sex crimes into those against adults, and those against children?

    I would be interested in finding out whether or not my observation is in fact confirmed by the facts.

    It is interesting to note, that paedophilia was accepted in ancient Greece and Rome, and perhaps given that most of the underlying causes of human behaviour are genetic (that is what this website would have you believe, in fact wants you to believe), then is there a possibility that whites are genetically pre-inclined towards this most vilest of crimes?

    • Question Diversity

      My theory is that some of the pedophilia that goes on in the black community doesn’t get reported to official authorities and doesn’t wind up in the stats, because that behavior isn’t considered aberrant enough to get the “racist po-pos” involved.

      • Natassia

        Yup. It is not uncommon for mama’s boyfriend to take an interest in her daughter…

        • Question Diversity

          When mama gets a new “boo,” if she has postpubescent teenage girls in the house, the new “boo” will get some on the side from her.  If there are postpubescent teenage boys in the house, the new “boo” will pressure her to throw him out of the house.

    • Natassia

      In Africa, black men rape infants and other young virgins to cure or protect themselves against HIV.

      I don’t know of a single white community in the world where the men do this.

    • mikejones91

      Whites are the majority in America. Hence why the majority of sex crimes against children are commit ed by white men. Though it does seem like black men in particulate have a thing for raping the elderly. The fact we see ANY black men in the news for sex crimes against children (which I do see occasionally) is INCREDIBLY DISPROPORTIONATE in contrast to their ACTUAL population. Before making this comment did you bother to go read a Nigerian News Site and look for sex crimes against children? How about a Kenyan news site? Did you know that 61% of ALL Nigerian children report being sexually abused by an adult by the time they are 18? Did you know that Kenya is nicknamed “the baby rape capitol of the world”? Perhaps you have seen NBC’s “To catch a predator” with Chris Hanson. ALL of the town they do these investigations in are WHITE majority areas. Yet somehow, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Black Men ALWAYS show up.   Specifically, I have seen A LOT of Asian and Middle Eastern Men on those shows. Before you make such a GENERALIZING statement, do your homework troll bait. I think its safe to say that on a world wide scale, whites commit FAR LESS crimes against children. We are the majority. That is why you see US the MAJORITY of the time. It doesn’t take sociologist/mathematician  to figure this out jack. Look up pedophilia in China/Arab Countries as well. Your bubble of liberal perception will be popped. Its all ABOUT perception. People like you think/say “well maybe blacks/Hispanics commit more violent crime but WHITE MEN  commit the most sex crimes”. As if that justifies their savagery. WE here at AMREN look at “racial tendencies” on a WORLD WIDE scale. Not just American. Because Somalia is so peaceful. And children NEVER get molested in Nigeria. Its people like you that suppress racial awareness/pride. If white men weren’t CONSTANTLY portrayed as the ONLY men capable of sex crimes against children, the average white person would begin to think to him/her self. “These blacks commit the majority of violent crimes, yet make up such a small minority”. This is when you come in. ” well racist white person, your men have sex with children”. Emasculated white person “I guess your right, Ill shut up now.” 

    • mikejones91

      How many stories have you read about some black woman’s  BLACK boyfriend “sleeping” with her 9 year old daughter? I see them often. Also…After I posted my last reply to you I was on a news site and this story came up. Black father rapes OWN infant son, and gives him the AIDS virus. Your ignorance repulses me

  • Question Diversity

    We can’t talk about the race of crime suspects, because that would fuel “racial discrimination.”  But we can say age and gender, which would fuel age and sex discrimination.  Wouldn’t it?

    • John Liu

      Not at all. Age and even sex often provide a completely legal basis for various types of ‘discrimination’, that race does not.

      Perhaps what you said about lack of reporting to authorities is one reason for what we are assuming are black under-representation in these crimes. However this is mere conjecture

      But I am interested in the ‘facts’ we have at hand. Do the statistics, as they now stand, point to the over-representation of any particular race in sex crimes against children?

      • Question Diversity

        Federal civil rights laws state that legal classifications based on gender fall under intermediate scrutiny, classifications based on race fall under strict scrutiny.  It’s not that race NEVER provides a legal basis for discrimination, it’s that the judicial scrutiny of racial classifications is so strict that they’re almost never allowed to stand.  Personally, I think race should be knocked back to intermediate scrutiny, because of demonstrable racial differences.

        • John Liu

          Question Diversity: thank you for your response.

          I should be more specific. Simply this. I’m sure there are statistics somewhere pertaining to crimes of a sexual nature against children, as opposed to those against adults.

          And I am sure that the keeping of such statistics would not impinge on any sort of Federal civil rights laws whatsoever.

          Again. I want to know whether whites, or blacks, or asians, are over-represented in sex crimes against children. That is all (one or more of these groups surely will be -group statistics are never the same - as you people love to state again and again).

          Please do not obfuscate the issue.

          • Natassia

            They are not over-represented. In order for non-Hispanic whites to be over-represented, over 65% of child molesters must be Caucasian.

            Where are the statistics that show +65% of child molesters in America are Caucasian?

      • Question Diversity

        Federal civil rights laws state that legal classifications based on gender fall under intermediate scrutiny, classifications based on race fall under strict scrutiny.  It’s not that race NEVER provides a legal basis for discrimination, it’s that the judicial scrutiny of racial classifications is so strict that they’re almost never allowed to stand.  Personally, I think race should be knocked back to intermediate scrutiny, because of demonstrable racial differences.

  • Sane in MA

    Nice article. Mr. Liu’s attempts change the subject in the comment section aside. Sorry Mr. Liu, sex crimes against children are committed by all races. The most extreme forms in Africa, as a gruesome voodoo cure all for HIV.  But the reason pedophilia and pederasty are seemingly more prevalent in whites is probably because whites are the largest ethnic group in societies that report such crimes (East Asia aside.) Whites are also much more likely to contact police and the proper authorities.

  • John Liu

     Sane in MA -any evidence of this? Or is it just what you think?

    Furthermore if blacks or Hispanics of East Asians were well represented in these crimes, they would not simply be preying on children of their own race, but perhaps random children as well. We of course are not just speaking of such crimes happening within a family, but those where a male goes and abuses a random child not necessarily related to him. Yet even for these types of crimes it would appear that whites are way overrepresented.

    If a child is murdered, or sexually abused by a stranger — I’m sure regardless of the race of child and parents, it will likely be reported to authorities.

    So all I’m wondering is, what do the statistics say? Once we  know what the statistics say, then we can perhaps discuss some of the reasons why they say what they do.

    But I am suspicious as to why AMREN does not show these statistics. Is it because Mr Taylor knows they would show whites in a poor light?

    • Sane In MA

      You haven’t proven anything yourself, nor thrown out any statistics. How overrepresented are whites when it comes to pedophilia exactly? And why is it the responsibility of Mr. Taylor and his organization to provide you with the details? The bottom line is violent crime (which includes sexual assault) and there’s really no disputing the champs there.

      You’ve zeroed in on one issue and are trumpeting. If whites truly are overrepresented in sex crimes against children I’d be surprised. More likely they are less underrepresented than in other violent crimes, but even that is not certain given my earlier speculation.

      Do the research yourself if it fascinates you so. But I warn you, you might not find the answer you expect.

  • Calhoun

    In 2010, Louisiana had the highest murder rate in the country, at 11.2 per 100,000 people. Louisiana had a population that was 32% black, and 60% white. Conversely, New Hampshire had the lowest murder rate in the country, at 1.0 per 100,000 people. New Hampshire had a population that was 1.1 % black, and 92% white. Gee, what a great big fat coincidence.

  • wmarkw

    The very definition of political correctness.   Omitting race obviously doesn’t enhance FACTUAL correctness, so the only reason for it is to steer attitudes in preferred directions.

    In journalism schools today, the students are taught that part of their role is to “afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”  Since whites are the former and blacks the latter, it is an requirement in the journalistic trade, that negative references to (non-white) race must be omitted.

  • Jason Smith

    Amazing!  I just typed into Google, “suspect is described as black male” (with quotation marks), and got over 300,000 hits!  It was then that it finally struck me and I now realize the truth.  The were always a part of me that deep down inside felt guilty about being pro-White (where does that come from?).  Now I am flabbergasted.  I realize now that there must be THOUSANDS of these Black thugs committing crimes in towns and cities all across this country every day!   There must be THOUSANDS more committing crimes EVERY DAY who are never identified!  There must be many THOUSANDS or TENS of THOUSANDS Black Thugs who are intimidating or menacing Whites EVERY DAY!  I am in shock.  But a part of me now feels free. 

    This feeling of white guilt many of us feel deep down inside, where does it come from?  What is it?  We feel we must deny this truth?  I believe if these crimes are exposed - on an even much larger scale than Amren and other pro-White websites are already exposing - if many tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of whites have the experience I have just have - maybe this is the path forward to finally wake up enough white people.  Perhaps this is the answer.  We must have a massive exposure of this truth. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I hardly think that paedophilia is unique to the white man - just look at Japanese males, with their fetish for young girls dressed in school uniforms.  I saw a programme a short while back (only about 2-3 years ago) which showed a Japanese company which manufactured rubber girlie dolls - some of which were clearly pre-pubescent.  The boss of the company which made the dolls said that they were a useful ‘safety valve’, in as much that they prevented males going out and committing the ‘real thing’. They then interviewed a Japanese male who must have had about 40 of these dolls, including the very young dolls.

  • Anonymous

    My local newspaper has a stated policy of not printing the race of criminal suspects. Nevertheless, whenever a young black man gets his photo in the newspaper it is the case that he has been arrested, convicted, or achieves something athletically. 

  • JJ

    Like any white man, I’ve noticed this too but I’m starting to think there may be something else at work here than just avoiding negative stereotyping.  

    I notice that many southern men and women will never use the term “n****r” to describe blacks.  Why?  Because it’s considered vulgar.

    There is an attempt to introduce an element of politeness in most convesations, especially among the well-educated, be they liberal or conservative in outlook.  For example, I insist on using the term “fag” instead of the most politically correct “gay.”  Many of my liberal friends and family find the term as annoying as nails scrathing on a chalkboard.  (Which is why I do it, of course.)

    The failure to identify miscreants as blacks may be just simple politeness.  If so, then it’s the ultimate in paternalism.  Because what it shows is that liberals actually KNOW that to be black likely categorizes someone as illiterate, violent, lazy, out of control, etc.

    So let’s be polite and not mention it . . .

  • mikejones91

    Ive been to Bangkok and they ARE VERY comfortable with Prostitutes. African countries don’t have prostitutes?

  • 20670

    I think a man named Jacob England, arrested yesterday? called a spade a spade on his facebook site before he went out and shot and killed some African-Americans in Tulsa OK… 

  • 20670

    so uhhh…what happened to my *name*…? I never left.