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The Chosen People

Byron M. Roth, American Renaissance, November 2011

Why are Jews so successful?

Richard Lynn, The Chosen People: A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement, Washington Summit Publishers, 2011, 408 pp. soft cover $39.00, hard cover $60.00.

The Chosen People: A study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement is the most recent work of Richard Lynn dealing with group differences in IQ and their ramifications. As in all of his previous work over the past decade, he substantiates his arguments with huge quantities of empirical data. He advances his positions dispassionately and lets the facts speak for themselves, which they do in impressive, nearly irrefutable fashion. In his previous books he examined racial and ethnic differences in IQ for many groups.The Chosen People is a case study of one distinct group that has shown remarkably similar patterns of achievement in a wide variety of settings.

Professor Lynn begins by pointing out the extraordinary success of Jews in almost every field. In the 19th century the restrictions that had prevented most Jews from advanced nonreligious study began to be lifted in most of Western Europe, and by mid-century, “people began to observe that Jews were outstandingly successful, and began to speculate that this was attributable to their intellect.” (Unless otherwise noted, all quotations are from Professor Lynn.)

At that time the great bulk of Jews were still living in Eastern Europe, but owing to pogroms beginning around 1880, Jews began migrating to Western Europe and especially to the United States. They formed part of the massive immigration to the US in the period from 1880 to 1924.

Prof. Lynn writes:

They arrived as penniless refugees unable to speak the languages of their new countries; they were the “huddled masses” from the most backward region of Europe. Yet by the middle decades of the 20th century, the children and grandchildren of these immigrants were doing far better than their Gentile hosts on all indices of socioeconomic status and earnings and outperforming them by several orders of magnitude in obtaining elite academic distinction . . . .

The development of IQ tests confirmed the impression that Jews were unusually intelligent, and Professor Lynn’s extensive review of the literature indicates that Jews in the US have an average IQ of 110 compared to 100 for other Europeans. This would help account for their outstanding performance in a variety of fields. Though Jews are only about 0.2 percent of the world population, half the world’s chess grandmasters, for example, and 16 percent of Nobel Prize winners for science have been Jews. For Professor Lynn, the purpose of his book “is to document and explain such achievements.” It would be a mistake to think that these are the accomplishments of all Jews, however, as they are mainly the achievements of Ashkenazi Jews, the Jews of Eastern Europe.

Professor Lynn explains that there are four major subpopulations of Jews, differentiated genetically by their different experiences following their expulsion from Israel in the first century AD. The most populous group, by far, are the Ashkenazi, who migrated to Western Europe. However, “In the period between 1290 and 1500, Jews were extensively persecuted and expelled from Western and Central Europe . . . . Most of them migrated eastward into present-day Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia.” There they remained until the mass migrations of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Those who stayed were, in the main, killed by the Nazis toward the end of World War II. Most of those who survived the war migrated to Israel and other, mainly English-speaking countries.

Yemeni Jewish boys study the Torah.

Yemeni Jewish boys study the Torah.

A second group, the Sephardim, migrated to the Iberian Peninsula after the Roman expulsion, where they lived, largely under Muslim rule, until 1492. Jews flourished during the early period of Muslim rule, but from about 1000, a change in Muslim leadership led to increased persecution. When Spain drove out the Muslims in 1492, it also expelled all Jews who refused to convert to Christianity. Portugal expelled its Jews in 1496. Most Iberian Jews then went to the Balkans, though others migrated to the Middle East, the Netherlands, and Italy. Prof. Lynn notes that “their descendants in the mid-20th century numbered about two million and were widely dispersed throughout the world.”

A third Jewish group, the Mizrahim, settled in various lands in the Middle East and North Africa during various diasporas beginning about 600 BC. These lands were conquered by the Arabs in the 8th century, under whose rule Jews were tolerated but subject to various restrictions. This area was conquered in the 16th century by the Ottoman Turks, who “provided a generally benign environment for Jews and other non-Muslims.” That is the main reason why Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal made their way into the Ottoman Empire.

A fourth group, the Falashas, “are Ethiopians who converted to Judaism at some uncertain time many centuries ago.” The state of Israel recognized these genetically distinct Africans as Jews who were, therefore, entitled to take advantage of the Jewish Right of Return. Prof. Lynn writes that “by 1998, virtually all of them had left Ethiopia and taken up residence in Israel. They numbered about 80,000 . . . [or] about 1.4 percent of the population of Israel.”

With the exception of the Ethiopians, the three Jewish subpopulations greatly resemble each other genetically and are distinguishable from Gentiles. Nevertheless, centuries of separation produced considerable differences among them, due in part to intermarriage with Gentiles, even in the face of strict endogamy rules.

The most notable difference among Jewish groups is average IQ. While the Ashkenazi average is 110, the Sephardic average is about 99, close to that of Europeans. The Mizrahim score about 91, markedly lower than Europeans, but higher than the Arabs with whom they have lived, whose average is about 84. The genetically distinct Falashas have IQs of about 70, typical of sub-Saharan people.

Said to be a synagogue of Falash Ethiopian Jews.

Said to be a synagogue of Falash Ethiopian Jews.

These IQ differences have had an important impact on the achievement of each group. This is especially clear in Israel, where they live side by side. The Israeli population of about 6 million people (in 2000) is about 40 percent Mizrahim, about 40 percent “European,” and about 20 percent Arab Muslims. Comparisons are complicated, however, because the 2.4 million characterized as European include 110,000 Sephardim. Furthermore, many in the group classified as European Jews are immigrants from Russia, a large number of whom — some Israeli demographers estimate as many as 900,000 — are not Jews at all. They are ethnic Russians “who pretended to be Jews in order to obtain permission to leave the Soviet Union.” For these reasons the average IQ of those classified as European Jews is estimated to be about 106, lower than would be the case if all were Ashkenazim.

Nevertheless, on all measures of social and educational success, the Europeans do better than the Mizrahim, who in turn do better than the Arab citizens, a ranking perfectly consistent with IQ estimates. Of particular interest are the Ethiopians, who do very poorly, and behave like American blacks. According to an Israeli researcher, many “identify with an ‘aggressive and semi-criminal African-American youth culture’ and have become a ‘kind of ethnic underclass.’ ”

Ship’s manifest of immigrants, Ellis Island, 1901: those from Russia are Jews.

Ship’s manifest of immigrants, Ellis Island, 1901: those from Russia are Jews.

The largest portion of Prof. Lynn’s book deals with the performance of Jews (mainly Ashkenazim) in just about every country in which they settled. The most striking finding is the very great similarity of Jewish achievement everywhere. Without exception, Jews outperform their non-Jewish neighbors by very large multiples. Whether in education, in professional and managerial positions, in prestigious awards, in income, and in musical and artistic fields, Jews are on average five times more successful than Gentiles.

In Austria, for example, Jews were not given full civil rights until 1867. Nevertheless, in the period 1873 to 1910, Jews dominated most of the professions in Vienna even though they were only 10 percent of the city’s population. They were 40 percent of the graduates of the Gymnasium (elite high schools), 62 percent of the lawyers, 50 percent of the doctors, 57 percent of the journalists, 40 percent of the bank directors, and 70 percent of the members of the Vienna stock exchange.

Nobel Prize medal

Fields Prize medal

Jews significantly outperform European Gentiles in verbal, mathematical, and analytic abilities, but do not generally exceed Europeans in visual and spatial abilities. This is reflected in the fact that Jews tend to be most successful in professions such as medicine, law and literature, but not nearly so much in architecture, engineering and sculpture. They do outperform Europeans in these fields, but to a lesser degree, and probably by applying their general intelligence to maximize performance. It is interesting that the success of Jewish artists in the modern era has coincided with the rise of conceptual, nonrepresentational art; they were especially prominent in the Abstract Expressionist movement.

The United States contains the largest number of Jews outside of Israel. By the end of the massive immigration period of 1880 to 1924, there were about 4.2 million Jews in the US and they represented 3.5 percent of the population. Today they number 5.7 million, but represent only about two percent of the population because other groups have grown more quickly.

Judy Garland

Judy Garland

Most immigrants could not speak English, but even as early as 1908 they represented 7 percent of the students at Ivy League universities, a number that had grown by 1919 to 13 percent at Yale, 20 percent at Harvard and Brown, 25 percent at the University of Pennsylvania, and fully 40 percent at Columbia. They made up 90 percent of the students at City College and Hunter College in New York City. In the following decades, efforts to limit Jewish enrollment kept percentages fairly constant in the Ivy League.

Jews are overrepresented in high-status occupations. In 1945, 53 percent of Jews held professional and managerial positions compared to 19 percent of the total population. By 2000, the figures were 68 percent versus 35 percent. Jewish women have an almost identical occupational profile, with 51.4 percent in the professions and 16 percent in management.

In law and medicine, Jews are overrepresented by a factor of about five. While Jews are somewhat underrepresented in college teaching, they are heavily overrepresented on elite university faculties, by factors of 7.4 in mathematics to 13.3 in law. Sixty-two of the 200 American Nobel Prize winners have been Jewish, and Jews were six of the 16 winners of the prestigious Fields Medal and the Wolf Prize in mathematics. Jews have also taken 52 percent of the Pulitzer Prizes for nonfiction.

The Jewish presence in entertainment is well known. Professor Lynn notes that “from the 1920s on, Jews have dominated American music in three areas: popular songs, musicals and classical. In the golden age of Tin Pan Alley (1920-1960), about half the leading songwriters were Jews.”

In Hollywood, Jews founded the most prominent film companies, and still dominate the industry. Professor Lynn quotes movie critic Michael Medved: “Any list of the most influential production executives at each of the major movie studios will produce a heavy majority of recognizably Jewish names.”

Many of the most famous movie stars were Jews who took non-Jewish-sounding names, such as Douglas Fairbanks, Danny Kaye, Tony Curtis, Hedy Lamar, Judy Holiday and Judy Garland, to name just a few. More recently, figures such as Paul Newman, Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand, and Steven Spielberg made no effort to conceal their Jewish origins. Prof. Lynn notes that in 1990, American Film magazine reported that the CEOs of eight of these top ten entertainment companies were Jewish.

Berlin Synagogue

Berlin Synagogue

“Jews have been prominent among the owners and executives of American TV, radio and newspapers.” Of the major networks, CBS, NBC, and ABC, all were controlled by Jews at one time or another. CBS was founded by William Paley, who is Jewish, and has remained under the control of Jewish chairmen to this day. David Sarnoff, also Jewish, ran NBC from 1930 to 1970, when control was passed to his son, Robert. In 1986, the network was taken over by the General Electric Corporation.

ABC was acquired by the Walt Disney Company in 1996, at the time run by Michael Eisner and now headed by Robert Iger, both of whom are Jews. Two of the most prestigious and influential newspapers, “the New York Times and the Washington Post, have been owned and largely staffed by Jews.” Professor Lynn remarks that “the Sulzberger family still controls the Times and also owns 33 other newspapers, including the Boston Globe . . . [and] 12 magazines . . . with a circulation of more than five million each; seven radio and TV broadcasting stations; a cable-TV system; and three book publishing companies.”

Having established with extraordinary diligence the success of Ashkenazi Jews, Professor Lynn addresses the question of the origins of these Jews’ high intelligence. He dismisses environmental explanations on a number of grounds. He points out that “the four Jewish peoples in Israel occupy a similar environment, with the same access to healthcare and education, but the intelligence differences between them are pronounced.” The oft-expressed explanation that the Jewish emphasis on education explains higher IQ is easily dismissed since Jewish children get high scores even before entering school. The role of “pushy Jewish mothers” can be dismissed because many studies have found that “family environmental factors have no long-term effect on the intelligence of children.” One is left with genetic explanations.In addition, “the three largest circulation news magazines — TimeNewsweek, and US News and World Report — are largely owned and run by Jews.” Whether Jews control the media is a contentious issue; it is indisputable, however, that they have an influence in the media hugely disproportionate to their numbers in the population.

Based on historical evidence, Prof. Lynn assumes that before migrating out of the Middle East, Jews probably had IQs similar to those of other Semitic peoples of the region, which today is about 84. This means that between that time and the present, Ashkenazi intelligence had to grow by 26 points. This works out to an increase of 1.25 per century and 0.3 points per generation. Genetic changes of this size are very unlikely to occur by chance, and evolutionary factors must have played a part. Selective pressures in the 2000 or so years since the Jews migrated into Europe must have produced this large gain in intelligence. However, as Prof. Lynn notes:

There are three problems that require explanation. First, what has brought about these different IQs of the Ashkenazim, the Sephardim, and the Mizrahim? Second, why have these three subpopulations of Jews developed higher IQs than the Gentiles among whom they have lived? Third, why have the Ashkenazim acquired their pattern of high verbal, mathematical, and reasoning abilities but weaker visual and spatial abilities?

One prominent theory is that Jewish practices and customs had a eugenic effect. This position is taken by Kevin MacDonald in his book, A People That Shall Dwell Alone. Perhaps the most important of these customs was the high status accorded to religious scholars, which meant that wealthy men encouraged their daughters to marry scholars and their sons to marry the daughters of scholars. “These ‘eugenic marriages’ brought wealth and intelligence together and normally produced relatively large numbers of surviving children,” since wealth conferred an advantage against disease and privation.

Another eugenic practice — this one externally imposed — may have been the measures taken in Austria and Germany in the 18th century to limit the growth of the Jewish population: quotas on Jewish marriages, special marriage taxes and licenses for Jews, allowing only first-born sons to marry, etc. In such circumstances, the least influential Jews, those with little wealth or scholarship, often had to postpone marriage or forgo it completely.

Jewish money lender.

Jewish money lender.

A third factor suggested by Prof. MacDonald is that men, in particular, who failed to gain prestige through scholarship, may have been more inclined to leave the faith than those who were more successful. This is also the opinion of Charles Murray as put forth in his Commentary article, “Jewish Genius.” These eugenic practices would also help explain the IQ profile of the Ashkenazim, since the study of sacred texts required a high verbal IQ but not necessarily a high visual-spatial IQ.

The main problem with this theory, according to Professor Lynn, is that these practices were also common among the Sephardim and Mizrahim, and cannot explain the considerably higher IQ of the Ashkenazim. It would explain, however, how Jews from all three groups achieved higher IQs than their host populations. A somewhat related explanation is that the slaughter of Jews throughout European history may have been inadvertently eugenic, in that the wealthier and more intelligent Jews could escape to safer locales or avoid being killed by paying ransom. While there is little evidence for this, it is not implausible and would explain the lower IQs of the Sephardim and Mizrahim, who were not massacred to the same extent as the Ashkenazim.

Gregory Cochran, Jason Hardy, and Henry Harpending have proposed a second explanation in their paper, The Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence. They argue that around the 13th century, European Jews were restricted to only a few trades. This was largely because of their exclusion, for religious reasons, from the guilds that dominated Europe’s economy. “Jews were allowed to be money-lenders, to open banks and charge interest on loans, which were prohibited for Christians, to work as tax collectors and import-export merchants, and to deal in second-hand goods as peddlers.” In most of these occupations, with the exception of peddlers, “Jews would have needed strong verbal, mathematical and reasoning abilities to assess risk and make calculations.” And since such occupations allowed for a better standard of living, those who engaged in them were more likely to assure the survival of their offspring and the passing on of genes that promote such abilities. This might explain the Ashkenazim’s unique IQ profile since, unlike the Christian craftsmen, they would not have needed such strong visual and spatial abilities.

This theory is supported by the fact that Ashkenazi Jews suffer from a number of genetic disorders produced by genes that may have a positive effect on intelligence. These genes would probably have been eliminated from the gene pool if they had not conferred some significant advantage. These genes, furthermore, are not common among Europeans or among Sephardic or Mizrahi Jews. This theory can also account for the Ashkenazim-Mizrahim difference, since the Jews living under Islam were not, according to Prof. Cochran and his colleagues, concentrated in intellectually demanding jobs, but were often relegated to “disagreeable or despised occupations.” All of these explanations are highly speculative, but rapid advances in genetic research could bring greater certainty.


Professor Lynn points out that while the high IQ of the Ashkenazi Jews can explain Jewish success, it cannot fully explain the extent of that success. Given the IQ difference between Jews and Gentiles, we would expect that Jews would be twice as likely as Gentiles to have IQs in excess of 115, which is the minimum required to become, for instance, a physician or lawyer. However, Jewish participation in medicine and law is more than four times greater than would be predicted by IQ alone.

In general, Jews do not differ in any appreciable way from Gentiles in the things they value, with one exception: They have a greater desire to achieve economic and social success, that is to say, they are high in “achievement motivation.” Professor Lynn suggests that, like many personality variables, this may have a partly genetic basis “brought about through having been selected by eugenic customs, persecution, and discrimination.”

In this book, Professor Lynn has more than accomplished his goal of documenting and explaining the extraordinary accomplishments of Jews in modern societies. Nevertheless, I suspect many readers will be disappointed that Prof. Lynn does not address the many contentious issues raised by the influence of Jews on modern Western culture. Professor Lynn chose not to write such a book. What he has done is provide a powerfully argued, thoroughly scientific analysis that can be relied upon as a sound resource by those who do wish to address these vexing issues.

[Editor's Note: This article first appeared in the November 2011 issue of American Renaissance.]

About Byron M. Roth

Dr. Roth is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Dowling College. He is the author of The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature.


  • Anonymous

    On several occasions I have read that when IQ tests were first used by the U.S. military during World War I that Jews tended to score poorly. I am confident that this is either not true, due to testing error, or due to the fact that the tests were in their infancy, and relied too much on a expert knowledge of English, which many Jewish recruits, being products of recent immigration, did not have. 
    This presumed “fact” has been used against books like “The Bell Curve,” so I would like for it to be explained.  

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a problem with noting the fact that Jewish people are very talented(at least the ones from Eastern Europe) everyone knows that,  the problem is that when they gain political power they promote policies that benefit Jews and harm the nations they live in.  Example- the billions that the USA has squandered on Israel. Another example is the immigration  policies of  Europe and the Anglosphere. Example- When the Front National or other similar groups  attempted to change the immigration policies of France they were tagged as an “anti-semitic” hate groups by Jewish pressure groups. The result is now a huge Muslim population in France. Don’t ask me why formerly Christian European countries becoming Muslim is “good for the Jews”  they have to live there too.

    • Anonymous

      By giving some three billion dollars a year to Israel we help to protect the only ally we can count on in the Near East from annihilation. 

    • Anonymous

      Minus the recent zionist aberration in the Middle East, jews and Muslims got along fairly well. Historically they are safer living among Muslims than White European Christians.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with thiudemir.

    Jews are excellent people, but they have this one major fault:
    they are hostile to non-Jews.

    On the cover of his book I can see Freud - who boasted about
    his subversion of the goyim world, Marx - who gave us the joyful
    system of communism and Rothschild - no comment.

    So in history - have they used their intelligence, determination
    and good character for the advancement of mankind or was it
    advancement for themselves and deterioration for everyone else?

    • Anonymous

      Rich Jews, like rich Gentiles, have occasionally been predatory towards those who are not rich. Nevertheless, when I consider the solid Jewish record of achievement in any field that requires superior intelligence I cannot believe that the United States would be a better country if Jewish immigration had not been allowed. 

  • Anonymous

    It i ironic to see how South African Jews rallied against apartheid only to see the black populace turn on them.  Apartheid was put in place to keep the normally warring black tribes from killing each other and destroying civil society.

    Despite apartheid, there was a large influx of blacks INTO South Africa.  South African blacks were generally well-fed and prosperous.

    Look at the situation now, with black “freedom”.  It is whites (and Jews) that are marginalized now.  To all you supporters of the elimination of apartheid-how does it feel?

  • Anonymous

    I have a question for my jewish friends.  Why is cultural and social insularity looked upon as a desirable trait among the various jewish populations yet predominantly jewish (leftist) organizations push “multiculturalism” and “diversity” on us gentiles? 
    Cultural and social insularity benefits EVERY race, yet, whites are generally looked askance if they attempt to promote it among ourselves.  It is OK for blacks, asians, hispanics and others to promote their own cultural and social insularity; let a white individual (or group) do the same and we are viciously attacked for being “racist” not only by organizations but government.
    Whites are generally loath to act, even in the face of hostility.  It may take quite some time for “push” to come to “shove” but it will happen.  It may not be pretty, but it will become necessary. 
    I bear no ill will towards any race, group or individual, but am merely pointing out that the present situation does not look good.  Remember, those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Anonymous

    Much of jewish “success” is NOT due to IQ, but a strong social structure that values cultural and social insularity.  In short, jews look out for each other. 
    These traits are admirable in EVERY society; the social bonding in other cultures is not as strong (and in some cases is looked upon negatively) and is somewhat discouraged by official “government policies”. 
    Look at our “civil rights (for some)” laws and government agencies that have done nothing more than to destroy one of humankinds basic rights-freedom of association . . . Imagine if whites were permitted to form social bonds as strong as those of jewish society.   We can form those bonds, however, clandestinely . . .

  • Anonymous

    Speaking as a blond blue-eyed Aryan, it’s completely self-evident to me that Ashkenazi Jews have a significant IQ advantage over other whites of European origins.  Most people who study such things put the differential at between 15-20 points on average.  Whether this is due to an original and ancient genetic advantage or through some sort of possibly  inadvertent selection process I can’t say, and I doubt that anybody really knows.

    Couple this with Jewish parenting that strongly emphasizes intellectual achievement and it should surprise nobody that Jews are hugely overrepresented in the arts, sciences, medicine, and business leadership positions. 

    • Beloved Comrade

      Because Jews are such a small percentage of the population, there are far more European-Americans and native Brits with IQ’s above either 130 or 145.

      At elite universities, on the basis of IQ, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews should be around 7 to 1 (IQ >130) or  4.5 to 1 (IQ > 145). Instead, the ratio is at most 1 to 1.  

      The only explanation is that Whites of European extraction are being systematically excluded and displaced to the point that they are now underrepresented in all the important areas of the elite compared to their percentage of the population.

      The America system is not broken; it is being very deliberately manipulated to dispossess whites of the country they built.

      • Anonymous

        If your attendance figures are correct they would appear to lend some support to your argument. I doubt, however, that attendance ratios of Jews to non-Jews at elite universities are 1:1 or even close to it. I say this not based on any specific knowledge, but simply my own observations. Most of our friends are goyim, many of whom have had kids attend Ivy League schools. We are close friends with two Jewish couples, neither of whose kids went to Ivy League schools, and one of which is quite fabulously wealthy. My daughter just finished pre-med at Penn, very much a top-flight Ivy League school. While I never queried her on apparently Jewish students, her comments always related to the huge numbers of Asian students in her classes, mostly from China, Taiwan, and India. Disturbingly, these kids used to fulfill a life-long dream of their parents to emigrate to the US and become citizens; now most of them want to return home after they finish medical school, given the rapidly exploding GDPs and standards of living in their home nations. Clearly, this doesn’t bode well for the American medical system in the future. Fortunately for me, I’m rather deep into old farthood so lack of care probably won’t be a factor. But I worry about my kids.
        Thanks for writing.

        • Beloved Comrade

          Instead of basing your assumptions on anecdotal information which is NEVER a good source, read the links I provided above to educate yourself.

      • Anonymous

        At elite universities, on the basis of IQ, the ratio of non-Jewish Whites to Jews should be around 7 to 1 (IQ >130) or  4.5 to 1 (IQ > 145). Instead, the ratio is at most 1 to 1.  The only explanation is that Whites of European extraction are being systematically excluded and displaced. 
        - BelovedComrade
        — — —
        According to historian David Oshinsky.  ”Most of the surrounding medical
        schools — Cornell, Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Yale  — had rigid quotas in place. In 1935 Yale accepted 76 applicants from a pool of 501.
        About 200 of those applicants were Jewish and only five got in.” He notes that
        the dean’s instructions were remarkably precise: “Never admit more than five

        • Beloved Comrade

          Wake up. This is no longer 1935. These universities were created by White Christians and now they are the ones being locked out.

          You obviously believe this is fair. I don’t.

          • Anonymous

            I am opposed to affirmative action. Nevertheless, it cannot be said that Nordic Gentiles are unfairly discriminated against in order to make room for Jews. Like Orientals, Jews earn their positions at the best colleges and universities by hard work and native talent. 

  • Anonymous

    Ashkenazi Jews have little genetic connection with ancient Israel; they are largely of central ASIAN DESCENT MIXED WITH SOME  PALESTINIAN JEWS.  The KHAZAR
    influence was important.

  • Anonymous

    I qualified for Mensa - I’m in the top 2% of Americans in terms of intelligence  - so I guess that puts me up there with Ashkenazi Jews. I also earned an MBA degree from Stern - New York University rated (in the late 1980s) the #1 MBA program in America by US News and World Report… I did not get a job after graduation and was never offered a senior management position in any Hollywood Studio, at Goldman Sachs or the Federal Reserve Bank, so I’m not completely sold on the idea that American success is all about intelligence and academic merit.

    Thankfully, I am not an anti Semitic Jew hater, I am however aware of racial/ethnic realities.

    Birds of a feather flock together.
    Blood is thicker than water.
    The Jews are like all people, only more so.

    Just as Blacks close ranks and vote “Black” - over 95% for Barack Obama, most Jews do the same.  Jews are ~ 2% of the US population, though ~ 33% of the US Supreme Court. There are currently more Jewish lesbians from New York City on the US Supreme Court than there are White Gentiles of British heritage on the Supreme Court. For those who might argue that the Jewish success in making it to the Supreme court is based on superior Jewish intellect and a merit system that rewards the best people to be promoted in their field. I note that US Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan was never even a judge at any level before she was nominated to the Supreme Court.

    That said, I strongly urge American Renaissance readers not to go down the anti Semite Jew hating road, it’s a dead end. Try to live a positive, White life, separate from all that is corrupt and anti White (get rid of your TV). If you have any personal problems with individual Jewish people, contact a Jewish friend who will address the issue for you. Whenever any White Gentile criticizes a Jewish person, or worse criticizes “THE JEWS”, Jewish Americans close ranks and scream “NAZI”, “RACIST”, “HATER”. It doesn’t matter if the Jewish person is very guilty, harmful - like Roman Polanski, the Jewish movie director who drugged and raped a 12 year old girl. The Jewish community closes ranks and protects their tribe.

    In areas like immigration, the American Jewish community is going to be overwhelmingly on the other side - that’s life. Try to fight for our side without hating other people on the other side. Be firm but fair with all people, including Jewish people and take great joy and befriending honest, decent Jewish people who really are on our side. There are many such good Jewish people here.

    And if you are starting to fall down in to anti Semitic Jew hated, paranoia - go spend some time in an Arab/Pakistani Muslim neighborhood, country. Anybody trying to hang out and drink beers with Al Qaeda/Taliban Muslims is an idiot.

  • Beloved Comrade

    I think 1 to 1 at Ivy League schools is a gross exaggeration. You’re right that they are ‘over represented’ in higher education, but that is due to historical and cultural reasons.

    It is due to overt discrimination against whites along with overt white displacement and dispossession.

    Based on research and statistics from the US Department of Labor and National Longitudinal Survey of Youth, and contrary to popular belief, race preferences and “back door” entry to colleges have the greatest impact on white males in the top quarter of the population IQ range.

    Talk about underrepresentation! Now we know who really gets the shaft at Harvard — white Christians.

    As these schools feed off tax dollars, they should be required to publish exact statistics on the religious and ethnic composition of all faculties and student bodies and the percentage of student slots chosen by methods other than merit — and identify those methods.

    Next, they should indicate, by ethnic group and religion, who lost out when slots went to preferred minorities, whether ethnic or the children of faculty members or alumni. We know who the beneficiaries are of this discrimination. Let’s see its victims.

    -Pat Buchanan

  • Anonymous

    I too have noticed the ethnic awareness and cohesion Jews possess.  It is an undeniable truth that many Jews in the US and in Europe have made beneficial contributions in the fields of science, medicine, and the arts.  However, they tend to be overwhelming liberal and increasingly secular, insanely distrustful of their natural ally Evangelical Christians, and prone to a less than righteous set of ethics-one independent of what the Torah teaches.

    Anecdotely, the issue of Jewish cohesion is readily observable, and an excellent answer to the overrepresentation of Jews in the softer fields such as entertainment.  Are movies funnier, better produced, or better written because of Hollywood’s Jewish influence?  I doubt it.  But they are certainly more crass, secular, and culturally debasive than they would be if Hollywood was run by whites of Irish, German, Italian, French, English, Dutch, and Nordic descent.  Mel Gibson’s drunken rant makes more sense in the context of Jewish behavior seen today, although this isn’t to excuse it.

    In my days as an undergrad, I was taking a communications class.  The teacher had us divide into 3 groups to argue a proposition; one group argued for the affirmative, one the negative, and the third would be the jury to decide the winner.  The issue was something irrelevant I am sure, but as a fairly competitive and argumentative person I wanted to present the winning case.  After the debate, I felt confident my side made a much better (and coherent) point.  However, when it came time to decide the jury (led by an obviously Jewish student) ruled for the other team who had a Jewish student, before adding “l’chaim” and smiling at his fellow tribesman.  This incident has only led to my further ethno-cultural awareness and about tribalism. 

    I am pro-Israel, and these sorts of incidents and evidences convince me that Jews have a cultural identity that is different from the Gentiles.  This isn’t to say Jews have been a negative to American society, they have brought with them much more economic benefits than other minority groups, but to argue for the continuation and repatriation of Jews who wish to live in Israel.

    One cannot be anti-Jew and anti-Israel.  Either the Jews are a negative effect in the US and should go to Israel or Israel is an apartheid regime that tortures poor Palestinians thus Jews should never have been allowed to self-govern due to some inherrent evil they possess.  I am of course being facetious about the latter hypothesis, but the point remains the Jewish people are a unique group that is oftentimes alien to the traditional American culture I possess and wish to conserve.

  • Anonymous

    Since its first issue in 1945, COMMENTARY has published
    hundreds of articles about Jews and Judaism. As one would expect, they cover
    just about every important aspect of the topic. But there is a lacuna, and not
    one involving some obscure bit of Judaica. COMMENTARY has never published a
    systematic discussion of one of the most obvious topics of all: the extravagant
    overrepresentation of Jews, relative to their numbers, in the top ranks of the
    arts, sciences, law, medicine, finance, entrepreneurship, and the media. 

    I have personal experience with the reluctance of Jews to talk about Jewish
    accomplishment — my co-author, the late Richard Herrnstein, gently resisted the
    paragraphs on Jewish IQ that I insisted on putting in The Bell Curve (1994). Both
    history and the contemporary revival of anti-Semitism in Europe make it easy to
    understand the reasons for that reluctance. But Jewish accomplishment
    constitutes a fascinating and important story. Recent scholarship is expanding
    our understanding of its origins…
     Insofar as I am suggesting that the Jews may have had some degree of unusual
    verbal skills going back to the time of Moses, I am naked before the
    evolutionary psychologists’ ultimate challenge. Why should one particular tribe
    at the time of Moses, living in the same environment as other nomadic and
    agricultural peoples of the Middle East, have already evolved elevated
    intelligence when the others did not?          
    At this point, I take sanctuary in my remaining hypothesis, uniquely
    parsimonious and happily irrefutable. The Jews are God’s chosen people. - Charles Murray

  • Anonymous

    Black social pathology is often blamed on slavery and racial discrimination. 
    In “The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution,” Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending attribute the high IQs of the Ashkenazic Jews to the persecution they experienced in Europe from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Eighteenth Century Enlightenment and the French Revolution. 
    During this time Jews were not allowed to own land. They were excluded from most trades. The only way most of them could earn a living was as merchants and money lenders. These fields require superior intelligence, so Jews who could not master the necessary skills either did not have children who survived and reproduced, or they left the faith. 
    Because Jews in Islamic countries faced less discrimination, intellectual differences between them and Muslims are less pronounced. 

  • Anonymous

    Well, I disagree with your conclusion:
     ”  they are ‘over represented’ in higher education, but that is due to historical and cultural reasons. In the early 20th century Jews were an immigrant group eager to succeed and assimilate. Like Asian parents of today, Jewish parents then pretty much demanded their children go into high paying careers like Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant etc”

    Please note that Jews were permamently over represented in those professions in any european country they lived in larger numbers; Austria, Poland, Germany, Russia and many others. And they were not  immigrants there. Situation in Austria is described in article above.  In any country they live they tend to dominate economic, political and cultural life. Jews were the driving force behind communist revolution of 1917 in Russia. If you do some research on it, you will find that they were very over represented among Soviet communist apparatus ( Trotsky, Kaganovich ect…). Jews created Soviet state so they could dominate it. They were behind manufacturing Ukrainian famine of early 30′s where millions of Ukrainian peasents died because they resisted collectivisation efforts of Soviet state. Huge majority of russian Jews were not involved in any politics so it is hard to blame them for anything. Today in America, most Jews are not involved in politics either. But many are, and they have strong grip over it. I’m not an American but I think that Americans should be concern about it. Why is it that PC crowd complains all the time about white over representations and nobody says anything about jewish over representation which is huge relative to actual number of Jews in America. Also Jews suppress any debate on Jewish role in history ( esp. WW2) calling it instantly anti-semitic.    

  • Anonymous

    On second thought, I would like to delete my first comment and request that the American Renaissance editors take down this article/book review because it violates Amren’s policy on allowing anti Semitic topics, comments.

    Even though this book supposedly praises Jewish intelligence, the title and subject plays to classic anti Semitic themes - the idea that Jews are a completely separate race of super smart, conniving Jews.

    The title of the book “the Chosen People” will naturally cause a negative reaction from White Gentiles ie:

    “Oh, so the Jews say they’re God’s Chosen People”  - what does that make us - dumb goyim? chopped liver? Slaves to serve Israel? If the Jews are so great, how come everybody hates them? ”

    Plus the portraits of infamous Jews like Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud are not going to win a lot of kindness and tolerance from White Gentiles who view the founder of Communism and psychoanalysis with hatred.

    • Anonymous

      I have been disappointed by some of the comments on this thread. In order to hate Jews one must believe things about them that are untrue, or one must resent things about them that are true and praiseworthy.
      I am unaware of any evidence that Jewish businessmen are less honest than Gentile businessmen, that Jewish money lenders charge higher interest rates, that Jewish landlords are more prone to raise rents, and so on. 
      Jews are prominent in fields that require superior intelligence. They do not dominate Hollywood, Wall Street, journalism, the academy, and so on. They are noticeable in these fields.  Jews earn their prominence by hard work and superior intelligence. 

      • Anonymous

        JohnEngelman writes:

        They do not dominate Hollywood, Wall Street, journalism, the academy, and so on. 

        Jackellis replies:

        John….. the Jews dominate Hollywood, they have always have dominated Hollywood. Some of the Jewish founders of Hollywood weren’t bad guys - men like Louis B Mayer loved America and their movies reflected this love. MGM movies from the 30s, 40s and most of the 50s were mostly, very positive. Hollywood used to produce Westerns, where straight White cowboys were the good guys. Check out some of Danny Kaye movies - like the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, great movies. But this all changed in the 1960s, same with television. Jewish men like Norman Lear despised White America and their TV and movies reflect this hatred.

        And sure, it’s “RACIST” to point out the obvious fact that Jews dominate Hollywood, dominate the American media from the New York Times, Washington Post to Time Warner Communication. CNN used to be owned, run by the White Southern gentile Ted Turner - then Turner Broadcasting merged with Time Warner Communication headed by Gerald Levin - look at CNN now - anti White propaganda, Obama cheer leading.

        Again, I don’t want people here to start hating regular Jewish people, or blame THE JEWS for all our racial problems. But, it’s just reality to recognize Jewish domination of the US media - same as it’s just recognizing racial realities to see that Detroit and Zimbabwe are very Black and are not nice places for White people to live once the Blacks took completely over.

        Do the Jews dominate the US media? Are there Chinese people in China? Are there Arab Muslims in Saudi Arabia? Yes to all 3 questions. That’s racial/ethnic/tribal reality.

        For those who are still in the dark on this subject please check out discussion of this subject from honest Jewish sources, such as the Jewcy interview of John Derbyshire.

        Joel Stein asks “How Jewish is Hollywood?”

        And again, I strongly urge all Amren readers not to fall down in to anti Semitic Jew hating, blaming THE JEWS for all our racial problems. The problems of White people are caused mostly by other White (Gentile) people - selfish agribusiness owners who flood the US with NW cheap labor. White Gentiles dividing up over trivial differences like church affiliation, regional location, White vs White wars from 400 years ago, class divisions.  If we White Gentiles had even 1/10th as much racial loyalty as Jewish people we would never have had horrors like the US Civil War, World War I, post 1965 immigration disasters.

  • Matthew

    I agree with an earlier poster re: MacDonald’s theory of the Jews-it’s obviously given the lie by the facts. What was the one government to give recognitions to South Africans Bantustans? Yeah, Israel. What is the rate of intermarriage for Jews? 50% Which group gives proportionally to charities outside their religion? What religion are Mickey Kaus and Dan Stein of FAIR? Ever heard of Walter Rathenau? For Marx there was Von Mises. For Gould, Richard Hernsteinn (coauthor of the bell curve). People wonder why Jews are suspicious of Whites. Look at the comments on Kevin MacDonald’s website. They include “The Only Solution is Extermination.”

  • George

    Although there is no denying the outstanding contributions of Jews and their overrepresentation in academia and the professions, this article (and your website) tends to ignore the negative aspects of the Jewish people.  Their high IQ and collectivist mentality has enabled them to gain control of the media and to promote policies that are inimical to our national interests.  Paradoxically, although they promote the benefits of “diversity” in the US, they support a monolithic Jewish state where civil marriages between Jews and Gentiles are illegal and where Palestinians are second class citizens.  It is not possible for a politician to be elected if he does not slavishly support Israel.  Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not been of any benefit to the US, but have benefited Israel, with the attacks of 911 the result of our slavishly pro-Israel foreign policy.  To be honest, Jews are overrepresented among the ranks of those who characterize sites such as yours as racist (e.g., SPLC and ADL). 

    • Question Diversity

      they support a monolithic Jewish state where civil marriages between
      Jews and Gentiles are illegal and where Palestinians are second class

      To the extent that there is a lot of American support for Israel, it is not coming from American Jews, it’s coming from fundagelical millenarian Christians.  Most Jews don’t much care about Israel, of those that do, more are anti than pro.  Honestly, most Christians really aren’t “pro-Israel” (meaningless phrase) either; it only seems that way because the fundagelical millenarianists dominate Christian media.

    • Anonymous

      It is not possible for a politician to be elected if he does not slavishly support Israel.  
      - George
      This is because most Americans, including me, love Israel, whether we are Jewish or not. I am not. 

  • Anonymous

    Many of the same white Gentiles who enjoy looking down on blacks and Hispanics with contempt look up at Jews and Orientals with resentment.  Jews and Orientals do not cheat their way into the best universities and professions. They earn them.

  • Anonymous

    I  have always thought that it was common knowledge that jews were intelligent.  Altho, one must decipher which jews are related to the biblical jews and which are not. Christians should certainly not support judaism. Christians should also not have a blind support for  spiritually dead Israel.

    And if we really wanted to support Israel, we would stop meddling in their affairs, and stop funding islamic countries, stop funding ALL countries. Let Israel do its own thing.

    One should neither hate the jew nor worship them.  God will take care of Israel.

  • Andy

    On the (undeservedly) pre-eminently used indivudual test of intelligence, the Wechsler scales,
    data amassed over time suggests a very dramatic group divergence for U.S. Jews between
    high verbal IQ and distinctly lower, if yet above average, performance IQ.   Folkish comments-
    that I observe generally as having no place in current civility-have referred to high verbal
    pursuits like law and literature as being “J****h engineering”.   There is some overlap in the
    majority (non-Jewish) population between unusual disparity of high verbal and modest performance
    IQ among schizoids and outright schizophrenics-although a parsimonious assumption would be for any particular indivual  that the overlap is not a manifestation of mental disorder/imbalance.  Racial folklore
    does typify Jews as more emotionally labile and more emotionally coarse  than is the general white
    population.   It would seem in works like this, one can keep “within the fence” a tidy garden of scientific standards for acknowledging information, while at the same time permitting for climbing over the
    fence to look at loose speculative strands. that may have heuristic value.   In a sense it is a distinction
    between imposing scientific relevance upon a topic and simply serving scientific relevance by acknowledging what might yet become  relevant but is not yet clearly so.  

  • Anonymous

    in the period 1873 to 1910, Jews dominated most of the professions in Vienna even though they were only 10 percent of the city’s population. They were 40 percent of the graduates of the Gymnasium (elite high schools), 62 percent of the lawyers, 50 percent of the doctors, 57 percent of the journalists, 40 percent of the bank directors, and 70 percent of the members of the Vienna stock exchange. 

    -  Byron M. Roth, American Renaissance, November 2011   

    Mein Kampf is about one third autobiography. In it Adolf Hitler reveals that while he was growing up he was sympathetic to Jews because they were persecuted, and that he only began to hate them after he had moved to Vienna and failed in his efforts to become an architect and an artist. This passage explains why he hated them.  Antisemitism is the socialism of the gutter. It combines the leftist politics of envy with right wing racial bigotry.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The Jews are there own sort of freemasons promoting there own over better native candidates, they have brought on through out history most of the troubles themselves by being greedy, mean, crooked and sly. Why do they keep banging on about the holocaust when the US army stated that 1.5 million jews died not 6 million like jewish organisations state. The irish dont bang on about the potato famine, Americans about the US civil war, the British about WW1. Yet 50 million people died in WW2 and all we here about is the jews and the holocaust an insult to every other people who had people die.
      Why did the jews come to America when they have a communist bent ably exposed by Eugene Mccarthy, they ruined Russia yet claim persecution yet 10 0f the 11 richest oligarchs are jewish stealing the russian people assets and transferring them overseas.
      Most inventions and discoveries are by white european christians, - Tesla the greatest physicist, electrical engineer and genius ever to live exposed Einstein as lifting chapter and verse out of a book from another Serb genius and passing it of as his own work.
      Why should America sacrifice its young and pay Israel a fortune in US taxes when it sits on a land stole of other people.
      The jews could have assimilated into western society but chose to be the communists and the bankers, the oligarchs and minipulators - history will cast them a bad hand in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Andy. If you have any websites that have information on Jewish IQ scores during the First World War, please post them. 

  • Anonymous

    The Nobel Committee is not composed of Jews. Nevertheless, one out of five Nobel Prizes has gone to Jews. Those Jews earned the prizes. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for your insightful comments.  You are correct about intermarriage between jews and gentiles.  If you look at jewish publications you will find that intermarriage is still frowned upon and is actively discouraged. 
    I don’t blame any other race or culture for the “foibles” of whites.  To do so is short-sighted and counterproductive.
    That being said, how do you explain the “war on Christianity” going on in our court systems?  You will see Nativity scenes being banned while jewish and muslim artifact displays are conveniently ignored and free from litigation.
    It is obvious that the ADL and JDF are jewish organizations, ostensibly set up for the beterment of their ?race? ?religion? ?culture?  which is it??  They seem to get involved in much of the litigation involving Christian symbols in public places.
    The $PLC, ACLU and NAACP were all founded by jews.  These three organizations (and others) are responsible for the hostility (and loss of rights) that whites endure in our country.
    Look up “who’s who” in the government foreign policy sector and see how many hold “dual nationality” citizenship.   (I’ll leave it to you to find out which country is overrepresented and influential in “guiding US foreign affairs to their advantage and NOT what is good for America). 
    It is interesting to note that there are probably MORE Christians who blindly follow Israeli policies and politics (dispensationalists) and see jews as the “chosen people” (I don’t) than there are of Americans of the jewish faith.  Note that there is MORE political plurality in Israel than is evident in the USA.
    DO NOT blame all jews for the actions of few of their brethren.  Most jews (as well as other races and cultures) are good people and just want to live decent lives . . .
    I trust that the above will not be taken out of context. 
    I hold NO hatred towards anyone, but am merely stating the way things are.
    Don’t take my word for it.  Research these things.  Look them up for yourselves. . . . Be a seeker of TRUTH.
    I welcome comments and criticisms.  If anything that I have said above is incorrect, please feel free to comment.
    I await intelligent responses . . .