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Opinion pieces by Jared Taylor:

Jared Taylor articles on VDARE

National Review Veers Further into Irrelevance (April 2003)

Why a National Slavery Museum Is a Bad Idea (January 16, 2002,

Audio and Video Recordings of
American Renaissance Conference Talks:

(Audio and video tapes of talks from the American Renaissance Conferences are available for sale.)

2000 American Renaissance Conference:

Jared Taylor: “Prospects for a New Century” (video, 3:45)

Jared Taylor: “Prospects for the New Century” (audio part 1 and audio part 2)

1998 American Renaissance Conference:

Paul Gottfried: “The Decline of WASPdom” (audio)

Jared Taylor: “What We Believe and Why We Fight” (audio)

1996 American Renaissance Conference:

Prof. Michael Levin: “Current Fallacies about Race” (audio)

Sam Dickson: “Dawn’s Early Light” (audio)

Dr. Samuel Francis: “Inequality: Natural, Political, and Social” (audio)