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Integration of Asian Inmates Angers Families

Sheriff Lee Baca meets with about two dozen people concerned that his move to end jail segregation will put loved ones in danger.

Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 27

Nearly two dozen people angered by a recent decision by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to place Asian and Asian American inmates into the general population at the Men’s Central Jail met with Sheriff Lee Baca on Monday, urging him to reconsider the move.

Family, friends and loved ones of the Asian jail inmates said that ending a decade-long policy of segregation in an “Asian-only module” at the downtown Los Angeles jail would put the inmates in danger.

The unit housed about 300 inmates out of a total population of 7,000.

Rosie Tse, whose husband has been in jail while awaiting trial on suspicion of home-invasion robbery, said after the meeting that she was disappointed that Baca chose to focus on the importance of ending segregation at the jail rather than on maintaining a safe jail environment.

“I’ve already accepted that he’s serving time,” Tse said. “I’m upset that he’s not safe in jail.”

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