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British Police Blame Minority Muggers for Gang Rape Rise

British National Party, January 14th 2004

Figures released by Scotland Yard show that a hardcore of muggers from ethnic minorities are behind an alarming rising number of gang rapes in London.

In 2003 there were group sex-gang attacks every day — and two thirds of the suspects had previous convictions for theft and robbery and half had also been involved in street crime in the previous 12 months.

Most of the youths involved were aged between 15 and 21 years of age and the rapes took place outside, usually late at night or in the small hours — and were an extension of the criminal activities of young robbers.

Scotland Yard is treating the evidence with kid gloves because it has sensitive racial overtones and following David Blunketts’ politically correct hobbling’ of the Police Service, many police officers are reluctant to deal publicly with it in case a charge of ‘racism’ is made against them.

The figures suggest a disproportionately high involvement of young black or Asian males in group sex attacks and that a vast proportion of the victims are white European females. This sexual predation upon young white females is rising all across the country. We have reported earlier about incidents in Bradford and Oldham where Asian youths have targeted underage white schoolgirl, forcing them to use drugs and selling the girls on the streets for prostitution. One feature of these escalating incidents is the overwhelming lack of attacks upon young Asian women. These attacks suggest that the gangs do not prey upon their own ethnic groups but only upon other groups, predominantly white and to a lesser extent black.

Racial attacks

There is evidence from many sources that sexual predation upon white girls is rising in other inner city areas of Britain, but little detailed research has been produced. As the Liberal Fascists depend upon the lie that only ‘whites are racists’ in order to impose their policies upon the gullible TV-viewing electorate, any information that contradicts this notion must be repressed.

In the five-month Scotland Yard study of sexual predation upon white women, suspects of African/Caribbean appearance were identified in 49 per cent of attacks. A further 13 per cent were committed by men of Indian/Pakistani appearance. Due to the absurd definition of Asylum Seekers from Eastern Europeans as being ‘White British’ once the Immigration Service has given them a passport, these definitions excludes the amount of rapes linked to other non indigenous ethnic groups.

Many of the attacks occurred in areas with high ethnic minority populations and reflect the street population levels and associated lawlessness of a small minority of black youths, many excluded from schools and from dislocated families. But blaming school exclusions of violent and abusive youths for the rising numbers of gang rapes in our society is in effect blaming teachers for these crimes. Though the left wing Marxists that run the various teaching unions are prepared to ban BNP members from having the right to an education, they remain conspicuously silent when the media blame their members for rise in gang rapes by young thugs that abuse, attack and even kill their members. Teachers cannot, and should not, tolerate being attacked. The classroom is where the society of tomorrow is created. When thugs control the classrooms we end up in the situation of today where the thugs control our streets.

Teachers vilified

The BNP demands that the government, the trade unions and the police force protect our schools and cease libeling the teachers that try and teach in them.

Youths from other ethnic groups, including a minority of whites residing in these dysfunctional ‘multi-cultural communities’ were involved in the gangs, suggesting that the attacks involving white youths were linked to the fact that these young white males were mimicking the activities of the gangs to which they had been forced to join in order to survive in the ghettoes in which they live. In most ‘multi-cultural’ communities young whites are in the minority and because of alienation from any white role models become more ‘ethnic’ than their ethnic peers. They adopt the clothes, language and attitude of the ethnic groups around them and then, once indoctrinated into the culture of despair and depravity in which they exist, become ‘ethnic’ themselves. Failure to adapt to their surroundings by minimising their whiteness can lead to them becoming targeted for their race, so the gangs offer safety from the possibility of attack from other gangs in those areas.

Young women and girls of white/European appearance accounted for 59 per cent of victims of these gang rapes but the sexual violence also heavily affected young women in the black community, with 28 per cent of victims described as African/Caribbean.

Political correct policing to blame

About 70 per cent of victims were attacked in “outdoor locations”, often near main roads. These comprise the gathering and hunting grounds for urban youth, who stalk our cities after dark seeking out victims for robberies and sexual assaults. In most of these so called ‘multi-cultural communities’ the police presence after dark is both minimal and politically correct.

Half the victims were under the age of 21, with 75 per cent under 30. More than half the assaults involved three or more attackers forcing themselves upon the terrified girls.

Scotland Yard has been secretly concerned for some time about “group rape”, which began to rise in 2001, along with the rise in street crime. The Yard, in another show of politically correct paranoia, does not use the term “gang rape”, arguing that this falsely suggests the crime is linked to clearly-defined youth gangs. Though anyone who lives in such an area can tell you the gangs do define themselves as ‘gangs and posses’ based mainly on the ‘MTV Rap Culture’ model of gangs imported in from America.

The difficulties for the police in securing a conviction in these cases include finding enough evidence to support the victims’ claims, the fear of testifying for fear of reprisals and disproving defences of consent.

Challenge is needed

This climate of fear and terror being enacted upon the womenfolk of our urban areas has been brought about by the Marxist cult of multi-culturalism. It is that cult which must be challenged head-on by decent, sensible thinking people of all ethnic groups, particularly the white British folk in the towns and cities who are losing everything that was once held dear. That challenge must be conducted through protest, complaining, activism and getting organised into an active BNP unit, ready to take the challenge to the ballot box at every available electoral opportunity.

The difficulties for the police in securing a conviction in these cases include finding enough evidence to support the victims’ claims, the fear of testifying for fear of reprisals and disproving defences of consent.