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Backer of House Bill gets Death Threats

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is the target of dozens of abusive calls about his immigration legislation.

Alicia Robinson, Daily Pilot, Los Angeles Times, Jan. 28

HUNTINGTON BEACH — Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and his staff received death threats and dozens of abusive phone calls Tuesday after a New York radio station discussed a piece of his proposed legislation limiting health care for illegal immigrants.

“I’m not going to be intimidated and back down from my legislation, but I am going to take it seriously and take precautions,” Rohrabacher said.

Rohrabacher introduced the legislation Jan. 21. Under the bill, hospitals that receive federal funding for treating illegal immigrants would have to ask if patients are citizens of the U.S. and enter information about those who aren’t into a database that could then be used by the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies.

The bill would also hold employers responsible for the healthcare bills of any illegal immigrants they employ.

“We shouldn’t be spending millions of dollars on people who come here illegally when it takes away from the health care of our own citizens,” Rohrabacher said.

The congressman’s district office received about 60 calls about the legislation, district director Kathleen Hollingsworth said. Rohrabacher was not in the office at the time.

“I’d say upwards of 90 percent of them were really abusive,” she said.

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