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Trouble ahead

Online Sun, Britain

THERE is no doubting the desperate plight of the impoverished Roma gipsies.

They are starving, they are sick and they are racially persecuted.

But is giving all 1.5million of them the right to come to Britain from May 1 going to help?

We scarcely have the health, education and welfare resources to cope with numbers we already have.

The Prime Minister’s generosity in granting the Romas full citizens’ rights may be Christian charity but it could be a human catastrophe.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain have told the poor of Eastern Europe they must wait seven years.

Understandably, the Romas will head for the only countries which will provide an instant haven, Britain and Ireland.

Why could we not have had proper quotas, regulated by visas?

If the influx of those in need was spread over several years, it would be much easier to give effective aid.

We could have made sure that those parts of south-east England which have been blighted by illegal immigrants would not be invaded by those who, while entering legally, place huge demands on resources.

Britain can be proud of the way it has always welcomed the troubled and the destitute.

It will be a crying shame if the nation’s goodwill is stretched to breaking point.