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Rival Factions Vie for Sierra Club Control

Terence Chea, AP, Wash. Post, Feb. 17

SAN FRANCISCO-A fierce battle is brewing over the future of the Sierra Club, and an unlikely issue is at the center of the debate: immigration.

A growing faction in the nation’s most influential environmental group has urged a stronger stance against immigration, calling the growing U.S. population and its consumption of natural resources the biggest threat to the environment.

Past and present Sierra Club leaders say the anti-immigrant faction has teamed up with animal-rights activists in an attempt to hijack the 112-year-old organization and its $100 million annual budget.

“At stake is really the heart and soul of the organization,” said Adam Werbach, the club’s president from 1996-98. “It’s a sad attempt by a very small special-interest group to take over the entire Sierra Club organization.”

Some of the old guard has organized a movement called Groundswell Sierra to oppose what they say is an attempted takeover by outside groups. Their opponents responded by filing a lawsuit claiming the leaders are unfairly trying to influence an upcoming board election.

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