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Owner: No More Hip-Hop at Liquid

Crystal C. Bozek, Sentinel and Enterprise Online (MA), Feb. 24

LEOMINSTER — Hip-hoppers will have to look elsewhere for entertainment — Club Liquid’s owner is changing the club’s Thursday night format to blues and jazz.

Assistant Manager Ed Pasquarosa told license commissioners gathered Monday night at City Hall that hip-hop night was off the format since it seemed to cause the club at 54 Main St. more trouble than it was worth.

Former Liquid owner Andy Rome agreed with Pasquarosa, saying the only problems he ever had at the club happened on Thursday nights.

“I think by changing the type of music, it’s going to eliminate 99 and 9/10 of the problem,” Rome said at Monday night’s meeting. “I don’t know too many blues people that get fired up.”

He added, “The Pasquarosas are extremely responsible owners.”

Pasquarosa and his son, manager Rick Pasquarosa, are working with the commission to come up with a plan to prevent incidents like the melee that broke out in a parking area outside the club last November.

The Leominster Police Department filed a report stating two officers were injured Nov. 28 in a 100-person brawl that ended in two arrests.

Owners plan to retain a female security guard to handle security problems involving female club-goers, install a surveillance system in the parking lot and take other measures to increase security besides ditching the hip-hop format.

“I think these should be a given in any club that caters to large crowds where there might be flare-ups,” Chairman Henry Lanza said of the planned precautions. “These are very good. I just think you should have been already doing this.”

Rick Pasquarosa told commissioners that large crowds are not always the norm lately. About 12 people attended the club last Thursday, he said.

Last call at the club is at 1:30 a.m. Commissioners said making it a little earlier might help stop drunken fights.

“When they are coming in at midnight, there’s a reason,” member Paul LeBlanc said, adding that employees should pay closer attention to how much people are drinking. “When they’re juiced up they’re all superhumans.”

Lanza said the important thing was to forestall another incident like the fight in November.

“It can’t happen. You have policemen getting hurt … off the street, covering something that never should have happened,” he said.

Lanza did not comment on a Feb. 13 fight outside the club, saying he will wait for a report and look at all the facts.

The commission is scheduled to meet on March 8, after members review Liquid’s plan with Mayor Dean Mazzarella and the representatives of the Leominter Police Department.