American Renaissance

Defacing a Fist

Karen De Coster,

Now this is funny. The big, local story here has been the defacing of a black fist. Let me ‘splain. In the heart of downtown Detroit sits the ugliest sculpture known to man: a big black fist. It was put there by His Majesty Mayor Coleman A. Young, the racist-Communist bastard that controlled the city for almost 3 decades. The fist was said to stand for the power and grace of boxer Joe Louis, but, er, not quite. It was put there to symbolize black power and nothing more. Coleman was trying to tee off the whites, and it worked. They all left the city, and took their money and taxes with them. Then, as the rest of the nation knows, under Coleman Young’s rule, Detroit became the heartland of murder, gangs, the abandoning and burning of houses, and total government corruption. Ohhh Coleman. But hey, I suppose saying such a thing makes me, of course, a “racist,” as my left-Libertarian Fan Club will say.

So some guys decided to paint it white the other day. Of course, the first thing said is that it was a racist act. But the story goes that it’s a protest of the rampant crime and corruption in Detroit, but I dunno. It’s probably a stupid statement about a stupid symbol that never belonged there in the first place. The real racist act, after all, was putting it up in the first place. But we can’t discuss that.