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African-Americans Admit to Distributing White Supremacist Literature on UofL Campus

Craig Hoffman, (Louisville KY), Feb. 25

Hate literature has appeared at another local college campus, this time at Spalding University. School officials there say racially inflammatory fliers were placed on approximately 15 to 20 cars on campus Tuesday night. Meanwhile, two African-American UofL students admitted Monday they placed racially charged fliers on another African-American’s car, calling it “a prank.” WAVE 3’s Craig Hoffman reports.

A string of such “pranks” in recent weeks has many UofL students saying the the school address racially insensitivity on campus. The big question on the minds of many students is how the top brass will respond.

Over the past few months, UofL students have endured racial graffiti, threats from the KKK to speak on campus, emotionally charged fliers passed out on cars, and a credit card company handing out T-shirts some people consider racially offensive.

Leaders of several campus organizations say some students fear for their safety. They say school administrators have taken some action, but it’s not enough. So some organizations are planning a march on campus.

“Historically, white people — or whatever you’d like to say — white people don’t have to be afraid of the Klan,” said Bethany Wright, who is white. “I don’t have to worry walking to my car at night whether or not I’m going to be snatched up or something’s going to happen to me. But other students do.”

As they did last week, on Wednesday students again gave a list of concerns to University president Jim Ramsey. He promised to respond within a week, and says he is already beefing up security.

Students also told Ramsey they want the school to break off all ties with 84WHAS radio because they say ongoing comments by morning talk show host Francene has proved a spark for groups like the KKK. The station denies such claims, but Ramsey says he plans to meet with 84WHAS officials. “We said that we’d look at everything. We’re going to meet with the station manager and some discussions.”

Ramsey has promised to get back with students in a week to address their concerns.