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Say ‘monkey’!

Note from AR: On February 25, we ran a story about Jeff Bogg, a Southwest Airline employee who had been terminated from his job for saying “Smile,say monkey!” while taking a picture. Today Mr. Bogg wrote in with this comment.

From Jeff Bogg:

Yes, I was fired from Southwest airlines. My termination letter stated “I admitted to using the word monkey towards the family”. What I admitted to was saying “Smile, say monkey”. However, with State Senator Royce calling the company multiple times, the termination letter had to fit the deed. What sad times we are living in when,in my opinion, political abuse cost me my job of almost 16 years. Steve Blow’s article was right on track. We do live in a very diverse culture and there will be blunders occasionly. We as a nation need to work through these, and show a little compassion.

After my apology at the Christmas party, I again offered to apologize during my meeting (15 minutes) with “People Services”. I was told “Do not try to approach and apologize, it could be taken as retaliation.” So I did not try. Approximately 30 days later, with no discussion in between, I was summoned to the Vice President of Maintenance office and terminated.

People, don't be ignorant. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anybody.