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U.S. Agencies Aid Metro Theft Probe

Lyndsey Layton, Wash. Post, Mar. 12

The FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and other federal investigators have joined a widening probe into the theft of millions of dollars in revenue from Metro parking lots and garages, officials said yesterday.

Metro Police Chief Polly Hanson said she asked the federal agencies to help investigate whether there was an organized conspiracy among cashiers at the parking facilities and whether their supervisors or Metro managers were involved. “We are looking both inside and externally at the contractor, hoping that some of the lower-level folks might have information they want to share,” Hanson said.

The cashiers who work for Penn Parking Inc., the Maryland firm that is paid $3.1 million annually to manage Metro’s parking facilities, are all Ethiopian immigrants. Some are believed to be in the country illegally and have attracted attention from immigration officials, Hanson said.

Thirty-three cashiers have been fired on suspicion of theft, and criminal charges have been filed against two of them.

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