American Renaissance

The New Nat Turner: Hasan Akbar

Marvin X, Davey D’s Hip Hop Corner, Mar. 23, 2003

The North American African nation has a new revolutionary hero: Brother Hasan Akbar threw several hand grenades into the command tents at his base in Kuwait. I salute Hasan Akbar for doing what every descendent of slaves should be doing: taking the head of the slave master’s children, in the best tradition of ole prophet Nat. Details will be known in time, but it’s clear to me the brother knew the real enemy was not Saddam Hussain, but his superiors in the American military, mass murderers in the guise of liberators of the Iraqi people. Clearly, the people are not welcoming the American colonialists with open arms.

Brother Hasan Akbar has demonstrated the true mission of a neocolonial servant: to take advantage of his house servant position to avenge his ancestors and free himself. Of course, the master will, as he did with prophet Nat, try proving to us Hasan Akbar was a crazy negro who was disgruntled with his role as a loyal servant, so his was a lonely act of a deranged person. Certainly, our other neo-slaves do not feel the same but are happy in the role of running dogs for Christian terrorists in Muslim lands.

Amiri Baraka told us, “In the end, the negro will be the terrorist.” And so it is. Yes, we are the real threat to American security because we have no social security for ourselves, so why should our oppressors of 400 years feel secure? If every black man would just attempt to do what Hasan Akbar did, we would be offered reparations, including land and sufficient resources for the next 100 years. But most of us are too ignut, stupid and fearful to do anything but commit acts of self destructive violence. When a so-called negro attacks the master, we get on the phone and call another brother, crying about, “Man, you see what that negro did to us?” Who in the hell is “us”? Us is them, and they is not us. Malcolm taught you this: “Boss, is we sick?” Hell naw, we ain’t sick, Boss is sick. If “we” is sick it is due to over identification with the master, it is the crisis of black people in the Crazy House Called America. Schizophrenia, amnesia, paranoia, what other terms define our delusional behavior? We want so much to be a part of America, after all, what else do we have, having rejected black nationalism because it might involve too much work, yes, work and we are lazy negroes who are determined not to do for self, contrary to what Marcus Garvey and Elijah taught. So we are Lazarus lying at the rich man’s gate. Just as we heard belatedly on June 19 that we were free, we are too deaf, dumb and blind to see the rich man died, to see America has no use for us, except as prison slaves worth between $30,000 and $50,000 per man/woman per year.

If Nat Turner was insane, his act of vengeance was an act of sanity, a necessary step in the process of regaining his mental health, and the same is true for Hasan Akbar. Revolutionary violence is therapeutic: to overthrow the oppressor is healthy. Suppressing the desire for liberation leads to stress inducing heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, eating disorders leading to diabetics, suicidal drug and alcohol abuse and a myriad other complications, all derived from denying the heart’s desire for freedom and justice, a resolution of our collective memory and duty to our ancestors who shall never be satisfied with our neo-slave condition as wage slaves and running dogs, buffoons and clowns, nappy headed, ugly lookin weave headed, dred locked nigguhs, pants hangin off our asses like penitentiary punks. We are a disgrace to our ancestors of the 20s and 30s. Look how clean they dressed, beautiful classic black people — today we look like the worst bums of the week, absolute black hippies under the guise of hip hop. If hip hop ain’t about something between Nat Turner and Hasan Akbar, take hip hop and stick it. BET should be surrounded for desecrating the image of our people, just as CNN was recently surrounded by people protesting CNN’s glorification of the war in Iraq. The Jews would never allow their image as a people to be brutalized and dehumanized. We are the donkey of the world: we go for anything — we shall dance into the camps and gas chambers America is preparing for us.

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