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Michael’s Take: Hate Crime Hoax at Claremont

Michael J. Thompson, The Auburn Plainsman, Mar. 23

It carries a message invaluable to not only young children, but to people of every age.

Don’t cry wolf, because eventually when they realize that no predator exists, people will no longer believe you and you will be publicly discredited.

Or in laymen’s terms, don’t lie in an attempt to get people to listen, because over time they will find your claims lacking in veracity and when something does happen, they will no longer believe you.

On college campuses nationwide each year, according to the Southern Poverty Law Centers publication “10 Ways to Fight Hate on Campus,” more than half a million college students are targets of bias-driven slurs or physical assaults.

Every day, at least one hate crime occurs on a college campus, and every minute, a college student somewhere sees or hears racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise biased words or images.

On the website, a story appears that tells of the second printing this publication has received, and give details of recent ‘hate’ that has originated on campuses nationwide, including affirmative action bake sales and the white-only scholarship battle in Rhode Island, both events protesting reverse-racism.

Apparently to the people at the SPLC, protesting intolerance to white males is not tolerant.

But, on the list of recent ‘hate’ events on campuses is one that turned out to be yet another hoax in the long list of hate crime hoaxes.

It reads, “At the combined campuses of Claremont colleges in California, students remain outraged at ongoing hate incidents, dating back to February, including racist, sexist and anti-Semitic graffiti.”

I first heard about this crime when I visited the website of Steve Sailer, who in my humble opinion is one of the top journalists in the country.

On his blog at, he wrote, “Hate” incident at Claremont Colleges another fraud:

“For the last week, the once conservative Claremont Colleges east of Los Angeles (the home of 94-year-old wise man Peter Drucker) have been holding hysterical Red Guard-style rallies against “hate” because a social psychology professor named Kerri Dunn claimed she had found her car vandalized and covered with anti-Semitic slogans after giving a lecture against “hate.”

He goes on to write, “Now, for the umpty-umpth time in the history of college ‘hate’ brouhahas, the police have discovered that the ‘victim’ did it herself. The idealistic feminist professor turned out to also have a couple of recent criminal offenses on her record back in Nebraska.”

Dunn, according to Mr. Sailer’s website, gave a speech at a massive, all-campus, anti-hate rally, saying, “This isn’t the result of some covert thought. This was a well planned out act of terrorism.”

We all now know who the terrorist is, Ms. Dunn, and the finger is pointed straight at you.

Even worse, for her actions in trying to paint a few white males on the campus as thoughtless bigots, Ms. Dunn is getting paid leave.

In an article in one of Claremont College’s student newspapers, the president of the university, Pamela Gann, had this to say, before it became clear that Ms. Dunn was the perpetrator of the “hate” incident.

“I’ve worked in higher education for 25 years, and this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Mrs. Gann also offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the individuals involved in the crime.

Two kids saw the professor vandalize her own car, so that leads me to wonder if they will be given the prize?

Before the professor was outed as being intolerant to white males with her pre-meditated attack on them, a message board of the school was alive with thoughts on the incident.

One poster, going by the name of Solomon.Grundy wrote, “I worked with prof. dunn (sic) as a research assistant for a semester and she is one of my favorite professors in claremont…i’m gonna bust some heads…”

Talk about a tolerant climate.

As Mr. Sailer noted, many “hate crimes” turn out to be hoaxes, as Laird Wilcox wrote in his book, Crying Wolf: Hate Crime Hoaxes in America.

He writes that people commit these crimes because, “The first has to do with the personal payoff for victimization, i.e., attention, sympathy, a sense of importance, feeding persecution fantasies, and material payoffs. The second has to do with advancing a political or social agenda, as in the case of hoaxes intending to create support for regulations or legislation, or to help create a climate sympathetic to specific interest groups. The third has to do with insurance fraud, with the racial or anti-Semitic element almost an afterthought. Most hoaxes are combinations of the first two types.”

He then writes, “Carefully done, the risk of discover of a hoax is minimal. Most hoaxes simply remain “unsolved” hate crimes. Those that are discovered may not result in criminal action against the hoaxers.”

A quick list of many of the hate hoaxes can be found by going to and by reading a column by Joe Sabia at

The people who commit these hoaxes are guilty of hate, in any other word. They are driven to commit these crimes out of an irrational hatred for white, heterosexual males, and attempt to create a climate of hostility toward them by claiming permanent victim status.

In the American justice system, I thought that you were innocent until proven guilty? But when it comes to “hate” incidents, the finger is quickly pointed in the direction of the conservative (thus bigoted) white male.

In most cases, all those who fall in this category are labeled has holding views that are hostile to minorities.

These type of ‘hate’ crime hoaxes show where the true intolerance exists.

Mr. Wilcox offers some sound advice on how to change this situation, arguing, “Probably the most effective thing would be for universities, police agencies and the media to entertain a healthy skepticism about hate crime claims, and to establish a category of ‘not proven’ in cases where no perpetrator is identified and charged. Any unsolved case may be a hoax, include those intuitively thought to be bona fide.”

I wonder how many of the crimes listed in the SPLC’s data base actually turned up to be hoaxes, or are bona fide hate crimes?

Apparently, they still haven’t realized the Claremont incident qualifies as a hoax — but it goes to show that intolerance is alive and well against the white, heterosexual male in America.