American Renaissance

Immigration’s High-Speed Train Wreck

Frosty Wooldridge, Washington Dispatch, Mar. 22

At the current rate of our growing national debt, which exceeded $7 trillion in February, we are incurring a fiscal crisis for future generations that threatens their viability, this nation and our standard of living. In other words we’re riding a high-speed train using overdrawn credit cards for fuel and we’re writing checks our kids can’t cash!

Today, we suffer a $120 billion annual trade deficit. According to Tom Brokaw, our consumer debt tops $2 trillion. The average credit card suffers $8,000.00 debt. Every state suffers a budget crisis. California leads with $39 billion in debt followed by Texas with $12 billion and Colorado at $1 billion in the hole.

Paul Krugman in his book, ‘PEDALING PROSPERITY’, noted that even mainstream, conservative economists, rejected the supply side theory. Out of 18,000 members of American Economics Association, only 12 agreed with the theory.

Ironically, in the same vein, America embarked in 1965 on a social experiment increasing the flood of immigration from 178,000 annually to its present day train wreck speed of 2.3 million each year. That express train lifted our population from under 200 million to a whopping 292 million in 35 years. We collide with an added 200 million people past the mid century.

The ‘elitist view’ might call it ‘supply side immigration’, but we’ve found out that it comes with a twist. Our business leaders seem to think this massive influx of cheap labor will have a favorable effect on the lives of American citizens. Has it?

As this theory gained speed in actual practice with growth resulting in tax cuts and total tax collections, our leaders felt it would increase so much that America would outgrow its deficit. Like a group of weight watchers trying to lose weight by eating more ice cream and hot fudge, our deficit did not shrink as expected, but grew to a present day $7 trillion. It’s not shrinking. Who deserves blame for this fiscal crisis continuing today?

When you add over 70 million people in 35 years and keep adding 3.3 million annually, you accelerate demand for goods and services, but like a fat person, you bring on consequences. For the obese, it’s heart disease and diabetes. For government, it’s debt and a growing dependence on money it doesn’t have. What’s the twist?

Like the debt built in the 80s, today we are incurring a huge debt for future liability of people who give cheap labor now but will be demanding all the services later that our Social Security and other social welfare systems will not be able to sustain. Even now, the costs for all American taxpayers are soaring in new schools needed to meet increased demands by sheer numbers, new highways, more power plants, airports, prisons, etc. Example: California must build one new school daily, seven days a week to house an endless line of students moving into the state. Another example at random was Texas at 30,000 teachers short last year. Their kids suffer/suffered from unqualified teachers teaching without credentials. The development (paving over) of America in smog, crowding and crime will only worsen. The true extent of potential terrorism of unlimited illegal immigration is yet to be determined. Any American citizen could chime in with his or her own example.

On the offensive for massive illegal immigration is what one writer to the Washington Post referred to, “A nightmare of overpopulation and Balkanization rather than a boon to diversity. Who is paying for this? American taxpayers!” Aside from the cost and questionable wisdom of trying to accommodate people with many incompatible traditions and values, examples of female genital mutilation (clitorectomies) or cock fighting — what happened to the goal of achieving a stable and viable United States of America?

Now, the game has become more dangerous. The sheer numbers of illegal immigrants brings us unwanted and untracked diseases, 200,000 anchor babies yearly, clashing cultures, 140 languages in states like California, North Carolina and Georgia as well as Michigan, accelerating violent gangs and a growing loss of our national identity. A simple look at California, or better yet, a trip to Los Angeles would not only astound a Mid Westerner, but frighten you. Hollywood is no longer an American city and the Golden State has more ties and allegiances to a dozen other countries than it has to the United States. In excess of 800,000 Americans fled California last year.

What’s driving it? What’s preventing stopping it? Do you want your kids on this train? Do you know who is the conductor and what are his intentions? Some say it’s called ‘progress’; ‘political correctness’; ‘diversity’; ‘multiculturalism’; ‘cheap labor’; ‘H1 B visas’ and a host of other euphemisms. In reality, this immigration train threatens the viability of this nation with an unknown destination and eventually the wheels will fall off. It will not be a pretty picture for our kids.

Frosty Wooldridge is a teacher and author who has bicycled 100,000 miles on six continents to see overpopulation up close and ugly. Next book due in June: ‘IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION — DEADLY CONSEQUENCES’. If you have been affected by illegal immigration, write as much of your story as you like and submit it to the author for inclusion into the book. All names and places will remain private.