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Let’s Get Real about Illegal Immigration

azveteran, (AZ), Mar. 24

Before the Immigration and Customs Enforcement higher ups put a lid on such things as data concerning OTM’s (Other Than Mexican) apprehensions and information concerning middle eastern terrorists types, Agents were asking a set of questions to see if the widespread announcement of Bush’s “Guest (amnesty) worker” plan had any effect on the increased numbers of illegal crossings, the response was something like 87% said they were coming for Bush’s new Amnesty plan. Now ICE agents are not allowed to make those stats public.

What can we expect when every single “Guest Worker” plan that was concocted before this has turned into a blanket amnesty. The attitude seems to be one of “If you can get here, sooner or later the American politicians will just grant another amnesty” so why not ???

Previous to Bush, Clinton offered amnesty, before that it was Bush Sr., It goes on and on. Only now after we see Al Qaida possibles coming in disguised as your typical Illegal Immigrant do we seem to worry. We have seen the stories telling us of diaries written in arabic and the discovery of muslim prayer blankets found along established illegal immigrant smuggling routes in Southern Arizona. We see ranchers who fear for their lives on a daily basis, we see them telling us about pets being poisoned by bands of illegal immigrants. One of the scariest aspects has been the shootouts inolving rival coyotes like the one that endangered American citizens and closed Interstate 10 for eight hours. The corruption in Mexico, the corruption of Mexican Officials lends itself to a “anything goes, as long as the price is right” attitude. Mexican officials in the Mexican Immigration office have been found to be selling passage for middle eastern types who were on our terror watch lists, selling entry complete with coaching on how to blend in with illegal migrants, coyote contacts to get them here and more. Uniformed Mexican Army troops and vehicles have been caught on film assisting illegal immigrants in crossing the border by Douglas Arizona. Mexican Military units have fired upon our Border Agents. These stories do not seem to make the mainstream news, They seem to be lost in the political correctness void. These stories surely don’t ever see the ink of the Arizona Republic. The Arizona Republic is a PRO-Illegal immigration mouthpeice for every bleeding heart that sings the praises of the “poor undocumented worker” aka the illegal alien, illegal immigrant etc…You will rarely if ever see a story that reflects the truth or the full sides of an issue concerning illegal immigration or crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

As long as we have American employers willing to hire Illegal Immigrants, we will have a problem, As long as we have cities like Phoenix, Mesa and others offering “Immigration Enforcement Free Zones” and day labor centers built with tax dollars we will have a serious problem. As long as we fail to enforce the laws on our books and fail to detain, arrest and deport those who choose to enter our country in an illegal manner we will continue to see Illegal Immigrants that ambush and murder our law enforcement officers. We can look forward to Illegal Immigrants who drive without licenses and auto insurance,yet we will pay the higher rates due to the carnage caused when they collide with you the responsible one who paid for full insurance coverage. We will continue to foot the bill for social service programs and health care for those who choose to refuse to pay for such care. Paying higher rates because some illegal wanted to come here and insure her baby was born a US citizen at yours and my expense. Yes we even pass bond measures to bail out hospitals who are going broke due to the refusal of illegal immigrants to pay for medical services.

We have bleeding heart activists who advocate the placing of water stations in the desert so that illegal immigrants do not perish in our 120 degree deserts. Who will foot the bill when these bleeding hearts forget to fill the barrels and we are faced with legal actions by lawyers who file lawsuits over an empty water barrel ? Common sense dictates that you do not undertake the trip into a hostile desert without any chance of survival. These same Pro-Illegal Immigration activists call those of us who are against illegal immigration racist. It is not a racial issue, it is an issue that is rooted in the failure to abide by the “Rule of Law” principle that our country was founded upon. Do we simply choose to ignore the 86% of Americans who have voiced an opinion in opposition to the illegal invasion of our country ?

Why does my tax money go to support some criminal who comes here in an illegal manner and drains our system dry while refusing to even learn our basic language and customs?

Why do responsible employers have to fill out I-9 forms and ask for proof of citizenship from an American worker when we offer tax dollar funded day labor centers for illegal immigrants who can just buy a new identity with a consular matricular ID Card for $28.00 at the Mexican consulate. So what if you committed a crime when you were here the last time, you can wash it all away for $28.00 US Dollars. (one illegal caught in CA had eight cards, eight different names, all the same picture). Several prominent law enforcement officials have warned us as to the dangers of these ID cards that have no system of checks and balances. Think about it, if you are here legally you do not need a bogus card issued to whoever can pay the $28.00 price tag.

Why do I have to dial one or press an additional button to continue to speak or hear my government agencies or utilitiy companies phone message in english ? This is pure, 100% cow excrement. Why when I call 911 am I forced to wait to hear my language options ? What if that 2 seconds will make the difference between life and death ?

Proximity is not just cause or a valid excuse for amnesty, neither is the supposed benefit of cheap labor. Cheap labor will never equal the cost of even one life of one of the many American Law Enforcement Officers who have been ambushed and gunned down by illegal immigrants whose chosen “Guest Worker” profession is crime. I refuse to see my neighborhood become the next host to a stash house filled with hundreds of illegal immigrants, the narcotics or weapons that their “cartell” funded bosses want to send to the United States. I refuse to put up with the selective enforcement of our laws just because some home builder or plumbing contactor needs some cheap labor so that their profit margin is greater.

Send a message to Washington, to the cities here in the Valley that support a criminal enterprise and a clear message to Mexican President Vincente Fox, we will not tolerate your inaction and the continued failure to enforce the will of the people and the laws that we as United States citizens put on the books. We will not tolerate another failed “Guest Worker” (amnesty) plan.