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Confessed Smuggler Has Connection to Phoenix Police

KFYI (Phoenix), Apr. 21

550 KFYI — the first Valley news source to reveal a connection between a confessed smuggler and an assistant police chief. Leeza Ramon, a member of the Phoenix police department’s Hispanic Advisory Committee has plead guilty to smuggling two men across the border from Mexico. Ramon reached a plea deal with the U.S. Attorney in Tucson. Instead of facing felony charges and a lengthy prison sentence she’ll only face a misdemeanor charge. It has been confirmed Ramon is currently living with Assistant Phoenix Police Chief Silverio Ontiveros. She was quick to tell KFYI Ontiveros had no role in her case. Ramon explained her felony case was reduced to a misdemeanor because her smuggling was viewed as a humanitarian action. Ramon’s status as a member of the advisory board may be up for debate. She’s had a meeting with Mayor Phil Gordon described as tense.