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Dutch Ban Islam Book

‘The Way of a Muslim’ reportedly promotes stoning homosexuals, female circumcision, Apr. 28

Dutch Justice Minister Piet Hein Donner and Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk informed a special Parliament meeting in Amsterdam of their actions to remove from the shelves a Muslim book distributed by the Dutch Lel Tawheed mosque promoting the stoning of homosexuals and female circumcision.

The book is titled in Dutch “De Weg van de Muslim” — “The Way of the Muslim,” according to a report in the premium, online weekly intelligence newsletter Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

The book contains shocking instructions in support of female circumcision, beating of wives and the murder of homosexuals.

A Dutch parliamentarian, Somali-born Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim, demanded the closure of the mosque and any other facility offering the book.

“Gay people should be thrown head first off high buildings and if not killed on hitting the ground, they should be then stoned to death,” the book allegedly says.

Other allegations by those who read the book describe instructions on how to deal with women in clear violation of Dutch and any other civilized law.

Police and security agents are concerned the book might prompt Islamic militants in the Netherlands to become more militant and, in turn, create a violent reaction by Dutch people.

Another publication, called “Fatwas for Muslim Women,” says that a woman who lies should receive 100 blows, and it is the husband’s duty, even if the woman refuses, to force her to have sex.

Other instructions include the duty of the husband to be the only authority in the house including the decision whether his wife can leave home or not. It also states all girls have to be circumcised.

Parliamentarians from across political lines called to take harsh actions against offending Muslim clergy, including deporting them and prosecuting them.

Dutch media referred to a French case in which authorities ordered the deportation of a Muslim cleric from Algeria, following an accusation he had endorsed wife beating and had openly called for polygamy. Non-Muslims were described in the same mosque as “firewood for Hell.”

Pressure is mounting to close the mosque in Amsterdam that promotes the ideas. The El Tawheed mosque is reportedly the most extreme in the city. The mosque is under investigation by the public prosecutor. A majority of MPs from all parties say if the prosecutor finds the mosque guilty of promoting hate it should be closed.

The Amsterdam City Council is leading the push to close the facility.