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Tancredo Slams Immigration Bureaucrat in Texas for Refusing to Enforce the Law

Demands Explanation, Action from President Bush

Press release from the Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo, Apr. 28

WASHINGTON, DC — Congressman Tom Tancredo (CO-06) today called for a White House investigation into public statements by high-ranking federal Homeland Security authorities in President Bush’s home state of Texas after the officials publicly reassured illegal aliens and their backers that they have no plans to enforce federal immigration laws anytime soon.

Tancredo, head of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, cited statements reported April 27 in the Houston Chronicle by BICE Agent in Charge Joseph Webber, and U.S. Representative Gene Green (D-TX), who called a special meeting to announce that they had no plans to arrest, deport, or in any way hassle the scores of aliens illegally living and working in the Houston area. Some 400 people attended the meeting.

“The fact that an administration official and a United States Congressman, would take such pains to publicly assure people that they have no plans to enforce the laws they are sworn to uphold is, simply put, mindboggling,” said Tancredo, “and they owe the American people an explanation.”

“If regional bureaucrats at the Drug Enforcement Agency called a special meeting in a neighborhood infested with crack houses or cocaine dealers to assure the general public that they had no plans to enforce federal narcotics laws, heads would roll — and rightly so,” he continued.

“The job of federal immigration authorities is not to assure illegal aliens they can work and travel without fear of arrest or deportation,” said Tancredo, “President Bush should make it clear that these statements do not reflect the official policy of the administration, and immediately take appropriate action to discipline Agent Webber.”

“President Bush, Undersecretary Hutchinson and BICE administrator Garcia need to remind BICE agents of their duties to this country and its citizens,” concluded Tancredo, “Their job is to protect this nation and it’s citizens not to make life easier for illegal aliens and their advocates — irrespective of the political power they wield in some cities or states.” Tancredo said.