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Police Investigating Teenagers’ Racist Attack Claim

The Sentinel (UK), May 1

Two teenage girls claim they were subjected to a terrifying attack after being confronted by a gang of up to 25 Asian youths. Sixteen-year-old Claire Porter and friend Zoe Portelli, aged 15, both from Blythe Bridge, were reduced to tears by the ordeal after they were chased, had plastic bottles and cans hurled at them and were spat at.

The girls claim they were called “white trash” during the unprovoked incident which occurred just after 4pm yesterday in Uttoxeter Road, Meir.

The two youngsters, who attend Blythe Bridge High School, were returning from a visit to Claire’s grandmother.

They had had a day off school due to teacher training. The police were called to the scene but the youths had moved on.

Claire said: “It was a large group of Asian lads, and they started throwing things and we tried to ignore them. We thought they were just messing around and would leave us alone.

“But they turned nasty and began to verbally abuse us and spit at us.

“They called us “white trash” and began chasing us. We were terrified at the time because there was so many of them, so I rang the police. The officers were polite, but they didn’t really do anything. They just told us to go home and warned us to be careful in Meir.”

A police spokesman confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the incident.