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Guns Protect City Official, But Not Her Constituents, Group Complains

Susan Jones,, May 11

( — A Second Amendment group says a Chicago city councilwoman is a hypocrite for insisting that she deserves special police protection — while her “legally disarmed constituents are left like defenseless sheep in a city of wolves.”

Press reports said a police officer has been assigned to guard the home of Chicago Alderman Arenda Troutman, after her home was burglarized twice in three months. That’s a “new low in elitism,” said the Second Amendment Foundation.

The Chicago Sun-Times quoted Troutman as saying that she deserved round-the-clock protection: “Deserve it? Damn right. I should receive the protection I am receiving. I am an elected official. You’re darn right,” she was quoted as saying.

Saying he was “stunned by Troutman’s cavalier attitude,” SAF Founder Alan Gottlieb issued a statement of his own, rebuking Troutman: “What happened to the rights of Troutman’s constituents to police protection in a city where honest citizens have been left virtually disarmed by insidious gun laws that Troutman no doubt supports?

“While Troutman gets special treatment,” Gottlieb said, “what happens if another citizen needs police protection? The district police commander ordered a squad car parked in front of Troutman’s home on weekends. In a gun-free gulag like Chicago, everyone should have around-the-clock personal police protection. This is costing taxpayers an estimated $366 a day. That’s an outrage.”

Gottlieb said Troutman doesn’t deserve the special treatment.

“While she is part of a city government that makes it virtually impossible for average citizens to protect themselves from burglary and other crime, here’s Troutman saying she deserves special treatment because she’s an elected official. It’s time for Troutman’s South Side neighbors to tell her she’s wrong,” Gottlieb concluded.

He said in an ideal world, Troutman would not need a policeman parked in front of her house — “because citizens in Chicago would legally armed, and able to defend themselves and their homes. But the world is not ideal, and it is the kind of elitism Troutman has exhibited that makes it so.”

The Second Amendment Foundation describes itself as an education, research, publishing and legal action group focusing on the Constitutional right and heritage to privately own and possess firearms. It conducts programs to inform the public about the consequences of gun control.