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Tony’s ‘Big Conversation’ Misfires

John Tyndall, Spearhead Online, May

Last December, in a typical Blairite stunt, it was announced that the Prime Minister would be engaging in what he called a ‘Big Conversation’. The idea was that people would e-mail to the Labour Party their views about how the Government was performing, and their views would be shown on the party’s website.

Of course, the plan was that the e-mails would be carefully censored before being posted on the site, so as to ensure that Tony and his Government came out of the exercise covered with praise. One typical e-mail put on the site came from ‘Kathy of Cheshire’ and it said: “I have supported this Government through thick and thin, and I agree with 95 per cent of its policies.” Ron, also of Cheshire, said: “I now feel there is a Labour leader I can totally identify with. His name is Tony Blair.”

But the exercise hit a snag. Another website happened to have been set up with an almost identical name. This was, operated by businessman Jamie Roy some time previously. E-mails sent to this site were uncensored and represented the ‘real’ views of people about the Government. The site was bombarded with scathing attacks on Tony & Co., many of them almost embarrassingly ‘racist’. The Labour spin-doctors were horrified. Said Mr. Roy: “The Labour Party has hijacked our idea… Their project is a Big Con because they censor people’s views. We are happy to publish all replies.”

This crowd currently in charge of the country cannot even manage their own propaganda machine properly. What a bunch of no-hopers!