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Teacher Apologizes For Profane Rapping In Class, May 19

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville middle school teacher who was removed for profane rapping during class apologized and said he’s worried about the reputation of his school.

David Ross (pictured, left) was removed from his teaching position at Northwestern Middle School after a parent saw a tape of several students rapping, using profanity and racial slurs — and the teacher was participating.

Now, Ross is waiting for word from the school staff about his job in the Duval County school system.

“I do want to say to my students, to the staff at Northwestern, to all the people who have supported me, I’m sorry,” he said.

While rapping about things like sex and drugs, and using racial epithets, Ross’ students cheered him on and even joined in. Ross said he did it to relate to his students.

“If you watch MTV today, which these kids watch, which I’ve watched, you see battle rapping back and forth,” Ross explained. “Is it condonable? No, it was all me. A lapse in judgment — that’s what it is.”

Ross said he now realizes that lapse may have cost him his job.

“I don’t need to make a defense for myself right now,” he said.

As for School Board investigator John Williams, who’s looking into Ross’ case, his reaction to the tape is one of disappointment.

“The teacher is not behaving like a teacher,” he said. “The teacher is behaving like someone out on the street corner.”

Williams is now waiting to review the entire 2-hour tape before making a recommendation to Superintendent John Fryer.

Ross, who remains on paid leave from the school, said he’s been teaching there for three years and has never had any trouble.