American Renaissance

Immigration vs. Iraq

Mitchell Brooks, Washington Dispatch, May 25

I would like to start off by noting that I admire the military virtues. I am moved by stories throughout history of men on the battlefield facing death and yet transcending fear through courage, honor and a sense of duty. If soldiers’ fine qualities are misdirected by their government it is not the fault of the soldiers. If we send them to kill we should support them. If it was all a big mistake, they should be brought home and the blame should be directed elsewhere.

War may be a heartbreaking business, but contrary to the group-hugging surrender enthusiasts that infest the United States, war will always be with us and we need hard men to fight those wars. At some point we will have to defeminize our military and re-institute proper training. In the meantime we must make do with what we have which is a politically-correct bureaucracy commanding what could be the finest military force in the world. It is often said that our military is still the strongest, but I shudder to think what would happen if we had to fight a full-scale war against the Chinese. It is a war they are preparing for and we are not. But I digress.

In Iraq the government has sent men into battle in a supposed fight against Terror. When the project to invade Iraq was announced, I remember wondering what Saddam Hussein had to do with the War on Terror. After all, the Islamic terrorists hated him almost as much as they do us. As we got deeper and deeper into the mess, the government started coming up with other, retroactive reasons for invading Iraq. “We are changing the world,” Bush said by “bringing democracy to the proud Iraqi people” and deposing a tyrant etc.

Let me rise at this point and suggest that we will have to invade the entire third world if we want to get rid of tyrants and if we want to bring democracy to these benighted regions, we will have to force them to accept an ersatz democracy indistinguishable, in substance, from tyranny. We are doing that now in Iraq. And there is no such thing as a “proud Iraqi people.” There are Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis and they would dearly love to kill each other. It’s not worth one more American life to prevent them from doing just that.

But don’t blame the troops when it all unravels. They are being forced to be Bush’s social engineers while all around them are enemies. They are in an impossible situation fighting a war that was invented so that Bush could make Iraq safe for a friendly dictatorship. When we “hand over sovereignty to the Iraqis” it will be as big a lie as all the other lies that have emanated from the Bush administration and the soldiers will pay the price.

But the true damage the Iraq war is having on us is in its function as a distraction from the problems within the United States. The War on Terror needs to be fought here with massive deportations of Islamic radicals and a hermetically-sealed border. On the front lines we need to arm the airline pilots. Today. With no bureaucratic delays at all. It’s typical of our society that we forbid people the means to defend themselves. Most airline pilots are former military men with all the virtues that that implies and yet the leftists would rather leave the pilots helpless to defend their own airplanes. Pilots should be required to arm themselves. President Bush has bent over backwards to pander to the leftists and racial interest groups by avoiding doing any of the things he needs to do in this country.

Iraq is also hogging the headlines. While we fight over the rights and wrongs of a war that cannot be defined or ended, we are under invasion from Mexico. Thousands cross that border, unhindered, every day. Once here, they are given government handouts and federal officials fall all over themselves assuring everyone that they are not interested in enforcing immigration laws. Politicians all over this country relentlessly push bills giving illegals driver’s licenses and taxpayer identification. Local law enforcement is forbidden to enquire into a suspect’s immigration status. Immigrants are turning the U.S. into a balkanized, third-world hell and their numbers grow every day. Bush’s response is to propose that we give amnesty to illegals and increase legal immigration. In other words, Bush wants to do the very thing that will make the problem worse. The Democrats only hate him for this because they want to be the ones to pander to the immigration lobby.

I think it’s interesting to point out that while Bush seems to think he can “change the world” by remaking foreign countries in the neo-conservative image he claims that nothing can be done about illegal or legal immigration. As Phylis Schlafly recently put it:

“A favorite argument of the people who support amnesty for illegal aliens goes something like this: Current immigration laws, just like Prohibition and the 55 mph speed limit, cannot be enforced, so we might as well adjust to reality.

That is like telling a woman, ‘You can’t fight your rapist, so relax and enjoy it.’ There must be a better solution.

Comparing the ongoing invasion of the United States by illegal aliens to Prohibition or the 55-mph speed limit is totally unreasonable. The majority of Americans wanted those laws repealed. But the people, by a wide margin, want our immigration laws enforced.

That’s why Sens. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., and Zell Miller, D-Ga., held a hearing last week on their Homeland Security Enhancement Act, which is designed to promote cooperation between local law enforcement agencies and federal immigration authorities.

Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., is the sponsor of a similar bill, called the CLEAR Act, to give state and local authorities the power to routinely enforce federal immigration laws. The bill has 120 co-sponsors and is one border security bill that has a chance to pass this year.

I submit that stopping immigration and deporting illegals is our country’s most urgent priority. I don’t say it will be easy. I personally think it will require that the military police the border and that internal police agencies treat illegal immigration as the serious crime that it is. It will also require a total moratorium on legal immigration which is just as big a threat as the illegal variety. It’s not so much how they are coming here, it is that they are coming here and they are changing this country for the worse. George W. Bush and the Democrats alike just want us to roll over and take it.

Stopping the flow over our southern border will also cause problems with Mexico. They are already one of our most arrogant foreign enemies and since Bush seems to be so deluded as to think that Mexico is our great friend and ally, we will not see our current president doing anything to offend our hostile southern neighbor.

If nothing is done about immigration, war will break out within our borders in spite of all efforts by our leaders to pretend that it’s all just business as usual.

While we waste our fine soldiers on the other side of the globe, our leaders celebrate the massive third-world invasion pouring over our borders. The cowardice and betrayal abroad is nothing compared to that at home. We have to boot the current two-party monopoly out of office and we have to do it soon. There is nothing preventing a massive defection of true Americans to real leaders (see Constitution Party) but our own fear of the unknown.