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An Interesting Idea From An Anonymous Source

American Patrol, May 25

Since it is unlikely that there will be any presidential candidate who will merit our support this year, we should try to run as many congressional candidates as possible in order to demonstrate the importance of the immigration issue.

Access to the media is one of the primary benefits of officially declaring your candidacy. According to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rules, any “serious candidate” may purchase broadcast time at the lowest available rates, and the content of political advertisements may not be censored. Local advertising on CNN, FOX, MS-NBC, and your cable news station is very inexpensive (e.g. $10 per thirty-second ad) and very effective.

A 1999 FCC Ruling states that federal (e.g. Congressional) candidates should be able to buy air-time in greater increments than thirty seconds or one minute, and less than thirty minutes, even though most commercial programming is structured around such increments. (

This means that a well done, five-minute “Immigration Reduction” ad could discuss the effects of high levels of immigration on jobs, education, crime, and social harmony etc. Such an ad could be run with minor modification (i.e. a final announcement of the candidate’s name and the standard “paid for” announcement) by many candidates across the country.

In many states it isn’t that difficult to get on the ballot in a Democrat or Republican congressional primary, or to run as an independent on your own “Immigration Reform,” or other line, or as a write-in candidate. ALL “legally qualified candidates for public office” are entitled to the protection of the FCC political advertising rules, while only federal candidates have the additional right to produce ads with various time increments. (§ 76.5 for the definition of “legally qualified candidates” and — 76.205 and following sections for the rules)

Check the Internet for the Board of Elections in your state and review the requirements for getting on the ballot. In Arizona, for example, signatures from at least one-half of one percent of eligible voters are required, while in New Jersey only 200 signatures are required to become a Congressional candidate. In some states, you may pay a fee instead of gathering petitions.

The Federal Elections Commission website has an online booklet regarding the basic requirements for running a Congressional Campaign. ( If you receive and spend less than $5,000, you may not need to file any forms.

Most people who are registered Republicans share some of our views, but have been misled by their party leadership, which seeks to pander to special interests pressure groups. By running in Republican primaries on issues like immigration and affirmative action, these groups may become permanently alienated from the Republican Party and maverick Republicans will eventually emerge who will realize that their only hope of winning will be to appeal to the middle-class majority, and they will not be reluctant to do so.

Even if immigration control candidates receive only 5% of the vote, it will provide our political views with the additional exposure and legitimacy that they merit.