American Renaissance

When Heroes are Villains

Jani Allan, African Crisis, Jun. 2

As a foreigner in America, it is a constant source of surprise — and not inconsiderable frustration — to discover how intrinsically decent and nice Americans are. The frustration arises out of a growing awareness that Americans, by and large, are not aware that evil comes in a variety of disguises, only some of which are misguided compassion, liberalism, and an exaggerated and sentimental reverence for black leaders in Africa.

Since the start of the Iraq war in March last year, between 7000 and 10,000 Iraqis civilians died. In the same period more than 15,000 South Africans have been murdered.

The barbarism in Africa is, in proportion to the population far worse than the mortality rate of the Second World War.

Still America prefers to retain an overstated deference for the sovereignty of African countries, preferring to adopt a myopic view of the atrocities of their ruling tyrants.

At times it seems as if reformist politics has replaced Christian faith as the main expression of moral feeling in America. Reformist politics has caused untold misery in Africa.

Africa (like Winnie Mandela) has always been a sacred cow. America prefers to believe that ‘natural’ disasters rather than political ones have caused the misery.

Americans love to overthrow loathed governments and wicked regimes in far-away countries, which hitherto fore no one had even heard of. (One American admitted that he thought ‘Iraq’ was the past tense of “Iran.”)

But the American moral outrage is selective. While there is much swelling of the collective breast of America at the overthrow of Saddam (He-Killed-His-Own-People!) Hussein, the fact that Robert (He-Killed-His-Own-People!) Mugabe has indeed killed, raped and tortured tens of thousands of black people actually means nothing to them.

Politically Correct America has yet to find the moral courage to address the question of why colonial withdrawal has not resulted in black democratic self-government or prosperity.

Uninformed America has seldom been known to examine the underlying causes of the various self-induced holocausts that inevitably follow when an African country is ‘liberated’ from their evil, white colonial oppressors and becomes ‘democratic.’

Even if it exists in legislation, nowhere has the democratic one-man, one-vote principle, in the American sense of the concept been implemented.

In 43 African states the country is run by military governments, ‘president for as long as I like’ and one-party Marxist states. In some the constitution was suspended 35 years ago and remains so.

Eighty-five percent of black adults in Africa are disenfranchised. White hegemony has been replaced by black dictatorship through military or one-party rule in which the exploitation of the average black citizen is infinitely more ruthless.

American guilt about African poverty ensures that millions of dollars from the genuinely well-intentioned Americans will continue to be donated with regularity. In the past, millions of dollars have through no fault of the fundraisers, fallen into the hands of international arms dealers who supply the corrupt dictatorships who rule these gulags.

As long as independent aid agencies succeed in persuading people that they are donating money for supposedly purely apolitical, humanitarian purposes, they are indirectly helping to support some of the most monstrous regimes in Africa.

While applauding the soi-disant development in Eastern Europe and the overthrow of Communist tyrants, In Africa, America blithely continues to support the monstrous regimes of African Stalinists

Banda, Bongo, Banana, Nkrumah, Nyerere, Amin et al, were saluted not only as statesmen in their own countries, but as world historical figures who could offer mankind a new and better way.

When these incompetent, corrupt scoundrels and tyrants whom they saluted, turned out to be incompetent, corrupt scoundrels and tyrants, the liberals averted their gaze.

When Mandela told everyone who disagreed with his friendship with the pariah nations of Libya and Cuba to “go jump een the poel” – such is his statesman-like mien – America chooses not to react. One can’t help wondering if they would be as accommodating if he were a white man and being held accountable.

As Peter Hitchens pointed out in the Spectator recently “Political faith is sacrosanct these days. And Mr. Mandela is a saint of that faith revered far beyond the boundaries of reason. Only a confirmed heretic, an outcast from the mother church of Political Correctness with nothing would criticize him. Why is it that such reverence is accorded to this flawed human being who has spent so much of his time as a fig leaf for the far-from-saintly African National Congress?”

When the leaders of the most powerful nation in the world pay homage to those who extol the virtues of Communism, they are choosing to ignore the countries that lie ravaged and poisoned in its wake.

It is worse than naive. It is sinister. It is also a trenchant comment on America today.

This is an America in which polite, fashionably liberal society is loath to dwell on the possibility that stark evil exists in Africa. Its just gone to a better tailor and is these days dressed up and taken out on the town, excusing itself as neo-colonial poverty, the struggle for liberation and democracy.

Apartheid is the liberal West’s standard explanation for the evils of Africa. Apartheid has robbed blacks of their humanity and made them brutal and callous.

In the more remote regions of Africa where the bad ways of the white man have scarcely reached, an unreported catalogue of horror exists, which includes internecine tribal slaughter, ritual black magic slaying and cannibalism. Violence predates apartheid by at least 100 years. It probably reaches its nadir in the appalling Mfecane massacres between black tribes in the early 19th Century before the white man arrived in those parts.

Like Britannia, America has always waived the rules when it comes to African criminals.

When Europe was still divided, the current dangerous ambitions of the EU were unthinkable. When South Africa was in the hands of the white oppressors, the current dangerous ambitions of the Communist ANC were unthinkable.

As one African commentator of note recently observed:

The First Revolution was the take over of South Africa by a black government. The Second Revolution using terror, is the establishment of a radical black Communist society and the expulsion of whites.

Hello. Communist? Anyone listening?

But once America has overthrown the old wicked regimes they lose interest. America assumes, for example, that South Africans and Zimbabweans are all living happily ever after. This is what they wish to believe, or perhaps assume. Anything else would upset their secular faith, so it is better not to know.

When South Africa’s foreign minister, Dlamini Zuma, gives her approval for the recent Zimbabwean law to shut down free newspapers, a craven press and brain-dead (?) population fails to hear the warning sirens.

When they read that South Africa’s murder rate is 58 per 100,000, they don’t finger those who should be held accountable. No one argues with the ANC. They’d rather emigrate. If they could.

When I read that the ANC government appointed Robert McBride the Chief of the Metropolitan Police Force, I wondered if I was the only who was given pause for thought.

McBride has no experience or qualifications in policing, but in 1986 he murdered two innocent women by placing a bomb in a Durban restaurant.

This makes him an ANC hero and explains his appointment.

It is hard not to laugh out loud, so I laugh out loud. It is a pity that more people do not do the same.

The sight of gutless fawning and bending over blackwards for incompetents, murderers and Marxists, is satire overtaking reality.