American Renaissance

Child Murders And Illegal Immigration

Joseph Farah,, Jun. 4

You might think a city the size of Baltimore has seen everything — particularly when it comes to brutal crimes.

It’s not the case.

It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of the emotional reaction to a heinous crime in the city committed last week — the barbaric decapitation murders of three young children.

No one has been tried for the crimes yet, but two men have been charged. They are both illegal aliens thought by some police sources to be involved in smuggling of human beings across the Mexican border.

They are Policarpio Espinoza, 22, and Adan Espinoza Canela, 17. Each has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of 9-year-old Ricardo Quesada Jr.; his 9-year-old sister, Lucero Quesada; and their 10-year-old male cousin, Alexis Espejo.

The children were left alone in the home for a few hours most afternoons, according to police reports. The victims were illegal aliens. The parents were illegal aliens and the alleged killers were illegal aliens.

Although the charging documents do not disclose a motive, police sources said one theory was that the killings were revenge for an unpaid debt for transportation into the United States as illegal immigrants.

When we hear about crimes of this nature, we puzzle over them. We try to imagine how the human heart could become so evil. We try to think about what could drive people to such depravity.

It’s hard to comprehend.

And this is just one of the reasons this nation must do something to stop the rising tide of illegal immigration into this country and to reverse the trend. The very character of our nation is at stake.

Could this grievous crime have been committed by an America citizen? Sure. But it was not. And increasingly the statistics show more and more of this nation’s crimes being perpetrated by illegals.

In fact, I’ll bet if you’re a casual reader of the news, you don’t even know that everyone involved in this brutal, high-profile crime is an illegal alien. It’s not considered politically correct to state the obvious.

Here are two staggering facts established by Heather Mac Donald of City Journal to consider:

  • In Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding warrants for homicide (which total 1,200 to 1,500) target illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are for illegal aliens.
  • In 2000, nearly 30 percent of federal prisoners were foreign-born.

Still, the U.S. rolls out the red carpet for illegal aliens. We provide them jobs. We provide them amnesty programs. We provide them free medical care denied to our own citizens. We provide them free public education at taxpayer expense. At least 13 states provide them driver’s licenses. Some states provide them college scholarships and in-state tuition rates, meaning they get breaks citizens of other states would not get. One hundred banks, over 800 law-enforcement agencies, and dozens of cities accept an identification card created by Mexico to provide credentials to illegal Mexican aliens in the U.S.

Even with their limited knowledge of the illegal-alien crisis, the American people overwhelmingly want to rein in immigration. They want policies approved by the people and their legislators — not elite judges isolated from the effects of illegal immigration.

It’s time to spell out clearly what needs to be done: We need to start deporting illegal immigrants and ensuring they don’t ever come back — unless, of course, they follow the law and apply for entry into this country legally.

For those who speak of “compassion” for the illegal immigrants, I would like to point out that compassion is a two-way street.

If you truly care about the health and safety and well-being of illegal immigrants, consider those little immigrant children who had their heads cut off in Baltimore. Consider the way their parents feel. Consider the way their neighbors feel. Consider that we are all victimized by illegal-immigrant crime — legals and illegals alike — though it is the illegal population that is most at risk from the perpetrators.

It’s time to stop the crime wave. Far too much of it begins with the illegal alien invasion.