American Renaissance

Hating the White Athlete

J. B. Cash, Caste Football, Jun. 5

White sportswriters and other pundits hate the white athlete. It is a typical case of self-loathing that manifests itself in criticism of one’s own people or those like oneself. In today’s world, sportswriters and others are prohibited from criticizing black players by race, but it is open season on white players. The unbelievable double standard that is applied in these instances is amazing.

A couple of months ago Bob Ryan, a sportswriter for the Boston Globe said the following on ESPN Radio’s nationally syndicated Tony Kornheiser Show while commenting on an upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament game between Vanderbilt and Western Michigan. The “Vanderbuilt Commodores have too many white guys to beat Western Michigan in the first round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament”. Kornheiser, a longtime Washington Post columnist, paused and seemed to try to help Ryan get past the remark. Ryan then reiterated, saying “they have too many white guys, they always do.”

Ryan then clarified his racial hatred and bigotry by expanding on his comments.

“The audience at ESPN is presumably a sports-savvy audience which means that in terms of basketball they know the code, ethics and culture of basketball, which is, in case anyone is new to the game like some of these idiots that apparently have responded in a negative fashion, the code is it’s a black man’s game and the white man is privileged to be allowed to step on the court,” Ryan said. “That is known by both blacks and whites. If it weren’t easy to joke about this in the culture, you would not be able to have a movie titled White Men Can’t Jump. It’s beyond my comprehension that anyone who likes basketball would be so dense and ignorant and just clueless not to understand where I was coming from.”

There you have it from a prominent sportswriter at a big time newspaper. “White players are privileged to be allowed to step on the court.” Whew! Guess we can expect unbiased writing by this guy. Strangely the remarks did not create much of a fuss. White people apparently feel they ARE privileged to step on the court with black players. If you had ever doubted there was a caste system at work there it is.

Read the following from a Brian Wise of a web periodical titled the “Intellectual Conservative”

“There isn’t one stable intellect in or out of the America sporting community (this is from middle school through the professional ranks) who doesn’t know the white athlete is finished, more irrelevant than ever before. Years ago Sports Illustrated published an article called “Whatever Happened to the White Athlete?” that drew some ire while missing the greater overall point: It doesn’t matter what happened to the white athlete when it comes to football and basketball because they’re irrelevant to the process, inferior.”

This is what passes for “intellectual conservatism” nowadays. The white athlete is finished! Inferior! And furthermore if you don’t believe the lie then you are not of a stable intellect. Well Mr. Wise and Mr. Ryan, and others of your ilk. Please take some time to read and find out for yourself how the present inequality between blacks and whites in football and basketball is only in small part genetic.

It is in fact an orchestrated plan to diminish the image of white men, to emasculate them, to soften them up for the economic and political beating that is sure to follow. Anti-white prejudice is endemic in American society. It starts early and gets worse as the white athlete grows up. It is part and parcel of the racial brainwashing of our society. Liberal (and conservative) elites that desire to socially engineer American society do so by creating the image of the fearful, animal-like black man. Then they capitalize on the fear by proposing more and more government safety net programs to protect the potential victims and treat the potential criminals. They trumpet the supposed physical superiority of the black race and refuse discussion of any intellectual inferiority. All the while they fill up colleges with minority enrollment by using the excuse of athletic scholarships to bypass academic requirements.

The dream of a multicultural world can only happen if white people are beaten down and made to feel inferior. The process starts in earnest in schools, on TV, in the media. It is propagated in entertainment and sports. Everywhere you turn the white race is under assault. It is wrong, it is unfair, and it should be stopped. Help Caste Football ( carry out this mission.