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Hateful Deception? (Toronto), May 28

It was a crime that had residents shaking their heads in dismay and disgust. But now that’s turned to anger, after the arrest of two people for an explosion that police say was designed to look like a hate crime.

It took place March 28th in Vaughan, when authorities were called to a business called Central Pallet on Rowntree Dairy Road.

When they arrived, they found someone had blown up part of the building and painted swastikas on the front entrance. It appeared to be the latest in a series of hate crimes that had been plaguing the north end of the G.T.A. for weeks.

But York Regional Police now contend it was all a ruse, after the Fire Marshal’s investigation showed the blaze was arson, and was deliberately set.

Authorities have now taken a man and his common-law wife into custody, charging them with a variety of offenses, including arson, fraud, and obstructing justice.

Thirty-year-old Syzad Ally and 25-year-old Ramrattie Surujnath both made a court appearance earlier this week and have been released. They’ll be back to face the judge again on July 6th.