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Boston Tea Party Turns To Riot

David Owens, British National Party Press Release, Jun. 16

Boston BNP contact Dave Owens reports on the worst violence seen in Lincolnshire since the English Civil War.

Tensions have been running high for the last 3 weekends with clashes between local agricultural workers and immigrant land workers spilling onto the quiet sleepy streets of Boston (Britain). The first weekend of trouble ended with a firebomb attack on a Russian bar in the town centre and fighting on the streets. This incident barely raised any interest in the media and was typically played down.

Tensions the following weekend were again running high following reports that the police, the council and a local housing association had told residents to take down their England Euro 2004 flags. The whistle stop visit from Nick Griffin from the British National Party on market day was well received by locals and the authorities backed down and counter claimed ever making such requests to residents.

Flags disppearing

Over the next few days in Boston, people have “flown the flag” almost everywhere, but supply of these flags has been scarce, when I spoke to a local retailer in the town he said there are even more popular and in demand at the moment. It appears several flags are being snapped off cars and rumours are that foreign workers in the town are being blamed.

Locals have been telling us that they are completely fed up with immigrant workers taking their livelihood and being paid a pittance by gang masters in the area and their frustration has clearly manifested itself on the streets.

A letter in today’s local newspaper from a Portuguese worker, entitled “more immigration checks” (June 16) raised the issue of illegal workers and the problems that they cause, in a balanced no nonsense manner.

Tinderbox situation

Clearly with the gradual increase in racial tensions combined with stories such as those above, has led to this town becoming a tinderbox, ready to ignite at the slightest thing.

Politicians from the old gang and councillors in the town hall wring their hands and bow their heads in shame and embarrassment over the rioting in our town.

I say, they should be embarrassed, they should be bowing their heads in shame, for they are just as responsible if not more so, for these riots, For years they have turned a blind eye on the towns issues over immigration and the inevitable tensions this causes.

They have failed to look after the people who elected them and failed to intervene to stop the constant flow of immigrant workers, legal and illegal into this town and surrounding villages.

It’s easy to say I told you so, but in this instance WE DID!

Blame rests with elected officials

The British National Party will never condone civil disturbances such as those seen in Boston, But the people who are truly responsible are all too ready to blame, “the drunken English football thugs” or failing that the “far right”.

It is time to stop pointing the finger of blame in the wrong direction. Responsible positions on our council require responsible councillors and responsible members of Parliament need to do more than play lip service to their constituents’ needs.