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Emigrants Top Immigrants In Holland For First Time In 20 Years, Jun. 21

AMSTERDAM — For the first time in 20 years, a greater number of people left the Netherlands in 2003 than moved here, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) said on Monday.

In total, 104,800 people emigrated from the Netherlands last year, compared with 104,500 who entered the country, the CBS said.

The CBS attributed the turnaround to the higher number of Antilleans leaving the Netherlands to return to their home country in the Caribbean. Also, fewer of them are choosing to move to the Netherlands.

In 2003, almost 56,000 immigrants from western nations moved to the Netherlands, compared with 75,000 who departed. In comparison with 2002, the immigration of western nationals declined strongly and the rate of emigration increased.

The number of non-western immigrants was 49,000 in 2003, compared with 19,000 non-western emigrants. Compared with 2002, immigration has thus strongly declined and emigration has increased.

Figures from 2002 indicate that the number of immigrants exceeded the number of emigrants by 24,000. In the years since 1995, the highest peak came in 2000 when immigrants topped the number of emigrants by 54,000.