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LoDo Teeming With Officers

June 14 assaults result in increased police presence

Owen S. Good, Rocky Mountain News, Jun. 26

Fifty police officers, with riot gear available, were sent to lower downtown for a second-straight weekend after a band of hooligans assaulted passers-by this month.

Chief Gerry Whitman said Friday that he ordered the massive police presence to deter a group of 11 men, who filmed themselves kicking, punching and dragging people from their cars, from coming back to roam LoDo after the bars close — and to keep copycats from doing the same.

“I think it’s an isolated incident, that this happened in LoDo, but to have eight serious assaults — and a lot of smaller ones — and this videotape, it’s something we had to react to very quickly,” said Whitman, who planned to join his officers Friday night.

No one has been arrested, but Whitman said police confiscated the video after the assault. From it, police culled the faces of 11 men believed responsible for the assaults.

Three of the men have been identified. Investigators have leads on two others, Whitman said. Pictures of the remaining six were released to the news media Friday.

None of the assault victims has filed a complaint with police, Whitman said. He said that investigators need them to come forward to identify the attackers.

Whitman said the group went up and down the 1900 block of Blake Street early June 14, punching people through open car windows, starting fights on the sidewalk and, in one instance, going through the pockets of one man.

“Some fight back; some don’t fight back because they’re overwhelmed by the group and try to cover themselves,” Whitman said.

The men involved in the attacks are in their mid-20s and are black, police said.

The attacks don’t appear to be a gang-initiation ritual, as has been rumored, Whitman said.

Whitman considers the assaults isolated and limited to the group of 11 men.

Before the June 14 incident, LoDo crime statistics had been normal compared with past years.

The 50 officers who cracked down on LoDo last weekend made 40 arrests not related to the assaults.

“It’s pretty evident that we’ve got a lot of people that come out of a high concentration of bars,” Whitman said, “and this incident, with the serious assaults, that’s enough. So we need a lot of officers down there, and zero tolerance for all violations, to make whatever arrests we need to make.”

White Civil Rights Group Demands FBI Investigate Denver Assaults

European American Issues Forum, Jun. 28

Vicious attacks by black men upon whites in Denver must be investigated as possible hate crimes, says a California-based White civil rights organization. Louis Calabro, President of the European-American Issues Forum, is calling for a full investigation into the assaults, which occurred mid-June in downtown Denver.

“White women and men were punched, kicked, and beaten up in downtown Denver on June 14 by a group of African-American blacks, who videotaped themselves attacking their victims. We demand to know why,” said Calabro, a retired San Francisco Police Lieutenant.

“These random attacks upon whites have all the markings of hate crimes upon victims selected solely due to their race, and we expect authorities to do their jobs and investigate these heinous acts as possible race-based crimes,” he said.

According to news reports, on June 14, a group of 11 African-American males began punching whites through open car windows, dragging some from their vehicles and assaulting them as they videotaped the attacks. While three of the suspects have been identified, Denver police say that none of the victims has come forward. Denver police are refusing to release the video, which they obtained through an unknown source, though photos of six suspects have been released.,1299,DRMN_15_2992725,00.html

“As a video of a Los Angeles police officer hitting a black criminal suspect with a flashlight is being run and rerun by news media throughout America, the Denver’s police department refuses to release a video showing this vicious attack by African American men upon innocent white victims, picked at random from the streets of Denver,” said Calabro. “What are the police afraid of? Why won’t they release this video?”

Calabro questioned Denver’s Police Chief speculation that the assaults are “isolated”, with no reference to the possibility that race was the deciding factor in targeting victims.

Citing US Department of Justice statistics showing that “Whites are the victim in 90 percent of all violent crimes involving blacks and whites”, Calabro said. Denver Chief of Police Gerald R. Whitman and Denver FBI Special Agent in Charge Philip B. J. Reid must investigate these attacks as racially motivated hate crimes by African American blacks against innocent white citizens, said Calabro.

“The European-American community has the same legal rights and protections as other races, and law enforcement has the same duties to protect and serve us,” he said. “Ignoring hate crime laws when the victims are white borders on criminal negligence and malfeasance of duty,” he said.

“Federal and Colorado hate crime laws must be applied and enforced in this case. If it is found that Whites were in fact attacked due to their race, we want the perpetrators charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent possible,” said Calabro.

Calabro noted that nationally, attacks upon whites are often not identified or investigated as hate crimes. For example, during the Seattle Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Feb. 2001 riots, 75 black youths beat innocent European American whites and murdered white Kris Kime as he tried to save a young white woman from being beaten by the blacks. No hate crime charges were ever filed in that case. Similarly, the Boulder, Colorado kidnapping and rape of a White woman by Asian gang members, who later admitted the attack was part of a gang initiative rite, was never prosecuted as a racial hate crime.

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