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Lawyer Slammed For Racist Comments

CBC Montreal, Jun. 28

MONTREAL — The Quebec Bar Association’s disciplinary committee has ruled against a defence lawyer for comments he made about Haitians and Jamaicans.

Yves-André Le Bouthillier was the lawyer for two defendants in the high profile Quebec City juvenile prostitution ring trial.

In an interview last November, he said prostitution is part of Haitian culture, “just as smoking cannabis is part of Jamaican culture.”’

The disciplinary committee said in its ruling that the public shouldn’t have to put up with such comments from a professional in the justice system.

The committee can issue anything from a reprimand to disbarment. A date has yet to be set for a hearing on penalties in the case.

Noel Alexander, president of the Jamaica Association of Montreal, says Le Bouthillier’s comments drive home the reality that racism is alive and well in Quebec.