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Chinaview, Jul. 6

XINING, (Xinhuanet) — Archeologists confirmed that the human skeletons discovered this May in northwest China’s Qinghai Province belonged to three Europeans who lived in China over 1,900 years ago.

“The physical characteristics of the bones showed it is a typical European race,” said Wang Minghui, an expert with the archeological institute under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The skeletons were spotted at Zhongchuan Town of the province’s eastern most Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County.

Since 2002, archeologists have unearthed nine tombs of Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) at a construction site of a brickfield in the town, but it was not until this May that they felt the skeletons in two tombs “very special”, said Ren Xiaoyan, deputy director if the provincial archeological institute, who added they invited Wang, who specializes in human bone identification, to take part in the study on the findings.

Qinghai is on the southern section of the world-known land trade corridor — the Silk Road, linking China with Central and Western Asia and to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean begins in the country’s northwest and runs 7,000 kilometers.

Serving as an important bridge for the economic and cultural exchanges between the East and the West, the area, which the Silk Road covered in China, used to see throngs of Indian, Persian, Arabic, Greek and Roman people.

Ren said the tomb shape, the burial articles and the way they were put in the tomb are all typical in Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), which proved the three westerners had lived here for a long time and were accustomed to local traditions and customs.

“Although so far, we have been not sure of the country the three Europeans came from and there might be a large number of such ‘westerners’ living here at the ancient time,” said Ren.

Such European skeletons have only been revealed in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a neighboring region which is to the northwest of Qinghai, so the discovery this time is of great importance for the study of the ancient society in Qinghai, said Wang.

Comments from Readers

From: smart guy

So what is this supposed to mean? All it means to me is that some remains of some weak Europeans were found that were obviously overcome by the more advanced Chinese. The people who post on this webpage get all excited over European mummies found in Egypt and China, and suddenly come to the conclusion that every civilization was started by Europeans. Hmmm….Do any of you ever wonder why Egypt and China are not populated by “mighty Europeans” today? Maybe because these so-called ancient Europeans who inhabited these areas were not really anything special. Whoever they were, they were easily run down by more advanced asiatics. You guys have got to face the facts: Europe will always be known as “the borrower” or better yet, “the copier”, and never “the originater”.


From: Sigurd

You’re smoking crack buddy. Europeans are by far in a way the most inventive race. Every major technological invention, and high art in the last several hundred years is European. Asian culture is virtually unchanging. One of its advantages, (i.e. the Japanese have no problem keeping out other races) but also its weakness.

Order Human Accomplishment by Charles Murray here:

And order an extra copy for the Marxist that indoctrinated you.

“borrower”? Hah! Transformer might be the better term. If only the other races were so skilled at “borrowing”, synthesizing their output into something useful, then maybe they wouldn’t have such a transparent inferiority complex. It really is embarrassing to behold.


From: sbuffalonative

To smart guy:

“weak Europeans”? It’s interesting that these weak Europeans were able to travel across two continents. It’s funny that they didn’t find the remains of “weak Africans”.

“European mummies found in Egypt and China, and suddenly come to the conclusion that every civilization was started by Europeans”

I’ve never heard anyone here making the claim you’re making. What we find fascinating is that remains of Europeans seem to be found around the world. Again, it’s interesting to note that the remains of Africans have yet to be discovered in the locations of ancient civilizations. Perhaps the ancient Africans were weaker than the weak Europeans you refer to.

“Whoever they were, they were easily run down by more advanced asiatics.”

Is this the conclusion you come to? I would argue that if a population, in this case, Asiatic (though it could be Africans or Hispanics) breed like rats, they would simply overtake any superior population just by numbers. It’s exactly what happens when blacks move into White neighborhoods and reproduce the ghettos they leave while bringing in more brothas and sistas.

“Europe will always be known as “the borrower” or better yet, “the copier”, and never “the originater”.”

This statement makes absolutely no sense. First because it’s wrong and second because what does it matter who made something first? Let’s take public sanitation as an example.

All large cities throughout history were plagued by sewage problems and how to deal with human wastes and other pollutants. European cities such as London were especially impacted by high-density population. However, White people recognized the problem and found solutions. They learned how wells were contaminated by human waste and how to then prevent the problem. The result is modern sewage systems and garbage removal programs.

Now, ANY INTELLEGENT RACE can copy the example of what Whites have achieved. In fact, any African nation or black nation in the new world can COPY what White people have learned, engineered, and perfected AND YET, tens of thousands of black Africans and blacks round the world can’t even RECOGNIZE THE SOLUTIONS THAT WHITE PEOPE HAVE ALREADY GIVEN THEM. The answers to the sanitation needs of the third world have already been developed, all these black nations have to do is COPY what White people have done.

Does it matter who came up with the idea first?



The White race has given the black race every solution that they need but the black race is not intellegent enough to use White technology efficiently.


From: James Hyland

The achievements of Europeans speak for themselves. Stand in any major European capital and then in an Asian and compare. Two accomplishments in particular stand head and shoulders over anything Asians have ever achieved or are ever likely to: Rationalism: Athens, c. 5th century BC; Scientific Method: Italy and Northern Europe c. 1500-1700 AD.

But this is mere braggadocio, little better than the asinine remarks of this agent provocateur. Smart Guy displays the real limits of his imagination by failing to realize that most American Renaissance readers have an interest in this kind of scientific discovery for its own sake. The fact that there were Europeans residing in East Asia for long periods of time at that early date is fascinating. Who were they? High caste Indo-Europeans? Macedonians? Romans? What was their relation to the Asians? Were they involved in trade and of what type? These and a thousand other questions are what spring to the inquiring mind, not boring arguments about superiority.


From: Humpty Dumpty

Whoever said the european is the imitator has it backwards. The asians copy everything from the white race, from the internal combustion engine (German) to space travel (US & Russian). In WWII japanese tanks and planes were simply copies of european designs, such as their arisaka rifle and their chi-ha tanks.


From: James

Sounds like “Smart Guy” has been playing football without a helmet. What this discovery means is that there was no such thing as an ancient Chinese “closed society” that developed on its own. The Europeans, and perhaps others, influenced ancient Chinese civilization, and probably brought ideas such as acupuncture and the wheel to China, not the reverse (see the story of the 5000 year old Ice Man). It also means that European genes are recessive, as is evident from the appearance of some of the people living in western China today.


From: Cassiodorus

Only European people can keep the lights on and the water running, yet somehow they’ve “copied” everything from others. Smart Guy has yet to take me up on my challenge to provide support for any of his absurd theories. The most he’ll do is spin a counter-factual fairy tale (eg. the Renaissance in Europe was due an increased Euro IQ which in turn was due to better food, which the Euros could buy thanks to trade with the East) and pretend he’s conducted Serious Scholarship. Frankly, I’m still waiting for a single intelligent post from the opposition, though to be fair one or two of these people have recently managed to get through a couple of lines without any terribly egregious spelling or grammatical errors, a triumph of a sort, I suppose.


From: Paul Weston

One comment relating to this story exhorted others to note that the argument is not about the Racial/Cultural superiority of Europeans over Chinese.

This is just as well. For 18 of the last 20 Centuries China was the most advanced Nation in the world, both culturally and economically.

The last 2 centuries have not been kind to China, especially the latter half of the 20th Century when the Chinese were exposed to a far shorter, sharper marxist revolution which we in the West have been udergoing in slow motion for the last 60 odd years.

However, we will now suffer the same downfall as every other marxist orientated nation. The sad difference is that when China recently gave up on marxism as unworkable, the indigenous Chinese population started afresh, under capitalism.

China’s Cultural revolution was based only around class warfare. America, Great Britain (I use the word “Great” only in rememberance of my country in better times)and Europe is undergoing it’s own Marxist cultural revolution, with the bonus of adding males, heterosexuals, and whites to the more traditional and solitary “Bourgeoisie” class enemy.

As a result, we may not even be around to pick up the pieces when this repeatedly proven failure of marxist social engineering crashes back to earth.

AR focuses mainly on racial issues; I read people constantly bewailing “Why, why is this happening?”. The answer is not purely racial, blacks latinos et al are merely pawns in the greater movement of marxist revolution, which includes destroying education, the family and religion.

If you can take away a peoples faith (religion), racial consciousness (racial), sense of history (education), sense of family (family) you have effectively beaten them in a war. This is what is happening in the West.

Great Britain entered the 20th century as the dominant nation, America entered the 21st century as the dominant nation. China’s double digit GDP is estimated to economically match America by 2030. In 2030 America and the West, with a combination of falling white birth rates and exploding immigration birth rates, will have become substantially weaker.

When one bears in mind that a large percentage of China’s GDP is spent on smart weapon technonlgy does any one really not think that the 22nd century will belong to China?

When they reassert themselves in what they view, fanatically, as their rightful place in the world we had better hope that they are as tolerant of the “minorities” (which by then will include us) as we are to our so called minorities, who will find squealing “racist” will not garner quite the same response that it would when directed towards us,today.

The reason China was and will be succesful is partly due to it’s homogenous make up. By comparison, in a thousand years every race under the sun will be able to dig up skeletons in America and claim to have settled the country.

There is a 60 year old, ongoing marxist revolution in the West. AR should be congratulated for bringing the racial aspect to light, but there are other aspects equally as destructive. Fighting the racial battle is only part of the fight. Although too early today, the obvious will eventually be absorbed by the masses as to the reality of losing their culture, faith, history, and nation. When this happens there will be a long overdue counterrevolution.



From: Courtney

Paul Weston, It is true that there are other elements along with the issue of race that need to be adressed here. However, I think you are giving the Chinese a little too much credit. You say 18 of the last 20 centuries? I don’t think so. Europe was far more advanced by 1500 AD, if not a little before that. (Encyclopedia Britannica says by 1200). If you go back before the Middle Ages, it is a bit of a toss up on who was more advanced. I once read a National Geographic article that described the Roman Empire as a “rival” with China. Even after the fall of the Roman Empire, I would be surprised if the Byzantine Empire was not superior at least culturally. If you go even further before that, I could think of many ways the Ancient Greeks were more advanced than the Chinese. I think you are comparing the Chinese with the Westerners way too much, in how you are treating both cultures as having similar fates after being exposed to Marxism. You need to remember that the Chinese and Europeans are very different in many ways other than just culture. This is where race plays a big factor.


From: Risorgimento

The Explorer

By Rudyard Kipling


There’s no sense in going further — it’s the edge of cultivation,” So they said, and I believed it — broke my land and sowed my crop — Built my barns and strung my fences in the little border station Tucked away below the foothills where the trails run out and stop:

Till a voice, as bad as Conscience, rang interminable changes On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeated — so: “Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges — “Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and wating for you. Go!”

So I went, worn out of patience; never told my nearest neighbours — Stole away with pack and ponies — left ‘em drinking in the town; And the faith that moveth mountains didn’t seem to help my labours As I faced the sheer main-ranges, whipping up and leading down.

March by march I puzzled through ‘em, turning flanks and dodging shoulders, Hurried on in hope of water, headed back for lack of grass; Till I camped above the tree-line — drifted snow and naked boulders — Felt free air astir to windward — knew I’d stumbled on the Pass.

‘Thought to name it for the finder: but that night the Norther found me — Froze and killed the plains-bred ponies; so I called the camp Despair (It’s the Railway Gap to-day, though). Then my Whisper waked to hound me: — “Something lost behind the Ranges. Over yonder! Go you there!”

Then I knew, the while I doubted — knew His Hand was certain o’er me. Still — it might be self-delusion — scores of better men had died — I could reach the township living, but….e knows what terror tore me… But I didn’t… but I didn’t. I went down the other side.

Till the snow ran out in flowers, and the flowers turned to aloes, And the aloes sprung to thickets and a brimming stream ran by; But the thickets dwined to thorn-scrub, and the water drained to shallows, And I dropped again on desert — blasted earth, and blasting sky….

I remember lighting fires; I remember sitting by ‘em; I remember seeing faces, hearing voices, through the smoke; I remember they were fancy — for I threw a stone to try ‘em. “Something lost behind the Ranges” was the only word they spoke.

I remember going crazy. I remember that I knew it When I heard myself hallooing to the funny folk I saw. ‘Very full of dreams that desert, but my two legs took me through it… And I used to watch ‘em moving with the toes all black and raw.

But at last the country altered — White Man’s country past disputing — Rolling grass and open timber, with a hint of hills behind — There I found me food and water, and I lay a week recruiting. Got my strength and lost my nightmares. Then I entered on my find.

Thence I ran my first rough survey — chose my trees and blazed and ringed ‘em — Week by week I pried and sampled — week by week my findings grew. Saul he went to look for donkeys, and by God he found a kingdom! But by God, who sent His Whisper, I had struck the worth of two!

Up along the hostile mountains, where the hair-poised snowslide shivers — Down and through the big fat marshes that the virgin ore-bed stains, Till I heard the mile-wide mutterings of unimagined rivers, And beyond the nameless timber saw illimitable plains!

‘Plotted sites of future cities, traced the easy grades between ‘em; Watched unharnessed rapids wasting fifty thousand head an hour; Counted leagues of water-frontage through the axe-ripe woods that screen ‘em — Saw the plant to feed a people — up and waiting for the power!

Well, I know who’ll take the credit — all the clever chaps that followed — Came, a dozen men together — never knew my desert-fears; Tracked me by the camps I’d quitted, used the water-holes I hollowed. They’ll go back and do the talking. They’ll be called the Pioneers!

They will find my sites of townships — not the cities that I set there. They will rediscover rivers — not my rivers heard at night. By my own old marks and bearings they will show me how to get there, By the lonely cairns I builded they will guide my feet aright.

Have I named one single river? Have I claimed one single acre? Have I kept one single nugget — (barring samples)? No, not I! Because my price was paid me ten times over by my Maker. But you wouldn’t understand it. You go up and occupy.

Ores you’ll find there; wood and cattle; water-transit sure and steady (That should keep the railway rates down), coal and iron at your doors. God took care to hide that country till He judged His people ready, Then He chose me for His Whisper, and I’ve found it, and it’s yours!

Yes, your “Never-never country” — yes, your “edge of cultivation” And “no sense in going further” — till I crossed the range to see. God forgive me! No, I didn’t. It’s God’s present to our nation. Anybody might have found it, but — His Whisper came to Me!


From: Sigurd


I think you settled west v. east debate.


Original article

(Posted on July 12, 2004)

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