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Kerry Would Lift Ban On Immigrants With AIDS

AFP, Yahoo! News, Jul. 10

WASHINGTON (AFP) — US Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry promised to lift a ban on immigration to the United Stated by people with AIDS and vowed to double US assistance to a worldwide campaign to combat the deadly and contagious disease.

The new pledges, timed to coincide with the opening in Thailand of the six-day 15th International AIDS Conference, came as a new opinion poll showed the Massachusetts senator widening his lead over President George W. Bush .

Kerry welcomed the upcoming conference and promised to work with US international partners, faith-based and non-governmental organizations to strengthen the world’s capacity for a sustained response to the AIDS epidemic.

But in his statement, he also made a commitment that is likely to draw more fire from conservative groups insisting on tighter immigration requirements.

“I will work with Congress to lift the immigration ban on HIV -positive people that has prohibited the United States from hosting this lifesaving meeting,” promised the senator.

Approximately 40 million people are currently infected with HIV around the world, and six million need antiretroviral therapy now, according to UN experts, who point out that more than 20 million have already been killed by the epidemic.

The United States is testing all new immigrants for HIV, and a positive test is usually grounds for denying admission.

With only about 400,000 people in developing nations having access to treatment, Kerry said, his strategy “starts with doubling US funding.”

President George W. Bush promised last year commit 15 billion dollars to the international campaign to combat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria over the next five years, and Congress has already begun making allocations under the program.

But the Democratic candidate said the White House was falling short of delivering on its promise.

“I will turn up the diplomatic pressure to seek similar increases from our partners,” Kerry said. “I will provide rapid distribution of quality medicines, including generic affordable, safe and effective drugs.”

He blasted the Bush administration for hampering US efforts in fighting AIDS “with policies crafted to appease its political constituencies, putting ideology before science.”

Meanwhile, a new opinion poll by Newsweek magazine showed the Democratic ticket had widened its lead over the Republicans going into the November 2 US presidential election.

The survey indicated that if elections were held today Democratic candidate John Kerry and running mate John Edwards, both US senators, would get 51 percent of the vote versus 45 percent for Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney .

The numbers represent a five-point jump for the Democratic ticket since May.

But the poll also brought good news to Bush, who saw his job approval rating climb to 48 percent, a six-point increase from two months ago.

While 52 percent of those surveyed said they did not want to see the president re-elected for a second term, 47 percent said they thought Bush will win the election over Kerry, who got 38 percent.

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Comments from Readers

From: Martha Washington

Hey, Kerry, while you’re at it, why not make it illegal for people to discriminate against people with AIDS in their choice of who to date!


From: Courtney

What people don’t realize, is that the newspapers, magazines, and news channels and what not, that put out these polls largely cater to liberal americans. I wouldn’t put much faith in this temporary “lead” that Kerry currently has over Bush. A second point I would like to make is that, Republican or Democrat, this sympathy we have towards AIDS needs to go out the window very soon. AIDS can simply be avoided by people practicing abstinence, and knowing more about their sexual partner(s) before giving into their animal instincts. Let’s spend more money trying to cure alzheimer’s or something of that sort. I would like to close with the remark: After reading these negative articles that have been posted about John Kerry over the past couple of weeks, who still plans on putting him in office by NOT VOTING for Bush?


From: Drew

I’m getting tired of the United States spending taxpayer money trying to help the people of other countries that supposedly hate America more than ever. I wonder how much of our hard earned tax dollars are going to help those people anyway. I wonder how much is going into private bank accounts, mansions, jet planes, bmws, vacations, shopping trips, bribes and enhancing the lifestyle of political and family lapdogs.


From: Polemicus

Warning: this post is about as politically incorrect as you can get.

You know, viewed thru the lens of evolutionary biology, AIDS is pretty much an ideal disease for addressing our planet’s over-population issue. Who gets AIDS? The promiscuous and drug abusers. Who dies of AIDS? Third worlders.

For middle-class heterosexuals, AIDS is no threat whatever - regardless of ethnicity; people with higher IQs will plan better and thus avoid the plague; people with more self control will avoid drug abuse: All of this goes for third-world populations too, so AIDS should improve the populations in these regions (IQs should rise and the surviving populations will be better aligned on Rushton’s r-K continuum).

The third world is where the over population problem is, and that’s where AIDS will do its depopulating.

Say what you will: The human herd is in desperate need of culling, and AIDS is a much better alternative than an indiscriminate killer like the bubonic plague.

So how many hail marry’s do I owe for this post?


From: John Ruskin

This just goes to show how out of touch these liberal elites really are. Importing people with AIDS will KILL INNOCENT AMERICANS, not to mention cost MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS providing free, high-quality medical care for members of the species who, let’s be honest, are simply not fit to survive anyway. Our leaders really are insane, Bush no less than Kerry, but Kerry is looking worse and worse as time passes.

Original article

(Posted on July 13, 2004)

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