American Renaissance

News archive from August 2004

Tuesday, August 31

12 Million Languish In Failing Public Schools, Report Says, Washington Times
Half of New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of 9-11, Zogby News
Former Mayor Bill Campbell Indicted, WXIA-TV (Ga.)
Bush Not Strong On Diversity, Records Show,
White Teachers Claim Reverse Discrimination,
Influx Of Hispanics, Asians Marks Metro Area’s Growth, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Doctors Challenge Translation Rule Services, (Cal.)
Invasion of the Language-Snatchers, National Review Online
U.S. Archbishop Reflects on Spiritual Contribution of Latino Immigrants, Zenit
More Small Steps To Immigration Reform,
‘Let Everyone In’ Is A Dangerous Immigration Policy, The Times (UK)
Britain In A Muddle Over Muslim Minority, Straits Times (Singapore)
Mission To Uncover The Genetic Make-Up Of Britain, News-Medical.Net
Buying Your Way Into Canada, Korea Times

Monday, August 30

Third Teacher Files Discrimination Suit, (SC)
Paxon Students Arrested For Possible Hate Crime, (Fla.)
Uncertain Future for African American Progress, Science Blog
Racial Politics: City Council Outburst Was Over The Top,
Company Defends Itself Over Toy Resembling 9-11 Attacks,
Schwarzenegger To Veto Immigrant Driver’s License Bill, SFGate
Hispanics Are More Prone To Blindness, Study Finds,
Two Frenchmen Seized In Iraq, SBS
Cargo Cult, Spectator (UK)

Friday, August 27

Survey Says Whites Not Majority In Texas Anymore, KLTV 7 (Tex.)
The Right’s New Wing, Time
Congressman Wants To “Stop Amnesty” At GOP Convention, Stop Amnesty
Hispanic Vote May Be Less Of Factor, (Mo.)
Employer Fines Plummet For Hiring Illegals, North County Times
‘Little India’ Fights for Recognition, L. A. Times
County Drops Minority Program, (Miami)
Program Aims To Hire Minority, Women Businesses, Grand Rapids Press (Mich.)
Africanized Bees May Have Arrived in Okla., AP

Thursday, August 26

4 Alleged Latino Gang Members Indicted in Killing, L. A. Times
Splintered Plank, National Review Online
Bilingual Districts Need More Funding, El Paso Times
Illegal Immigrants At Least $10 Billion Net Cost At Federal Level, ParaPundit
Coalition of Clinics Gives Hope to Uninsured, Washington Post
Ranks of Poverty, Uninsured Rose in 2003, AP
Slavery-Protest March Stirs Opposition, AP
State Plays Orwellian with Columbus,
Mugabe Voted History’s Third-Greatest African, Sapa-AFP
Immigration At Record High As Asylum Level Falls, Telegraph (UK)
Canadians Look South To Adopt Black Kids, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, August 25

Costs Of Illegal Immigration, Center for Immigration Studies
Draft Backs ‘Guest Worker’ Plan, Washington Times
Kolbe Faces Serious Challenge From Within Party, AP
Immigration Measure Puts Arizona’s Reputation On Line, Arizona Republic
Illegals Add Billions To Social Security, AP
Mexico May Sue U.S. Over Pepper-Ball Projectiles, AP
The Name Game,
Rhode Island College to Try Professor, Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
America Split On Election? Take A Closer Look,
3rd Parties To Merge Into 1?,
Boers At War, Sunday Herald (UK)
Teen Killed For Not Having Cell, (SA)
New EU Justice Chief Says Immigration Is Time Bomb, Reuters
‘Half Million Immigrants’ To Get Legal Status, Expatica
Bank Is Set Up For Chinese Brains, BBC News

Tuesday, August 24

Trend In Meatpacking Towns Raises Question Of ‘White Flight’, Omaha World Herald
Domino Effect Feared From Closures of Emergency Rooms, L. A. Times
Importing A New Underclass: More Evidence,
The Charter Difference, National Review Online
Going Extreme To Pursue Dream, Washington Times
Reports of Declining Reading Rates Trouble Latino Press, Pacific News Service
Hijacking America’s Youth,
Driving Bentleys and Crying Racism,
Men’s 400 A Sweep For The U.S., Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Olympic 400-Meter Favorite Breaking Racial Stereotypes In Sprints, AP

Monday, August 23

GOP To Finesse Immigration Issue, Washington Times
Fine Print Of Alien Amnesty, Washington Times
Purging Illegal Aliens From Voter Rolls Not Easy, Washington Times
PC Newspapers Pander To Illegals,
Bush’s Nephew Rips Armed Border Guards, AP
Benedict Fires Professors Bucking Grade Policy, AP
Wilmington Paid $50,000 To Settle Lawsuit, News Journal (Del.)
College To ‘Lynch’ Confederate Flag,
Olympian Reports PC Has Reached Rowing,
Hundreds of Thousands March in Mexico Against Violent Crimes, L. A. Times
White Police Claim Racism, Observer (UK)
Indian Transcription Service ‘Putting Lives At Risk’, Press Association
On The Trail Of The Muti Killers, Independent (UK)
‘Miracle Babies’ Row, Manchester Online (UK)

Friday, August 20

Valley’s Oldest Hospital to Close, L. A. Times
Tax-Number Loans Help Immigrants Buy Homes, Chicago Tribune
N.Y. ‘9/11’ Check Yanks 300k Driver Licenses, NY Post
Activist Charges Officials Promoting Guest Worker Plan With ‘Treason’, AgapePress
Robbers Posing As Cops Prey On Recent Immigrants To Valley, Arizona Republic
Ibeabuchi Close To Being Unleashed,
Federal Agents Arrest Manager In Store Arson, HeraldNet (Wash.)
South Going Left?, The Collegiate Network
UB Police Seek Source Of Graffiti, Buffalo News
Dog Bites Minority Man, Oh That Liberal Media
A Conservative Slave Reparations Plan?, FrontPage Magazine
We Will Destroy BNP, UKIP Leader Pledges, Times Online (UK)
Jailed Muslims Angry Over Pork On Menu, Big News
Indian-Pakistani Gang Battle Ends In German Murder Trial, Expatica
The Price of Dissent in Venezuela, WSJ OpinionJournal
Language May Shape Human Thought,

Thursday, August 19

Jury Convicts Claremont Professor In Staged Hate Crime Case, AP
AIDS Cluster Raises Concerns About Resurgence, (NY)
Reversal of Attitude: Alan Keyes on Reparations,
Glover Backs Out Of Haitian Cruise, (Miami)
Minority Students Still Lag On ACTs,
Feds Nab 64 Convicted Alien Sexual Predators, WABC (NY)
U.S. Border Control on Social Security Totalization, U.S. Border Control
Tancredo Doesn’t Want Write-In Vote, Denver Post
Mexican Border Problems Now Infect U. S. Politics, ChronWatch
Denver School Will Replace Mexican Flags, Washington Times
A Painful Reminder of German Colonialism, Deutsche Welle

Wednesday, August 18

Alien Initiative Qualifies For Ballot, Washington Times
Separate, Unequal Views Of Adviser To Proposition 200, Arizona Republic
Political Correctness at the Los Angeles Times on Racial Matters, Oh, That Liberal Media!
TUSD Employee Files Racial Discrimination Claim, KVOA-Tucson
Working Wall Street: Not So Diverse, CBS
Foxx Wins Contentious 5th Congressional District GOP Primary, (NC)
Playing Games with Security, National Review Online
Md. Elections Officials Vow To Purge Noncitizen Voters,
Conservative Gets Immigration Plank, Washington Times
New Life In US For Somali Bantus, BBC News
Unpleasant Truths, National Review Online

Tuesday, August 17

Dawkins On Hoops In Black And White,
One Arrested In Drive-By Shooting Case, Daily Progress (Va.)
Simon Confronts Anger Over Racial Remark, AP
Schools Ban ‘Offensive’ Student Wear, Montgomery Advertiser (Al.)
Some Entrants To Face Swift Ouster, Arizona Daily Star
Arab Terrorists ‘Are Getting Into The US Over Mexican Border’, Telegraph (UK)
Limits Sought On Border Patrol, Washington Times
Police See Surge In Gang Attacks Using Machetes, AP
Ganging Up On Us, Times Leader (Penn.)
Diplomacy Sought In Pepper-Ball Flap, Chicago Tribune
TV Ad Calls Pakistani ‘Terrorist’, Charlotte Observer
Research Shows Sids Linked To Genes, Special Broadcasting Service (AU)

Monday, August 16

Landmark East L.A. Hospital Is Closed by Bankruptcy Judge, L. A. Times
Dallas Superintendent Testifies In Finance Trial, AP
Agreement Gives Illegal Aliens $50 Billion In Social Security Benefits!, Carrying Capacity Network
Vocal Crowd Presses For Renewed Sweeps, Press-Enterprise (Cal.)
Senator Proposes Study On Forced Repatriation, L. A. Daily News
Group Runs Anti-Kerry Ads on Black Radio Stations, Washington Post
The White Stuff?, WSJ OpinionJournal
Southern California School District Mulls Sensitivity Policy, The Pro-Family Law Center
Farmer’s White Scarecrows Spark Complaints Over KKK Resemblance, (Fl.)
Shootings In Detroit Soar In ‘04, Detroit News
NYC Program to Steer Funds to Minority-, Women-Owned Businesses,
Bolivian Beauty Queens Highlight Nation’s Racial, Regional Differences, (SC)
Mistreatment Of Immigrants Denounced, El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador)
U.N.: Sudan Police Sexually Exploiting Darfur Women, Reuters
18,000 Immigrants Whipped, AFP
Finnish Premier Apologizes For Father, Washington Times

Friday, August 13

Solving The African IQ Conundrum : “Winning Personality” Masks Low Scores,
SA: Aristide Still President, (SA)
Chapman Found Guilty Of Fraud, AP
Fewer Blacks To Start At University of Georgia, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Too Many PC Cooks Spoil da Soup, Washington Post
Signature Checks Find Enough To Put Immigration Measure On Ballot, AP
Nuestro Paìs, Nuestro Presidente, View from the Right
Court Rules Racial Mix Imperative For Schools, Star-Ledger (NJ)
Murder Rates Rising, Cities Respond, Christian Science Monitor
Mexico Protests US Border Agents’ Pepper Weapons, Reuters
Spinning Our Wheels, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Dutch Olympians Stumble At Integration Hurdle, Expatica

Thursday, August 12

Protect Arizona Now Adviser Denies Racism Charge, Arizona Republic
Complaints, Threats Force Movie Screening Cancellation, NBC 4 (Cal.)
Miami Herald Pulls Features Magazine, AP
If This Is Unity, Give Me Division, Slate
A Victim Of Ivy League Affirmative Action, Discriminations
Can’t Vote From Jail = Discrimination?, TruthNews
The Asthma Attack, National Review Online
Pizza Man Robberies Deliver A Dilemma, Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh)
Schaefer Says Illegals Drain Health System, Washington Times
Barrio Boon: Mijos Figures Are All The (Commercial) Rage, Sacramento Bee
Critics Assail Gang Order, L. A. Times
If You’re API and You Know It ..., National Review Online
Italy’s Right Beats Drum On Migrants, Guardian (UK)

Wednesday, August 11

Totalization Treaty With Mexico, U.S. Border Control
Anti-Latino Backlash Evident, Independent Newspapers (NY)
The Turncoats on Niihau Island,
Racial Differences In Cancer Gene, AP
Namibians Prepare For Emotive Land Reform, BBC News
Record Number Of Asylum Seeker Departures,
Zambia ‘Too Poor For Democracy’, Telegraph (UK)
Botswana Defends Flogging Thieves, BBC News

Tuesday, August 10

Kobach Wins Kansas Republican Congressional Primary, AP
Immigration Plan Envisions ‘Incentives’ To Illegal Aliens, Washington Times
Ridge To Agents: Fight Terrorists With ‘A Smile’,
Frost, Sessions Urge Immigration Reform Group To Pull TV Ads, Miami Herald
Mexican Film Lampoons California’s Haves Without Have-Nots, Knight Ridder
Diversity Key To Naming Of Wiess At Roosevelt, Arizona Republic
Affirmatively Addled,
Not A Team To Root For, Caste Football
Nuwaubians Vacate Compound, Leave Behind Faux Buildings, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Can Tolerant Canada Tolerate Sharia?, Christian Science Monitor
British MPs Regret Discrimination Against Muslims, Islam Online
Bush-Meat Trade Breeds New HIV,

Monday, August 9

Immigrant ‘Catch-Release’ Policy Criticized, Houston Chronicle
Bush: Raise Limit For Mexico, Washington Times
Order On Teaching English To Nonspeakers Will Be Costly, Arizona Daily Star
Calif. Freezes Assets of School for Immigrants,
The Case for Racial Profiling, Human Events Online
Mexico To Restart Dual Citizenship Plan, Dallas Morning News
FTC: 1 In 10 Fall For Fraud, CNN/Money
Study Finds Unhealthy Dose Of Race Disparities, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary In Tenn., AP
Xenophobia In Mexican Soccer, Christian Science Monitor
Famine Claims 152 In Zimbabwe, (SA)
Hollywood Lunges For White South Africa, WorldNetDaily
Apartheid Party Ends Division in S. Africa, AP
‘Rape 2 and Call Me In The Morning’, WorldNetDaily
Terror Trail, SCA News
Inter-Racial Tension In Britain ‘At Worst Level For 50 Years’, Telegraph (UK)
Passport Control On Tube, Evening Standard (UK)

Friday, August 6

Book Defends WWII Internment Of Japanese Americans, Racial Profiling, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
The Myth of the American “Concentration Camp”, Michelle Malkin
U.S. Estimates 12 Percent Of Population Foreign-Born, Washington Times
Latest Open Borders Fad: Non-Citizen Voting,
Kerry Stresses Government’s Role in Helping Minorities, Washington Post
Literacy Effort Challenges City, Washington Times
Under the Radar, reasononline
Minority Representation Up At Republican Convention, Washington Times
Identity Politics Building Ethnic Conflicts In Latin America,
‘Mystic’ Who Turns Stolen Kids Into Killers, Independent (UK)
Nigeria Wife-Swapping Sect Raided, BBC News

Thursday, August 5

Crossing the Line for a Chance at Legal Status, L. A. Times
Conservatives Pushing Immigration Initiative, Copley News Service
Anti-Initiative Group Gets Rolling, AP
Pregnant Deportee Not Allowed to Return to U.S., Eastern Group Publications
Border Drones Said To Be Producing Good Results, AP
Radio Hosts To ‘Sacrifice’ GOP Waffler, Washington Times
Sites: Dating the White Way, Newsweek
Nice Try, Barack Obama, Jewish World Review
Diversity Tips For Elk Grove Schools,
Dutch Will Pay Refugees To Leave, Washington Times
Netherlands: Pre-Arrival Integration Next Year ‘At Earliest’,
Mob Accused of Killing Tanzania Witches, AP

Wednesday, August 4

GOP’s House Contest Deadlocks, Kansas City Star
Border Patrol Faces New Limits in Inland Empire, L. A. Times
Woman Fired For Eating ‘Unclean’ Meat, (Fla.)
Wal-Mart Reportedly Looking To Settle Illegal Immigrant Case, AP
Be Careful With Racial, Ethnic Labels, Orange County Register
University ‘Clarifies’ Its Policy On Course, Washington Times
SCLC Leader Clarifies Remarks, Florida Times-Union
Kerry Gives ‘Black Power’ Salute to NAACP,
Report: Blacks Suspended At High Rate,
Eugenics Backer Causes Stir in Tenn. Race, AP
Home Schooling Is on the Rise, AP
Italy Stuns U.S. In Hoops Exhibition, AP
South Africa: Not Canceling Christmas,

Tuesday, August 3

Lawsuit Against Kodak Detailed, Democrat and Chronicle.comn (NY)
Couple Can’t Find Diversity In Churches, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
School District Denies Racial Discrimination, AP
Grandparents Sue Over Jailhouse Baby,
Texan Elected As Confederate Group’s Leader, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Aliens Program Costs Bush, Washington Times
Illegals Acted On Rumors Of Amnesty, Washington Times
Shantytowns Migrate Far North of the Border in Texas, Washington Post
Area Gangs Pushed Beyond Turf Battles, Washington Post
Kansas Tuition Law Fails To Make The Grade,
Potential Terrorists Released Due To Lack Of Jail Space, Brownsville Herald (TX)
Pelosi Meets With Group Tied To Hamas,
BNP Faces Internal Revolt And Financial Turmoil, The Guardian
Christmas May Be Cancelled, Sunday Times (SA)
Outsourcing Comes To Africa, Bringing Jobs, AP

Monday, August 2

Dems Score With Blacks as GOP Forfeits the Game, WSJ OpinionJournal
L.A. Hospital Staff Failed To Count Surgical Tools After Operations, AP
Group Claims Registration Bias For Class At CU, AP
Immigration Sweeps Become an Election Issue for Rep. Baca, L. A. Times
U.S. Program Nets Mexican Illegals In Child-Sex Ring, Washington Times
Latino Immigrants Fueling Demand For Folk Medicine, (Cal.)
Mexican: My Unborn Child Is U.S. Citizen,
Traditional Ohio State Fair Increases Cultural Diversity, AP
More Legal Help for Migrants, L. A. Times
‘Illegal’ Angst On Air, L. A. Times
Netherlands Opens First Departure Centre For Failed Asylum Seekers, Agence France Presse
Home Office Appoints ‘Diversity Champion’,
Canada Scrutinises New Strippers, BBC News
Immigration Minister Tells Churches To Stop Harbouring Refugee Claimants, CJAD 800 (Montreal)
SANDF Unveils Shock Aids Data, Sunday Independent (SA)
Out of Africa? Not Yet,