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Growing Family Turns To Community For Help In Adoption

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AP,, Sep. 27

FREEPORT, Maine — Robin Monahan and John Morang have four children, three of them adopted. But they have decided they have room for two more, a boy and a girl from impoverished Haiti. The problem is the cost of the adoption.

The family has resorted to methods used by soccer teams and high school bands to raise $10,000 to cover the adoption cost. A car wash and raffle. A fund-raiser at a local restaurant. They’ll do whatever it takes.

“We wouldn’t ask if it weren’t for the kids,” Monahan said. “It’s not for us. It’s for the children.”

Monahan, 44, and Morang, 57, already have a busy home.

Their two daughters are Emily and Addie. Emily, 9, was a baby when the couple adopted her from China. Addie, 7, also was an infant when they adopted her from Cambodia. Their boys are Benjamin, 4, the couple’s biological son, and their youngest son, 8-month-old Frank, who was born in Chicago.

They adopted Frank in January, but want to open their door to two more children. However, family finances are strained from the $62,000 it took to adopt the other children.

The first event will be a fund-raiser on Oct. 7 at the Azure Cafe. Jonas Werner, who owns the restaurant with his wife, said he volunteered to host the event because the family made an impression on him.

Also, he believes in their cause.

“It’s about the community coming together and working towards the same goal: taking care of children,” said Werner, a father of two. “Nothing is more important than children.”

The fact that adoptions can cost thousands of dollars deters some would-be parents, says Sister Theresa Therrien, an adoption supervisor at St. Andre’s Home, an adoption agency and group home in Biddeford. “There are a lot of good people who want to adopt who are put off by the cost,” she said.

Therrien said it’s not unusual for people to turn to communities for help, and she has seen other instances where people go to churches or have bake sales.

St. Andre’s visited Monahan and Morang before approving them for the upcoming adoption. Therrien described them as “a very loving couple who feel it is a call for them to reach out to those in need.”

Monahan, a former educator turned stay-at-home mom, and Morang, a retired teacher who took over his late brother’s construction business, are in the process of adopting James, a 14-month-old boy whose father died of malnutrition last year and whose mother was left with seven children.

She put James up for adoption in July because she could not feed him.

“We heard his story and decided to take him sight unseen,” Monahan said.

Recently, they received a photo of James, which Monahan has put up in the house and talks to, as she waits for the legalities to be ironed out so they can go to Haiti, meet him and his mother, and bring him home to Freeport.

That might not be until May or June, they say.

They’re also hoping to adopt a 15-month-old girl whose mother recently became blind and can’t care for her.

“We’re not leaving with one,” Monahan said. “Every time we go to an orphanage, we say we have to leave with more than one because all the little faces are at the window looking at you. It’s hard to walk away.”

Original article

(Posted on September 28, 2004)

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..[U]nbridled charity is, after all, a sin against oneself. …after a while, there were too many poor. Altogether too many. Folk you didn’t even know. Not even from here. Just nameless people. Swarming all over. And so terribly clever! Spreading through cities, and houses, and homes. Working their way by the thousands, in thousands of foolproof ways. Through the slits in your mail boxes, begging for help, with their frightful pictures bursting from envelopes day after day, claiming their due in the name of some organization or other. Slithering in. Through newspapers, radio, churches, through this faction or that, until they were all around you, wherever you looked…

Jean Raspail, Camp of the Saints

Posted by Daniel, Chicago at 3:59 PM on September 28

Another example of cowardly whites trying too hard to prove that they are not racist.

Posted by Courtney at 4:21 PM on September 28

the community coming together and working towards the same goal: taking care of children

Is your stomach turned? Of course, these kids will be drawing from the “larger” community (the federal treasury) in one form or another in time, but, hey, gotta take care of children.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting a non-American, please be reminded that Eastern Europe usually has a stock available. (Though, with orphanages, you never know what you’re going to get.)

Posted by onetwothree at 5:19 PM on September 28

“We wouldn’t ask if it weren’t for the kids,” Monahan said. “It’s not for us. It’s for the children.”

Good grief. We’re expected to shell out money even before they make it to the US. It’s not as though we won’t be paying for them later, probably for the duration of their lives. If these two are so noble, let them foot the bill themselves.

Posted by Cassiodorus at 5:22 PM on September 28

Is there some remote chance that if these dingbats do not get enough public largess that the adoption will be called off?

Posted by M. Scott at 7:03 PM on September 28

This couple reminds me of the old ladies you read about from time to time who have been keeping 200 cats, until finally the stench drives authorities to the house where they find a hideous scene. It bespeaks a certain pathology where one overextends ones propensity for genuine Christian generosity and tries to adopt the world somehow. It’s the same as a sad lonely woman visiting the animal shelter and bringing home a couple new cats every week. It’s a sure sign of an unhealthy psyche.

Posted by Mattox at 7:30 PM on September 28

One is reminded of the epic poem the “Agamemnon” in which the protagonist regrets having brought the “lion’s whelp” into his home, only to have it grow up and devour the members of his household.
If this does not appear to be initially “relevant,” I am put in mind of an incident which occurred several years ago in Montreal. In this circumstance, a pair of deluded, white liberal Quebec francophones brought a negro Haitian male back from Port au Prince. They provided him with all that White, Quebec, urban, relatively well educated, and Catholic parents could provide for their “child.” Upon reaching maturity, he took to the streets, joined an street gang, and one evening, returned to the family home and beat and stabbed the couple’s “real” daughter to death. He is currently serving a life term “down the river” at

the Donnacona federal penetentiary.

The white liberal couple in Maine, and the townsfolk among whom they dwell, as they prepare to “import” this pair of “barbarians in waiting,” ought to keep this incident in mind as an “cautionary tale.”

Posted by David A. Kyne at 8:05 PM on September 28

Disgusting. Nothing advertises the infertility and barrenness of the modern white female so much as the adoption of a non-white child.

Have white Americans no sense of shame?

Posted by Willy at 8:42 PM on September 28

These idiot/traitors should be forced to live in Haiti instead of bringing Haiti to Maine. I wonder how the Black Haitians and Black Bantu Somalians will get along together in Maine.
In Maine!

Well, that’s George Herbert Walker Bush Sr.’s place - hope some of these Haitians grow up to destroy Bush Sr.’s safe retirement.

Posted by JR at 10:04 PM on September 28

The multi-racial family that these folks are building is just what the “One World Government’New World Order” is all about.It will, if change is not brought about, bring us to a “Tan Everyman” status in our own homeland.That does not bode well for our grandchildren.One only has to look at cities such as Hartford Ct. Which is ruled bt Puerto Ricans, and Madison Wis. which is ruled by Mexicans to understand the brevity of the situation.The emotion of altruism will never be enough to answer the questions of our grandchildren,when they ask, “how did it get to be this way”?

Posted by Bob Janeda at 10:07 PM on September 28

“Robin Monahan and John Morang have four children…”

Perhaps the money could be better spent on getting married (since their surnames, whilst similar, do not appear to be the same).

This would probably violate their sense of cultural identity - that no doubt their children will be taught.

Posted by Matt the Mad Mentalist at 3:32 AM on September 29

All this in addition to the fact that the father is reported as being 57 years old! At an age when a normal man should soon be looking forward to the first of his grandchildren, this guy wants to adopt several infants…by the time they reach college, he’ll be closing in on 80. Doesn’t it strike anyone as a bit irresponsible to adopt children at such a late age that you know you may not even be around to see them through high school? Of course, it should already be clear that this couple hasn’t the least consideration for the long-term consequences of their actions…

Posted by Charlie at 10:24 AM on September 29

This story underscores the single greatest threat to the safety and survival of white Americans — ourselves! Surely our federal politicians are guilty of treason for effectively dissolving our nation by dissolving its borders but things will never change so long as there are white Americans who think that public education, healthcare, and welfare can turn savages into Europeans. Example: remember all the tear-filled feel-good stories about the Lost Boys of Sudan? Do you know where some of these creatures are now? Look it up — you probably won’t be surprised.

Posted by pdz at 1:38 PM on September 29

This practice is a current trend within the Catholic Church. I have had arguments with these types of people- who make the claim they have adopted a child from China (in their care now) who was thrown away in a rice paddy- only to be rescued by a vigilant angel and saved for adoption by an American- of course these “angels” are members of the church. I ask them how they managed to find this throw away child and their faces go blank while they exclaim “all children are the children of God” which answers nothing.

What is particularly unseemly in all this is that everyday American children are “thrown away” into foster homes- but these same people have nothing to say about them what so ever. They don’t care about these children.

Posted by RobertB at 2:09 PM on September 29

There are plenty of white children for white people to adopt. We don’t need anymore non-whites in this country.

Posted by roller at 2:26 PM on September 29

You bring up a good point about these so-called “Christians” not caring enough about their own kind (white people). This seems to be a growing disease in today’s church. My church is big on missions. My pastor goes on and on about how precious the people are in China, and the Middle East, and India, and Africa…and how important it is for us to take the gospel to them. He almost never talks about precious people being in Europe or North America. He almost talks as if God is purposely ignoring the people in these two parts of the world. I’m sorry, but my heart naturally goes out to those who are most like me before it goes out to others. My pastor would call this desire of mine “racist”, but I call it natural. I feel that my own people in North America, Europe, and Australia, need God’s love just as much as everyone else does, especially considering all of the anti-whiteness going on in the world today. If I ever go on a missions trip, it will probably be to Europe, to visit all of the white people who are planning on converting to Islam.

Posted by Courtney at 9:12 PM on September 29

These white people are the sickest of the sick - worse than ordinary liberals. We racialists need to figure out a long-term strategy to identify our own people, group them together for survival and mutual aid - and then ruthlessly segregate all such traitors from our shelter or from receiving any succor from us when conditions get bad a few decades hence.

Posted by arthur pendleton at 1:50 AM on September 30

It is human nature to be altruistic towards family and at a stretch, the nation. In an MC nation it is difficult to feel charity to others that we are stuck with like African Americans. Every person that is brought into this country has the effect of displacing others as we have finite resources.

In the 70s we were bombarded with the notion of carrying capacity and the need to barely replace the population. While we were limiting children, the elite opened the country to alien invasion.

So much for the limits to growth. Now we are subsuming Mexico’s peons and being asked to enjoy the displacement of our own people. Under these circumstances, resistance is called for.

Posted by ron hubbard at 8:27 AM on September 30

The most dangerous line in this story is “there is nothing more important than the children”. This misguided thought is what has driven most of the wrongheaded, bedwetting leftists in their quest to save the “children”.

I would say that the most important thing in this world is not the “children” — but THEIR PARENTS!!!! Because if the “children” had better parents, then the rest of us wouldn’t be constantly put upon to have to save these heathen urchins.

Posted by sue at 10:19 AM on September 30

I’ve noticed that when white couples adopt children of a different race, it is almost always through an overseas/out of country adoption. I wonder if it makes the child’s racial difference easier to deal with psychologically? Instead of adopting a black child, one adopts a black Haitian child.

Incidentally, if the couple chose to adopt a black child in the foster care system here in the U.S., they would not only have virtually all of their adoption costs covered, they would also get a check each month from the government because they had adopted a minority child (who are rarely adopted but instead languish in foster care).

Posted by T. Craig at 2:39 PM on September 30

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