American Renaissance

News archive from October 2004

Friday, October 29

Illegal Aliens in Elections and the Electoral College, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Group Sent Couple To ‘Test’ Voter Registration Sites, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Gangs Declare War, Officers on Hit List, ABC 7 (Los Angeles)
Gang Violence Puts Idaho Town on Edge, AP
On the Backs Of the Poor, Forbes
“Sweeps” Supporters Honor Mayor Mike Naggar, Valley News Network (Temecula, Cal.)
NAACP In Hot Water Over Speech, USA Today
France and Germany Offer Strong Support To Turkey, EUObserver
Spaniards Worry More About Immigration, Poll Finds, Expatica
25,000 Ghanaians in Italy, Ghana Home Page

Thursday, October 28

Exaggerated Claims Of Racism, Newton TAB (Mass.)
40 Excuses and a Mule,
Minority Turnout is Kerry Key, Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates
Consultant’s Racial Terms Stir Outrage, Star-Telegram (Fort Worth)
Poll Worker Fired, Accused Of Inappropriate Remark, Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Georgians Monitor Ariz. Vote, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Voter Registration Probe Unearths Potential Fraud in Wisconsin, Agape Press
Immigration and the Unmentionable Question Of Ethnic Interests, VDARE
Scientists Warn Of ‘Ethnic Weapons’, The Australian (Sydney)
Congo War’s 40,000 Rape Victims Face HIV Epidemic, Independent (London)
Scientists Find Prehistoric Dwarf Skeleton, AP

Wednesday, October 27

Nobody Knows,
The Illegal Alien Swing Vote,
Most Voters Won’t Need ID, Washington Times
Democrats File 9 Suits In Florida, Washington Times
A Jobless Recovery?, Center for Immigration Studies
Some Laborers Arrested In Va. Face Deportation, Washington Post
Groups Criticize Remark About ‘Bad Gene Pools’, Houston Chronicle
Cultural (Uni)Diversity, Campus Report Online
Vlaams Blok Tops Flanders Poll, Expatica
Dutch People Content Now, But Gloomy About Future, Expatica
Sufi Or Not Sufi? That Is The Question, Guardian (London)

Tuesday, October 26

Latino Group Calls Charges Of Gang Rape Unfounded, Charlotte Observer
Immigration Official Under Investigation, Rocky Mountain News (Denver)
Mamaroneck Less Attractive For Laborers, The Journal News (Westchester, NY)
The Lowdown On Immigration Enforcement, AZCentral
FBI Says Murders Up for 4th Straight Year, AP
African-Americans and Increasing Wealth, The State (Columbia, SC)
Teacher Jailed After Brawl With Parent, AP
Mayor, Judge Won’t Talk About Past Sentence, Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Mexican Officials: Police May Have Been Accomplices In Slaying Of Women On Border, AP
French Companies Vow To Boost Ethnic Minorities, AFP
Jesus Christ Is No 1 Black Icon, Asian News International
Child Soldiers, Sex Slaves, And Cannibalism At Gunpoint: The Horrors Of Uganda’s North, Independent (London)

Monday, October 25

Valley Man Sentenced to Prison for Defrauding Medicare, KGBT 4-TV (Harlington, Tex.)
Georgia Court Throws Out Hate Crimes Law, AP
Many Factors Limit Loan Approval, San Mateo County Times (San Mateo, Cal.)
Campaigns Parry On Immigration, Washington Times
Black Colleges’ New Outreach: Hispanic Students, Christian Science Monitor
Dreier Facing Unusual Battle, Pasadena Star-News
Border Violence On Rise, AP
African Man’s Asylum Status In Hands Of Immigration Judge (Updated), The New Standard
No Longer Just Nordic, Washington Post
Muslims Said to Practice Polygamy In Britain, AP
Mbeki To Study Data On ‘White Poverty’, Iol (SA)
Government Grabs Plantations, (Zim.)

Friday, October 22

Constitutionally Correct Peroutka, American Conservative
Only Liberals Call Careless Voters Disenfranchised, Mercury News (San José)
Bogus Voter Registration Forms Pop Up, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Latino Identity, The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.)
Prop. 200 Gains Fans, Foes Nationwide, The Arizona Republic
More Than Third Of Turkish Women Justify Beatings By Husband: Poll, AFP
Racists On List Of ‘Great South Africans’, Telegraph (London)
Tougher Penalties For Racist Crimes Clear Hurdle In Western Australia, Australian Broadcasting Corporation News Online
Rabbit Multiplication Runs Owner Out Of House, AP

Thursday, October 21

France Expels Schoolgirls With Muslim Head Scarves, Washington Times
One Language School In Four Proves To Be Bogus, Telegraph (London)
Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index 2004, Transparency International
New Report Finds 3 Strikes Used Disproportionately On Minorities, Justice Policy Institute
Robbery Suspect’s Bail Set At $250,000, Highlands Today (Sebring, Fla.)
Hug High School Works To Solve Racial Tensions, Reno Gazette-Journal
New National Program Aimed At Minority Businesses In Kansas City, Kansas City Star
Redefining Rights in America, Wall Street Journal
Lizard Is a Rat, East Bay Express (Emeryville, CA)
First Data/Western Union Sued For Immigration Forum Assault, Free Speech Forum
Adoptive Parents Embracing Children’s Cultural Differences, AP

Wednesday, October 20

Jury Hears Vicious Gunman’s Hate Rant, New York Post
Hate Crime Laws Outlined, Hannibal Courier-Post (Mo.)
Halloween Display Sparks Accusations Of Racism, Tampa Bay’s 10 News
Parker Defends Handing Out Confederate Flags At Funeral, AP
Offensive Racial Costume Lands Judge Before Supreme Court, AP
ACT Gap Persists In D.M. District, Des Moines Register
Muslim Re-Education,
Customs Officials Accused In Drug Ring, AP
White House Rejects Clauses On Immigration, Washington Times
Rewriting History Before the Ink is Dry, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Unregistered Businesses Cost City Millions Annually In Lost Sales Tax Revenue, Los Angeles Daily News
Iowa: Congressman Fumes Over Public Display Of His Record, Project USA
France And Spain Block Asylum Camp Plan, Independent (London)

Tuesday, October 19

Ohioan: NAACP Gave Me Crack to Commit Election Fraud, Newsmax
Ethnic Electorate: Myths and Realities, The American Conservative
The Race Card, National Review Online
NAS Report Presents Evidence of Need for Colorblind Admissions, National Association of Scholars
Law Allows Grants, Aid To North Koreans, AFP
Public’s Risk Said To Be Higher From Violence-Prone Smugglers, AP
Prop. 200’s Potential Impact Clear — As Mud, Arizona Daily Star
Prop. 200-Style System Already Law In Mexico, Arizona Republic
Kerry’s Favorite Hatian, WSJ Opinion Journal
Fox Of Mexico To Get Tough With The U.S.A., Mexidata.Info
Canadian Soil Calls Out To Indian Farmers, PTI
Racism ‘Is The New Terrorism’ As Attacks Rise In Ulster, Independent (London)
Sign Of The Times — A Lonely Heart’s Plea To Find Love, Daily Telegraph (Sidney)

Monday, October 18

Rove Trims Sails but Steers for Victory, Washington Post
2 Found Guilty In Extortion Case, The Monitor (McAllen, Tex.)
Observers To Monitor For Irregularities, Arizona Daily Star
Tancredo Now In Cross Hairs Of Attack Ads, Rocky Mountain News
Opening the Door to Better Immigration Stories, Poynter Online
Endangered Species: US Programmers, Christian Science Monitor
Study: Recession Widened Racial Wealth Gap, AP
Study Finds Progress In Reading, Math, But Results Fall Short Of Standards, Seattle Times
Infant Mortality Down, But Higher For Minorities, Seattle Times
12 Reynosa Officers Charged In Exploitation Of Tourists, The Monitor (McAllen, Tex.)
Births Must Keep Up With Immigrants, Cardinal Tells Catholics,
Verdonk Unveils ‘Inhuman’ Marriage Immigration Plan, Expatica

Friday, October 15

Exposing the Open-Borders Arguments,
Blacks, Indians, Hispanics Angry About GOP Welfare Ad, (Oklahoma City)
Candidates Evade Immigration Issue, Statesman Journal (Salem)
How Many Illegal Aliens Will Vote This Year?, Human Events Online
Airport Insanity, Washington Times
Repression and Double Standards at UMass Amherst,
KRS-One, Decency Zero, New York Daily News
UL Professor Accused of Threats, 7 KPLC (Lafayette, La.)
Commentary: Cheney’s Anti-Civil Rights Record is Clear,
Racial Democracy in the Americas: A Latin and U.S. Comparison, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology
Too Much Reality, National Review Online

Thursday, October 14

Make U.S. Driver’s License As Tough To Get As Mexico’s, Marietta Daily Journal (Ga.)
‘Only A Little Involved’, Chicago Tribune
Immigrant Task Force Assembled, Peoria Journal Star (Ill.)
“You Have To Tell The Truth”—The Bell Curve After Ten Years,
Racial Testing Chasm Persists, Star Tribune
Columbus Day: Celebrating A Holocaust, Indian Country
San Jose Police Chief Goes Muslim for Ramadan, NewsMax
Why You Need to Know the Scots-Irish, Parade
The Dutch Transformation, Toronto Star
Reactions Escalate In Islam Debate, Copenhagen Post
Condom Maker ID’s Sexiest Country, Reuters

Wednesday, October 13

‘Killer King’ and Its Defenders, Los Angeles Times
School Violence Toleration, WorldNetDaily
African Town Debate Grows Hotter, The Detroit News
And Still More Euphemism (Diverse = Black), Discriminations blog
Gratiot Project Called Racist, The Detroit News
Alabama to Vote on Segregation Language, AP
Shifting Loyalties Among Ethnic Groups a Factor, Washington Post
Conyers Judge Cracking Down On English Interpreters, AP
Somali Deportations Confront Court, AP
Should Colleges Have Quotas for Asian Americans?, Washington Post
Namibia To Expropriate Farms, Sapa-AFP

Tuesday, October 12

The Kids Are Alright (And All Right), Right On Race
Fun With Numbers (At The Expense Of The Washington Post), Right On Race
Chicago’s Next High-Rise Tragedy, Chicago Tribune
Beanie’s Rap Sheet, AP
Campaign 2004: Elections Still Province Of White Voters, Sacramento Bee
Poll: Stricter Immigration Laws Wanted, Charlotte Observer
Ad Brings Stereotype Charge, Los Angeles Times
Sheriff Won’t Chase Illegal Immigrants Signed Up To Vote, NBC 17 (Raleigh)
An Agonizing Choice, Creative Loafing
Lipids Vary By Race, Gender, Science Daily
German Nuns ‘Face Headscarf Ban’, BBC News
Mexico’s Other Migrant Wave, Christian Science Monitor
Most Turks In Favor Of Polygamy, Parapundit

Monday, October 11

What Health and Crime Maps Reveal,
The Changing Face of Poverty, Newsweek
National Pride Draws Penalty, St. Petersburg Times
More Nursing Homes Grouping Residents By Ethnic Groups, AP
Tancredo Ecstatic Over Votes on Key Immigration Provisions in House Intel Bill, Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo
Restitution Coming For Decades Of Racial Bias In Insurance Industry, AP
EEOC Applies New Diversity Rules, Washington Post
US Minority Actors Continue Losing Share Of Hollywood Acting Roles, (Shanghai)
AIDS ‘Made To Kill Blacks’, (Australia)
Switzerland, A Model For America, Chronicles Extra
Teenage Gang Members Lose Plea For Privacy, Telegraph (London)
Villagers Bristle At Accusation Of Rural Prejudice, The Guardian
German Far-Right Combines Forces, Deutsche Welle

Friday, October 8

Sears Unveiling ‘Multicultural’ Stores For Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Knight Ridder
House Refuses To Strip All Immigration Provisions From H.R.10, NumbersUSA
Conservative Group Targets Bush Over Immigration, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
Mayor Wants More Sweeps, Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.)
New Faces, Same Politics in O.C., Los Angeles Times
Illegal Workers Contracted To AMFELS Linked To Judge, Brownsville Herald (Tex.)
Art Meets Spell-Check, Miami Herald
Cinnamon Girl: The Latest Martyrdom Video, Michelle Malkin
Muslim Cleric Deported Again From France, AP
British Policeman Sentenced for Spying, Newsday (New York City)
Lawmakers Question Asian Oyster Plan, AP

Thursday, October 7

Turkey Faces Long Road Ahead As EU Opens Door, AFP
‘Turkey In The EU — Never!’, Expatica
Immigration Poses Threat To British Values, Warns Davis, Independent (London)
Italy Resumes Expelling Migrants, BBC News
Non-Resident Indians Boost Outsourcing To India, CIOL (Bangalore)
Group Brings ‘Reconciliation Journey’ To R.I., Providence Journal
Racism Conference Vows to Pursue Reparations for Slavery, AP
ACLU, Open Borders Advocates, Attempt to Rewrite 9/11 Commission Report, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Tancredo Pens Letter to Presidential Debate Moderators, Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo
Illegal Migrants Can Get Federal Aid, Miami Herald
$40,000 Library Mural Misspells Names,

Wednesday, October 6

Where Dawkins Fears To Tread: Ethnic Nepotism And The Reality Of Race,
Rappers Sink Teeth Into ‘Shark Tale’, Chicago Tribune
Anti-Slavery, White Supremacy Groups Clash In Marblehead, Salem News
Little Rock Officials Approve Zoning for Islamic Community, Fox 16 (Little Rock)
Confederate Flag Removed Ahead Of NAACP Event, AP
Hindu Temple Plans Uncertain, Hugo Martín
Rush Limbaugh Finally Notices, View from the Right
A Conspiracy to Violate Our Laws with Impunity, Team America
Hospital Execs Join Foes Of Prop. 200, Tucson Citizen
UN Seeks Access To Italy Migrants, BBC News
Rhode Island College Speech Code,
Howard Promises ‘War On Crime’, Guardian (London)
Heart of Darkness, American Conservative
Japan Mulls Multicultural Dawn, BBC News

Tuesday, October 5

... While Arizonans Debate Illegals, Washington Times
Tancredo Stunned by White House Maneuver, Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo
California Cuts Its Population Projection, L. A. Times
Some Citizens Split Allegiance, The Arizona Republic
“Hyphen-Nation”, This Week with the Swings
Policies Leave Room For Stereotypes, Michigan Daily (Ann Arbor)
Kerry Accuses GOP of Suppressing Voting, Earthlink
Race, Fear Collide In Campaign, St. Petersburg Times
A Race-Based Drift?, Washington Times
‘Cut Taxes And We’ll Vote Tory’, Telegraph (London)
Coming To Canada With Dreams And HIV, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Blunkett Refugee Plan Misfires, The Guardian (UK)
Mbeki Slammed In Rape Race Row, BBC News

Monday, October 4

Can It Happen Here?,
Axe Was Smuggled On Board, Aftenposten (Norway)
n.A.T.o. — A Pop Singer Dressed As A Suicide-Bomber — Causes Outrage, Telgraph (London)
US Doc In Race Row Lashes Out, (SA)
‘That Politician Stole My Penis’, AFP
Gunfire Erupts in Pro-Aristide Haiti Slum, AP
House Told To Alter Intelligence Bill, Washington Times
Too Quiet On The Border, Rocky Mountain News
Governor’s Vetoes Rile Hispanic Activists, AP
New Federal Law May Not Be Enough To Help Bisbee Hospital, Sierra Vista Herald (Ariz.)
Tragic Trip, KAKE (Wichita)
Police: Immigration Crackdown Has Reduced Violent Gang Crime, AP
ACLU Opens Branch Office To Address Racial Profiling,
The Other VP Debate,
Dispelling Urban Legends about Florida,

Friday, October 1

Immigration Riles Voters Along Border, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Arizona’s Borderline Ballot Issue, News Observer (Raleigh)
Riverside County, Sheriff Profile Latinos, Suit Says, L. A. Times
Minority Programs Eroding On Campus, Chicago Tribune
For The Love Of Detroit, Reject Racist African Town, Detroit Free Press
Activist Accuses Wawa Of Racial Targeting, The Express-Times (Easton, Penn.)
Muslim Basketball Player Quits USF Team, St. Petersburg Times
Parents Blast Intern Program,
Desperate Measures In Zimbabwe, BBC News
SAAF: ‘Quotas, Not Quality’, (SA)
French Poll Shows Depth Of Hostility To Turkey, The Guardian (London)
Killer Freed After Plea By Victim’s Family, The Scotsman (Edinburgh)