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Vlaams Blok Tops Flanders Poll

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Expatica, Oct. 25

BRUSSELS — The extreme right-wing party Vlaams Blok is the most popular political force in Flanders, it was confirmed on Monday.

A survey carried out by Dedicated Research found 27 percent of voters in the north of Belgium intended to vote for the Blok.

Support for the other parties in Flanders is falling, according to the poll.

Some 25.5 percent of those surveyed said they intended to vote for the CD&V;/N-VA coalition — compared to the 26.1 percent of votes they received in the June elections.

The socialist alliance SP.A/Spirit was the choice of 19.1 percent of those polled, compared to 19.7 percent in June.

The VLD was backed by 18.8 percent compared to 19.8 percent and the green party Groen! saw its support fall from 7.6 percent to just


In Wallonia, the francophone socialists (PS) also seem to be losing ground.

The party got 36.9 percent of votes in the June elections, but now only 34.1 percent would vote for it.

The liberals (MR), by contrast, are slightly more popular, with 25.1 percent of those polled preferring them, compared to 24.3 percent four months ago.

The centre-right party CDH (Centre Democrate Humaniste) is also both picking up support, with 18.9 percent of potential voters picking it

compared to 17.6 in June.

And 10 percent of those polled stated they would vote for Ecolo — 8.5 percent did so in June.

In Brussels, the PS is holding on to its support after beating the Liberals into second place in June — 29.7 percent now intend to vote for it.

This is slightly more than the 28.9 percent that went to the polls for the party in the last elections.

Support for MR is still slipping away, moving from 28 percent to 26.2 percent.

CDH support is up — from 12.9 to 12.1 — as is Ecolo’s, from 8.4 percent to 9.8.

And, in contrast to the situation in Flanders, the extreme-right party Le Front National is losing its appeal, falling from 4.7 to 4 percent.

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(Posted on October 27, 2004)

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