American Renaissance

News archive from November 2004

Tuesday, November 30

Arson Uproots Detroit Family, Detroit Free Press
Recount 2004, National Review Online
Study Finds Enforcement of Civil Rights Laws Plummets, AP
Morality Not The Only Target on Monday Night Football,
Little Rock Moves Away From Turbulent Past, AP
Hispanic Cabinet Choices Seen As Part Of Outreach, The Baltimore Sun
Attorneys: Shooting Of Somali Tied To Drug, AP
Constitution Party Nominee Rick Jore Wins Seat In Montana Legislature, Constitution Party website
Turkish Workers A Mistake, Claims Schmidt, Telegraph (London)

Monday, November 29

Slavic Village Struggles As It Changes From Ethnic Enclave To Urban Mix, Plain Dealer (Cleveland)
Ailing Hospital’s Progress Is Lesson for King/Drew, Los Angeles Times
Steve Sailer: Total White Fertility Best Predictor Of Bush Vote,
The Open Borders Lobby vs. the People of Arizona,
New Details Emerge in Matthew Shepard Murder, ABC News
Immigration: Has The Backlash Started?, Expatica
Swedes Reach Muslim Breaking Point, FoxNews
Haitians In A Vise Of Nature, Politics, Chicago Tribune
Drug Cartel Targets Agents, Washington Times
SA To Rewrite ‘Racist’ Map, Reuters
‘Obesity Tourism’ Is Mugabe’s Answer To Feeding Zimbabwe, Times (London)

Wednesday, November 24

AG Nominee Member Of La Raza, WorldNetDaily
Tancredo and Immigration Reform Score Huge Win on Rivalry Weekend, Office of Congressman Tom Tancredo
Bill For More Foreign Workers Awaits Bush OK, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Homicide Connection Explored, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Money Woes Plague Legacy Of Rosa Parks, Detroit Free Press
Black Leader: Ban NBA Fighters For Life,
Black Players In Particular Should Heed Stern Warning, Kansas City Star
The Swelling Wave, John Derbyshire, National Review Online
Mexican Mob Angry About Child Kidnappings Burns 2 Officers To Death, AP
Blonde Jokes To Be Banned?, Ananova
Math Whiz Breaks Calculation Record, AP

Tuesday, November 23

Immigrant Population at Record High in 2004, Center for Immigration Studies
Immigrant Plan Revived, Washington Times
Mexico Leader’s Legacy Tied To U.S., San Bernardino County Sun
Meeting Split On Day Workers, Potomac News (Woodbridge, Va.)
A Mexican Turkey Day, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Dozens Charged In Aliens Scam, Washington Times
Deer-Hunt Murder Suspect’s Family In Disbelief, AP
Clemson, South Carolina Won’t Accept Bowl Bids, AP
Charter Schools’ Progress Lags, Washington Times
Complaints Bring Lesson Plan Change, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Dream for an Ethnic Bridge Is Parked on Crenshaw Lot, Los Angeles Times
FBI Reports 14 Murders Among 7,489 Hate Crimes, Reuters
The Knife’s Message, Washington Times

Monday, November 22

NBA Suspends Artest for Rest of Season, AP
Universities Record Drop In Black Admissions, Michael Dobbs
It’s Really About Race, Sports Illustrated
UC to Test Out New SAT Exam, Daily Californian (Berkeley)
Former South Gate Treasurer Indicted, Los Angeles Times
Fight At Local School Turns Into Chaos, (Los Angeles)
Hillary Eyeing Immigration as Top 2008 Issue, NewsMax
House GOP Stalls Intelligence Bill, Washington Times
Five Hunters Killed in Wisconsin Dispute, FoxNews
Integration Debate Heats up in Germany, Deutsche Welle
Dutch Lawmaker Urges Halting Immigration, AP
Racist Coward Helped Kidnap Kriss With Evil Gang, Evening Times (Glasgow)
70% Of Zimbabwe’s Workers Have Fled, Cape Argus (Cape Town)

Friday, November 19

Van Gogh’s Killing Reveals Anger At Islam, Washington Times
Blok Changes Name And Pleads Victim Status, Expatica
Race-Based Murder Conviction, But No Inquiry, Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Spanish Officials Condemn Racism At England Game, Reuters
Media Egging On Ivory Coast Mobs, AP
Experts: Resources Too Scarce For Prop. 200 Enforcement, AP
Freed Illegal Workers Spend Night In Shelter, Bangor Daily News
Study Finds National Math Test Easier, AP
Counties Want To Limit Aid To Illegal Immigrants, The Idaho Statesman (Boise)
Cleveland TV Anchor Appears Nude For Story About Art, AP
First Americans May Have Crossed Atlantic 50,000 Years Ago, Christian Science Monitor
Feds Conduct Raids; 13 Suspects Charged, Seattle Times
Nuwaubians Rally As Leader’s Case Appealed, AP

Thursday, November 18

Parents See Remnants Of Racism At School, Chicago Tribune
Laborers Assail Redondo Crackdown On Job-Seekers, Daily Breeze (Los Angeles)
Racial Overtones Cause For Concern In Owens-Sheridan ‘MNF’ Scene, Philadelphia Daily News
Pregnant Wife Of Soldier In Iraq Shot In Head, NBC 10 (Philadelphia)
Marijuana Season Means Bigger Threat to Motorists, KOLD News 13 (Tucson)
Football IQs, iSteve Exclusives Blog
Province Urges Muslims Not To Remove Kids From ‘Anti-Homophobia’ Classes, Ottawa Citizen
Asylum Claims Up Again After Summer Surge, Telegraph (UK)
Asylum Seeker Wins Damages, The Guardian (London)
Footballers Deny Raping Teenager, BBC News

Wednesday, November 17

Ethiopian Jews Still Feel As Though They Don’t Belong, Newsday
Blair Intervened In Deportation Process, The Guardian
Dutch Queen’s Adviser Wants Crackdown On Far-Right, Reuters
Abercrombie & Fitch to Pay $40 Million to Settle Discrimination Suit, NewsMax
Berry Won’t Leave Civil Rights Panel When Term Expires, Human Events Online
Football, “Housewives” Don’t Mix, E! Online
Customs Inspector Accused of Letting Drugs Cross from Mexico, KGBT 4 (Harlingen, Tex.)
First Data’s Polly Baca: Conquistadora Chicana-ry, American Border Patrol
Dreier Race Illustrates Cautionary Tale On Immigration Policy, AP
Agency: Record Number Of Illegals Deported, AP
Congressmen Urge Bush To Drop Guest-Worker Plan, Washington Times
Intelligence Bill A Priority, Washington Times
Federal Authorities Charge Four In Los Angeles-Area Visa Fraud, AP
What’s in the Cards for Immigration Reform?, Federation for American Immigration Reform
UC to Vote on ‘Multiracial’ Category, Daily Californian (Berkeley)

Tuesday, November 16

Prop. 200 Foes Leave Latinos Living In Fear, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Alleged Va. Police Impersonators Charged, (Washington, D.C.)
Illegal Immigrants From Mexico Pose Real Threat To Social Security,
Racists Can Use Home Schools To Train Youths, Akron Beacon Journal
EBay to Ban ‘Racially Derogatory’ Search Terms,
Suspensions For All Four Are Indefinite, AP
One Person Stabbed at Vibe Awards Taping, AP
Fortuyn Voted Greatest Dutchman, BBC News
Dutch in Crackdown on Muslim Immigration, NewsMax
Government and DPP Reach Asylum Agreement, DR Nyheder (Frederiksberg, Denmark)

Monday, November 15

Diversity Forum Urges Whites To Join Dialogue, Indianapolis Star
Teachers Walk Thin Tightrope During Holidays, Pioneer Press (Minneapolis)
Hispanics Sue County College System, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Law-School Racial Disparities, Scripps Howard
Statements Piece Together City Rape, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Bush Faces Early Test on Immigration Policy, Reuters
White Students The Minority In Salt Lake District, AP
Hispanic Gang Plots To Ambush Maryland Cops, Washington Times
KLOL Goes From Rock To Latino Format, (Houston)
Dutch Muslims Dismayed by Anti-Islamic Backlash, Reuters
‘Gang Rapes Girl, 13’, icSouthlondon
Rioters Rape Europeans As They Flee From Ivory Coast, Independent (UK)

Friday, November 12

Bearing Life In All-White San Leandro, San Francisco Chronicle
Big-Bottomed Mannequins Boost Profile In New York, AP
Suit Challenges Boston Airport Profiling, AP
NY Advocates Relieved But Wary, Newsday (New York)
More States Consider Immigration Measures, AP
Justice Elusive, Even With Conviction, The Orange County Register
Jackson Slams NI Race Hate, Press Association
The Death of the Dutch? ,
A Small Victory, AR News Exclusive

Thursday, November 11

Infighting Puts SCLC On Verge Of Collapse, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Courts At Odds In Legal Battle Over Felons And Voting Rights, Christian Science Monitor
Uneasy Riders Sending A Message, Buffalo News
School Diversity Case Back In Court, Chicago Tribune
Study Finds Race Disparity In Police Citations In Minneapolis, ABC 5 (Minneapolis)
House Shuns Illegals Proposal, Washington Times
Bush Didn’t Win 44% of Hispanic Vote—The Smoking Exit Poll, VDARE
Hispanic Leaders Blast Levy, Newsday (New York City)
Backers Say Prop. 200 Should Apply To Many Benefits, AP
Company Harbored Illegals, Salt Lake Tribune
Religious ‘Neutrality’ In French Gaols Fosters Racism And Discrimination For Muslim Prisoners, Economic and Social Research Council (Swindon, UK)
Calls For More Black History In Schools, BBC News
France, U.N. Start Ivory Coast Evacuation,

Wednesday, November 10

Gonzales To Succeed Ashcroft, Sources Say, AP
GOP’s Mad Dash To Irrelevance, New York Daily News
On The Payroll: Illegal Immigrants, San Diego Union-Tribune
Immigrants Put Up Strong Competition, The Daily Herald (Provo, Utah)
Arizona Initiative Inspires Others, Washington Times
Bush Revives Bid To Legalize Illegal Aliens, Washington Times
Gangs Recruiting Children In Guymon, NEWS 9 (Oklahoma City)
Supreme Court: Drunken Driving Doesn’t Warrant Deportation, Reuters
New ‘Preference’ Report Paints Need To Take Action Against Affirmative Action, Jewish World Review
Race-Card Arlen, National Review Online
Groups Push For Teacher Diversity, AP
3 Police Officers Hurt in Netherlands Raid, AP
Anti-Immigration Party Banned In Belgium, VDARE
Eyewitness: Ivory Coast Terror, BBC News

Tuesday, November 9

Today We Were Executed. But We Will Rise., The Flemish Republic
Italy’s Migrants Moving Up to Front Office, Los Angeles Times
New Powers To Deport Fall Foul Of UN, The Guardian
Sorry, Santa’s Grotto Go, Daily Sun (London)
Powell Tackles Illegal Immigrant Issue, AP
Prop. 200 Won Support From Blue-Collar Workers, AP
Home Away From Former, Future Homes, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Democrats Map Out a Different Strategy, Los Angeles Times
Blue States Buzz Over Secession, Washington Times
Drug for Only Blacks Stirs Hope, Concern, Los Angeles Times
Murphy’s Large Family Tree Falls Under Scrutiny At Trial, Houston Chronicle
Rising Up The Ladder Of Racial Caste, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Police: Argument Over Dog Precedes Fatal Shooting, AP

Monday, November 8

Tire-Slashing Questions Await Democrats’s Sons, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Does Affirmative Action Hurt Black Law Students?, Chronicle of Higher Education
Bar’s Admission Policy Is Questioned by Some, Washington Post
Prop. 200 Vote Panics Immigrants, The Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Arizona Stirs Up Immigration Stew, Los Angeles Times
Mexico Seeks U.S. Immigration Changes, AP
Congress May Reject Immigration Reforms, Los Angeles Times
Crossing The Border, Again And Again And Again, Tucson Citizen
Homeland Security? Not Yet, City Journal
Girl Scout Teaches Kids About Diversity, The Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Wrists,
Jihad Wrecks Dutch Race Harmony, Times (London)
French Forces Overwhelm Ivory Coast Insurrection, AP
The Manchurian Candidates For Domination, Telegraph (London)
Lack of Kiwi Friendships Depresses Asian Students, Rebecca Walsh

Friday, November 5

Ala. Vote Shows Some Old South Sympathies, AP
Between the Lines, National Review Online
Election Gives Immigration Moderates Reason To Cheer, ProjectUSA
Immigration Accord Seen By Hutchison, Mexican Official, Express-News (San Antonio)
Bush Victory, Passage Of Prop. 200 Worry Mexicans, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Feds Plan To Narrow Prosecutions For Illegal Border Crossings, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
Airport Ad Contract Bidder Takes Case To Federal Court, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Wife Beating: An Arab How-To, FrontPage
Government Response To Van Gogh Killing Panned, Expatica
School Told To Drop Its ‘Offensive’ Saint’s Name, Telegraph (London)
China’s Minority Fears, BBC News

Thursday, November 4

Elections Improve Immigration-Reduction Chances In Congress, NumbersUSA
Millions Vote, But Not All Are Citizens, Gainesville Times (Ga.)
Noncitizen Voting For School Board Failing, San Francisco Chronicle
Morganelli Fumes After Judge Frees, Compliments Illegal Immigrants, The Express-Times (Bethlehem, Pa.)
Activists In Southern Utah Target Illegal Immigration, The Salt Lake Tribune
Policing Immigrants?, Newsday
Bringing Back the Fire, Los Angeles Times
Victim Spots Attacker On NBC Show, The Smoking Gun
OPM to Kick Off Minority Recruitment Program for Senior Executive Service, Washington Post
Dutch Police Arrest Eight Suspected Islamic Radicals In Filmmaker’s Murder, AP
Voodoo ‘Snared Girl As Sex Slave’, BBC News

Wednesday, November 3

Proposition 200 Wins Easily But May Never Become Law, Tucson Citizen
Racial Breakdown of Proposition 200 Vote,
Exit Poll Shows Bush Support Among Hispanics Rose, AP
Racial Breakdown of the Presidential Race from Exit Polls,
Ford, Tanner Cruise to New Terms in House, The Commercial Appeal (Memphis)
Former Mayor Pleads Guilty to Using Money for Psychic Readings, KGBT 4 (Harlingen, Tex.)
Immigrants’ Protected Status Extended, Washington Post
Angry Mexican Trick-Or-Treaters Briefly Close Nogales Border, Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Rodriguez Death Penalty Option Hardly A Surprise, St. Paul Pionoeer Press
Sub-Saharan Africa Slides Deeper Into Poverty, Reuters
From Empty Pews To Empty Cradles,

Tuesday, November 2

They Won’t Touch This Hot Potato, Los Angeles Times
Poorly Translated Ballots Could be “Hanging Chad” of 2004 Election, U.S. English Press Release
About Those “Independent” Election Monitors ...,
Most Latinos Say Iraq War Was Wrong, Washington Post
League Of The South Stages Demonstration, Montgomery Advertiser
Flag Exchange? NASCAR Suspects Shakedown, The Miami Herald
Committee Will Decide Statue Locations, Daily Texan (Austin)
On the Run, but Not Out of Reach, Los Angeles Times
HIV on the Rise Among Migrants, Los Angeles Times
Call Sign KSJO Rides Its Stairway To Heaven, Contra Costa Times
ABC Talk Show Host Apologizes for Quran Remark, Council on American-Islamic Relations
Organizations Hosts ‘White Privilege’ Popcorn Giveaway, The Daily Illini (Urbana, Ill.)
Dutch Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh Murdered, AP
Canada Must Almost Double Immigration Levels To Expand Workforce: Minister, Canadian Press

Monday, November 1

Poll Shows Hispanic Voters Clearly Favor Kerry, Miami Herald
Action Filed Vs. Radio Hosts Over Talk Attacks, Los Angeles Daily News
Bush, Kerry Hit Latin America’s Biggest TV Show, Orlando Sentinel
Enrollment Shifts At Black Universities, Washington Post
The Pygmies of the Andaman Islands, iSteve Web Exclusives Blog
The Madness of Thabo Mbeki, The Spectator
Chemical Castration Touted For Kenya Rapists, United Press International
In Search of Freedom, Anchorage Daily News
Appeal Court Allows Asylum Centre, The Guardian (London)
How Long You Will Live May Depend On Your Racial Background, Times (London)