American Renaissance

News archive from December 2004

Friday, December 31

Anarcho-Tyranny—Where Multiculturalism Leads, Sam Francis,
Health Facility Fails Latest Test, Los Angeles Times
Frequently Asked Questions Re: Implementation Of Proposition 200, Website of Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano
An Odyssey to Asylum, Gay City
Ottawa Clears Path For Relatives To Immigrate, Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Spain Approves Partial Amnesty for Immigrants, Reuters
Crime Spurs South Africa’s Inventors to Action, Reuters
Ethnic Tensions Smolder in China, In These Times
Case Reflects Influence Ethnic Differences Have on Genetic Medicine, Knight Ridder

Thursday, December 30

The Price of Illegal Immigration, Los Angeles Daily News
Web Site Offers To Report Illegal Immigrants — For a Fee, North County Times (Escondido, Cal.)
For Latino Community, AIDS Comes by Way of Heroin, Morning Call (Allentown, Penn)
Wal-Mart’s Crystal Ball, Your Civilization.Com
Pair Call for Reason on Hot Topic: Immigration, Deseret Morning News
Emigrating To America Makes You Fat, Medical Study News
D.C. Jury Convicts 3 in Deadly Gang Plot, Washington Post
Latinos Dispersed in the U.S., Study Finds, San Jose Mercury News
Recruiters Scout Minority Talent to Help their Clients Diversify, CareerJournal
Board to Consider ‘African-Centered’ School, Philadelphia Inquirer
Muslim Youth Forge Own Path In America, Chicago Tribune
Man Convicted for Mugabe Insult, BBC News
Student ‘Scams’ Provide Yet Another Back Door Into Britain, MigrationWatch

Wednesday, December 29

The Birth of a ‘Latino Race’, Los Angeles Times
Mayor Says Immigration Keeps Mexico From Social Unrest, Reforma (Mexico City)
Ethiopia’s New Export: Orphans, AP
Kansas High Court Rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional,
NBA Bounces to an Edgy Hip-Hop Beat, Los Angeles Times
Consensus Government Fails To Tame Blocher, swissinfo
Italian Muslims Survive “Hate Fits’’ in 2004,
British Muslims a Success Story in 2004, Islam Online
Muslim Second Wives May Get a Tax Break, Times (London)

Tuesday, December 28

Ads Target Both Worlds, Knight Ridder
Posadas Take a Political Turn, Los Angeles Times
Prop. 200 Now Law in Arizona, The Arizona Republic (Phoenix)
Bush Presses for Reform on Border Policy, Washington Times
Parents Struggle To Start Multiracial Play Group, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Deadlock in Hayden Trial, Kootenai Valley News
Conyers Overlooks Detroit’s Election Problems, The Detroit News
The World’s Most Extreme Affirmative Action Program, Opinion Journal
Malaysia Readies Massive Anti-Illegal Immigrants Operation, AFP
Much Ado Over Those Squat Loos, New Zealand Herald

Monday, December 27

L.A.’s Budding Mogadishus, Los Angeles Times
In U.S., 44 Percent Say Restrict Muslims, AP
City Halts Flow of Refugees, Union Leader (Manchester, NH)
Forum Shows Tensions After Killing of Hunters, AP
Senate, Enviros Blocking Nat’l. Security Fence, NewsMax
Teen Sues Over Confederate Flag Dress, AP
Holland Daze, The Weekly Standard
Turkey Splits Germany, Expatica
The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast to the Commonwealth 2004, Web Site of the British Monarchy
Blacks and Asians? No, They’re ‘Visible Minority Ethnics’ Say Police, Telegraph (London)
Protectorate Touted to Mend Haiti’s Crippled Society, Los Angeles Times
First Score For ‘Free Bennett’ Campaign, Sunday Argus (Cape Town)
Youth Cage Themselves in Zoo to Protest Against Discrimination, Press Trust of India
India Carries Out “Controlled Extinction” Of Experimental Lions, AFP

Friday, December 17

EU Opens Doors to Turkey, Expatica
Cop Rips Immigration, Toronto Sun
Slavery: Mauritania’s Best Kept Secret, BBC News
Mexico Envoy Calls on U.S. to Protect Rights Of Illegals, Washington Times
Stark Contrasts Found Among Asian Americans, Los Angeles Times
California State Board Gives $35 Million to Cultural Groups, Los Angeles Times
Breaking And Entering, Investor’s Business Daily
Papa’s Got a Brand New Gun, New York Press
David Brock, Phony ‘Media Watchdog,’ Demands I Be Muzzled,
Black Baby Boomers’ Income Gap Cited, Washington Post
Peterson Case Has Lingering Question, Los Angeles Times
Kansas High Court Rules Death Penalty Unconstitutional, The Wichita Eagle

Thursday, December 16

Ex-Prof Who Faked Vandalism Gets a Year, AP
Brawl Closes Rialto School, Los Angeles Times
Coalition Presses City to Select African-American Woman Judge, The Kansas City Star
Jackson Accuses Chicago Police of Racial Profiling,
ACLU Sues Border Patrol Over Inland Sweeps, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, Cal.)
Officers Get Lesson in Sensitivity to Arabs, The Grand Rapids Press
Immigration Incarceration Heart of Debate, Los Angeles Daily News
Jehovah’s Witnesses Learn Arabic in Outreach to Muslims, AP
Zimbabwean Held for Mugabe ‘Slur’, BBC News
Swazi King Spends £360,000 on Car While His People Starve, AP
Afrikaner Charities,

Wednesday, December 15

Critical Attitudes About Immigrants Not ‘Minnesota Nice’, Minnesota Public Radio
Goddard Concludes Prop. 200 Is Constitutional, Arizona Republic (Tucson)
Rebel Without a Cause of Action, The Legal Intelligencer
La. Judge Suspended for Wearing Blackface, AP
Multicultural Shaping Of Teachers, Washington Times
Study On Black Youths Depicts A Grim Reality, San Francisco Chronicle
Race Divide in Big Cities Widens as Whites Move Out, Times (London)
There Are Too Many Immigrants, Say 75 Pc of Britons, Telegraph (London)
Sack Moore, Angry Muslims Tell Telegraph, The Guardian (London)
Schröder Faces Turkey Basting, Guardian (London)
Woman’s Ordeal In Mexican Prison Over, San Diego Union-Tribune

Tuesday, December 14

BNP Leader Arrested in Race Probe, ThisIsLondon
Exodus As Dutch Middle Class Seek New Life, Telegraph (London)
French Religious Symbols Ban Cuts Two Ways, AP
Furor in Italy Over Scrapping of Christmas Play, Reuters
Japanese Get Dose of ‘Paris Syndrome’, Sapa-AFP
Turkey Warns of Terror Wave if EU Membership is Rejected,
Find Adds a Clue to Teotihuacan Riddle, Los Angeles Times
Gangs: A Vicious Cycle, Copley News Service
Complaint Filed Against Trustee, Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.)
Mankato Store to Pull ‘Mung’ Bumper Stickers, AP
Color-Blind Progress, OpinionJournal
Rejected White Applicants Seek $1.2-Million in Damages From U. of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Chronicle of Higher Education

Monday, December 13

Why Supervisors Let Deadly Problems Slide, L. A. Times
Top Officials Indicted in Morris Brown Fraud, Cox News Service
Bridging A Gap In Understanding In Harlem, MSNBC
SLF Warns UGA President Adams: Diversity Does Not Mean Quotas, Southeastern Legal Foundation Press Release
Scam Watch,
International Test Scores, Steve Sailer
Governor Signs Prop. 200; Feds Will Check Voting Issue, Arizona Republic
Gang Member Admits Role in 2001 Va. Slaying, Washington Post
Day-Laborer Protesters, Backers Clash at Popular SB Hiring Spot, San Bernardino County Sun (San Bernadino)
Utahans Target Businesses To Fight Illegal Immigration, Washington Times
Botched Circumcision Claims 5, iol (Cape Town)
South Africa’s White Poverty Growing, Reuters
Does Extinction Loom for Australia’s Wild Dingoes?, National Geographic News

Friday, December 10

James Faces Boos At Swearing-In, Charlotte Observer
School Defends Slavery Booklet, News Observer (Raleigh)
In Defense of Right-Wing Intellectual Honesty, Max Blumenthal’s Blog
The Fox Guarding the Henhouse, AlterNet
Resentment Of Immigrants Growing, Especially In Suburbs, Mondale Says, Star Tribune (Twin Cities)
Baby Gap, American Conservative
Nativity Banned But Muslim, Jewish Symbols Allowed, WorldNetDaily
‘No Surprise’ Over Group Rape Findings, Expatica
Drink-Driver Blamed His Dying Wife For Fatal Crash, Times (London)
Scarman and the Suppression of English Interest,
An AR News Reader Writes In, AR News Exclusive

Thursday, December 9

Federal Civil-Rights Office Investigates Admissions Policies at U. of Virginia, Chronicle of Higher Education
Letter from David Brock to Creators Syndicate, Media Matters for America
No Hate Crime In Noose Incident, Tampa Tribune
New School Integration Edict, Chicago Tribune
On a New High, Sharpton Hits a New Low, Village Voice
Schools Strive To Take Religion Out Of Holidays, East Valley Tribune (Az.)
Bill Would Nearly Double Border Patrol, AP
House To See New Bill On Immigration Security, Washington Times
UK ‘Discriminated Against Roma’, BBC News
Marriage To A Man She Loved Ended In Murder, The Scotsman (Edinburgh)
Bácsfi Ordered To Undergo Psychological Evaluation, Budapest Sun
Costello’s Baby Boom On The Way, Canberra Times

Wednesday, December 8

Police ‘Buying Protection’ From Private Firms, The Star (Johannesburg)
Race Row As Mbeki Blood Rejected, BBC News
Muslims Must Integrate, Says German Conservative Leader , Deutsche Presse-Agentur
Opposition To Immigrants Hardens Under Blair, The Guardian (UK)
Immigration Becomes Political, Newsday (New York)
Did Hispanics Elect Bush?, AR News Exclusive
Compromise Brings Intelligence Reform, But Not Homeland Security, Federation for American Immigration Reform
Border Security Up Next, Bush Says, Washington Times
Delving Into the World of Botánicas, Los Angeles Times
Discrimination Myths that Everyone Believes,
How Whole Departments Fail A Hospital’s Patients, Los Angeles Times
Setting the Record Straight,

Tuesday, December 7

What’s in a Racial Identity? American Latinos All Over the Map, Study Finds, Los Angeles Times
DNA Clears the Fog Over Latino Links to Judaism in New Mexico, Los Angeles Times
Illegal Aliens Cost California Billions, Washington Times
Will ‘Amnesty’ Talk Bring Illegal Flood?, San Diego Union-Tribune
Non-Latinos Mine Southland’s Mexican Market, Los Angeles Times
Civilians Plan April Border Patrol, Tucson Citizen
Slim Margin Keeps Segregation Measure, AP
NAACP Head Mfume Didn’t Retire, He Was Booted Out, Human Events Online
Underfunding Is a Myth, but the Squandering Is Real, Los Angeles Times
Nine Witnesses Skip Murder Trial, The Enquirer (Cincinnati)
US Rapper 50 Cent Cuts Short Nigerian Tour After Brawl On Jet, AFP
China Bans Nike Television Ad As Insult, AP
What Japanese Women Want: A Western Husband, Christian Science Monitor

Monday, December 6

The White Elephant in the Room, ColorLines RaceWire
Community Outraged, James Sticking To His Words, WSOC-TV
Rule of Lawlessness, National Review Online
Deadly Errors And Politics Betray A Hospital’s Promise, Los Angeles Times
Four BYU Football Players Indicted, KSL News (Salt Lake City)
Parent Outraged Over Christmas Pageant Song She Calls Racist, ABC13 (Houston)
Inventing Victimhood, National Review Online
Study: More Than Half Of Taser Targets In San Jose Are Hispanic, AP
Nanny Press Continues Hmong Hwhitewash,
Bloody Pledge Of Mugabe’s Protege, Scotland on Sunday (Edinburgh)
Author Hungers With Poet Detainee, Washington Times

Friday, December 3

L.A.: End of the American Dream?, A Different Drummer
Schools Beef Up Patrols After Fights, Los Angeles Times
Republicans Warn Of Party Split Over Immigration, Washington Times
Police Group Steers CLEAR Of House Bill, Washington Times
Hillary Clinton To Right Of National Republican Leadership On Immigration,
Hispanic Vote Less For Bush Than Exit Polls Showed, Scripps Howard
Deer Hunter Shootings: The Victims, WCCO (Minneapolis)
Report: Bonds Testified To Grand Jury He Unknowingly Used Steroids, AP
Carmelo Anthony Featured In Drug Video,
Black History: A Yearlong Lesson, Washington Times
DPI Must Restructure Minority Scholarships, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Police Force ‘In Race Law Breach’, BBC News

Thursday, December 2

George Banks Faces Death for Cruelly Taking the Lives of 13 People, The Patriot-News (Harrisburg)
Major Breakthrough in Search for Bike Path Rapist, WIVB-TV (Buffalo)
HIV, AIDS Cases Rise Among U.S. Gay, Bisexual Men, Reuters
UGA: Let Race Count, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Leaders of Civil-Rights Watchdog Blast Bush, Reuters
CAIR Trains FBI In ‘Sensitivity’,
Pandering to Interlopers?, Washington Times
Bad Blood About Black Donors, (South Africa)
For Visa Violators, It Pays To Come Clean, Japan Times Online
KL Asks Civilians To Go After Offenders, Daily Star (Bangladesh)
Germans Argue Over Integration, BBC News
Risks, Rewards Seen In Migration, AP

Wednesday, December 1

Growing Number Of White Parents Adopt Black Babies, Herald (Miami)
More Mich. High Schools Fail, The Detroit News
Anti-Immigrant Forces Said to Gain Strength in U.S., Reuters
Racial Discrimination May Contribute To Premature Births, Medical Study News
9/11 Kin Support Provisions On Illegals, Washington Times
Federal Judge Bars Ariz. Immigration Law, AP
TV Start-Up Defends Islam, AFP
Why They Won’t Marry Whites, Indian Express
Population To Fall 100m In 50 Years, Times (London)
Hospital Performs Euthanasia On Infants, AP
Tanzania Counts Cost Of ‘White Skin’, BBC News
Endurance Running Is In East Africans’ Genes, New Scientist