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Buckner Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

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Mandy M. Goodnight, Town Talk (Alexandria, La.), Jan. 8

Still proclaiming innocence, Alexandria’s NAACP president was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison.

Even though he pleaded guilty in December, the Rev. Joe Buckner told the courtroom that he was “going to jail for nothing.”

Buckner was sentenced on drugs and weapons charges. He admitted to having marijuana in his house and to attempting to cook cocaine for an undercover Metro Narcotics officer.

“He is another black man that the system has railroaded,” Buckner’s pregnant wife, Tenesheila, said following the sentencing.


Buckner was arrested in May following a three-month undercover investigation. Evidence against Buckner included taped conversations between him and the undercover officer.

The Town Talk on Friday obtained transcripts of the taped conversations. In the transcript, Buckner detailed how he could cook cocaine and how much money could be earned from it.

Buckner alleges corruption in law enforcement and the court system on the tape. He also uses profanity and racial slurs about whites and blacks.

Several of the conversations revolve around how white men run most things and are oppressive, according to the transcripts.

“You’ve got to realize the white man ain’t gonna never let you be the man,” Buckner told the undercover officer.


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(Posted on January 10, 2005)

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